Official New KI comic series


What?! D:


Yep, kind of getting annoying now to be honest.


The delay struggle is real


Frickin heck, this is brutal! I just want to see how they write Glacius and Eagle, man! That has the potential to be one of the most interesting relationships in the series. In any case, I went to my local comics shop to ask if they had any info, and they couldn’t give me anything concrete (as expected) but they did say that Dynamite has had to push a couple of releases back. The guy working there theorized that it had something to do with licensing issues, but obviously that’s just speculation.

Also, on the subject of issue #2, I’m starting to get a liiiittle concerned about the plot. I mean, I know we have very little to go off of, but I spotted covers and solicitations for #5, and it seems as though ARIA hasn’t been diminished in the slighest. Sooo… what’s going to come of Glacius and Eagle’s attack? Were they there for some other purpose than to shut her down? I really hope they don’t just show up for one issue for a one-off fight and then get written out of the series somehow, as excited as I am to see Glacius in the comic I feel like that would be super unsatisfying. :U Guess we’ll have to wait and see!


You said there were issue #5 covers I got excited and had to see for myself.

Here is the plot for issue 5:

The Coven launch a missile attack drawing the unwanted attention of ARIA. Meanwhile, Kim Wu, Jago and Tusk must journey to the Astral Plane in hopes of discovering why the Guardians have abandoned them. The answer to this mystery, however, reveals a new horror they are unprepared to face.


I’m gonna take a guess and say she ditches Eagle and Glacius mid fight. I just can’t see those two going down that easily.


Has Sabrewulf appeared yet? I want to see him :disappointed_relieved:



Found another one, man these covers are cool.


The covers look cool, but with all these delays I find it hard to get excited.


Oh no, I definitely wasn’t expecting them to beat her right then and there; removing one of the primary antagonists in just issue 2 would be quite a huge jump! And who knows, maybe she bails like you say, or maybe they do manage to defeat her but she manages to upload into a different chassis or something like that, since that’s a thing she can do, being an AI and all. I’m just concern what her still being around so prominently means for their involvement in the story… if they are going to only show up for one issue (I so desperately hope it’s more!!), I’d like to see them manage to accomplish something worthwhile during their time in the spotlight.


I can’t be the only one getting hyped over this sentence. New horror!

:squid: Tentacle-faced Lovecraftian Horror Confirmed. :octopus:

I can’t wait to read what is actually is next May! :smirk:



Aria looks incredible in those covers! The wait for these are going to drive me nuts, especially if the dates keep getting pushed back.


the art is nice!


Here is line art from that great Aria cover.


Only two weeks left until the next issue is released #Nomoredelays


Is there any good apps to check out the comics without amazon?




inb4 there’s ANOTHER delay lol


Shhh, don’t jinx it!


How are the comics so far?