Official New KI comic series


They changed the dates again. Now the second issue will be released to Oct. 25th. In case you don’t believe me:


There are only two reasons for them pushing the date back… demand… or something is up with the place there publishing the comics at


You know, that’s not entirely a bad thing in this instance! :jack_o_lantern: The 28th will be “Halloween ComicFest” and if KI fans can wait until that Saturday, they’d score some bonus comics too!

I’m looking forward to getting that Darth Maul freebie comic for Halloween ComicFest!




One of our most iconic Killer Instinct fighters is getting his own spin-off comic series from IDW that will launch in January! :star_struck:

Check it out here!



It just got moved to NOV 1st according to amazon



And Comixology too :stuck_out_tongue:



I mean, it’s gonna be awesome, but I’m already stewing in anticipating wondering what’s going to happen with my favorite icy alien and his human protege. Curse these delays!


This deserves 2 gifs.


I’ve collected a few comics here and there, but not many. Are you saying that they’re pushing the release date back (likely) due to high demand? Is that common?

If so, I wonder if MS has taken notice…


I do not know how common things like this are. But its the only thing I can think of for why they keep pushing it back. since we know all the art and everything is done for issue 2. So it has to be on the shipping or printing end.



I’ve read the things about comixology and amazon not having the comic until later, but Dynamite’s actual site hasn’t changed their release date from October 11th.

Wonder if i can ask the place i bought them from when they’re expecting issue #2.


Maybe being next to Aganos gives them or restores their power. The stone in his head is a very powerful object after all.


Is there a place I can read these comics online?


Don’t forget that Killer Instinct Issue #2 is supposed to release tomorrow!



Looks like they’re keeping word on the release date of the next issue


I went to comic book store and owner told me that KI Issue #2 wont coming out until Nov 8. :confused:


I imagine that’s because local comic shops have to wait an extra amount of time compared to online/chain retailers to get shipments in.

If not, there’s some weirdness going down


Just got this in my email saying that the release dates been pushed back to Nov. 8.