Official New KI comic series


yeah my suspicion of something happening during printing… or high demand seem to be coming a lot more likely


Are the comics readable online?


Do you mean buying them electronically? If so then then yes.


Yeah, electronically.


You can buy it electronically on amazon and read it on their kindle app or comiXology, or if you have an iPhone you can buy with iBooks however it won’t let you preorder it there for some reason. You’ll still be able to buy but only on release day.


That’s cool.


Jago without a mask


Never would have expected the beard.
I bet that with his mask is really itchy.


Although unlikely, its possible he might’ve grown it after Shadow Lords. But in any case, it looks quite good on him. Beards are just so manly to have.


I feel like I saw something I shouldn’t have and I’m not talking about his placeholder face, it’s like seeing master chief without his helmet.




Jago actually looks REALLY cool with a beard and overall with facial hair on him, I wanna say now :slight_smile: :grin: :sunglasses: :+1:


obligatory *Hot Jago


Where do you get the comic? I live in the end of the world! D:


I just saw it while I checked out Twitter. Scratches head Um…this will take me a while to get used to. However, I will say this: it’s much better than the placeholder face in-game


I never tought they would show Jago without his mask :face_with_raised_eyebrow: it’s kinda…

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I always was curious to see how Cinder was before being transformed into that lava being we all know. They could show it one day :grinning:


Are the KI comics in an app somewhere?


They are available on Amazon Kindle, Comixtology


So just got another notification in my email saying the release date has been pushed back to Nov 15th.