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Yeah, he’s super dead. But I think Gargos’s soul will find new body for himself. Maybe we will see him again.


I dont like how the black and white issues are as readily available from online comics stores. I could only find them on ebay. Anyone know why? where is the best place to purchase online that has ALL covers?
I want all the covers…not just one.


I just hope the real Omen is still alive and kicking out there. Really hope he’s not killed offscreen without any significant mention.


From the way i understand it, retailers get special covers (that they’ll usually sell at marked up prices) from ordering certain quotients of normal covers from the publisher. So for an example, the publisher says that in order to get say 5 of these black-and-white covers, a retailer has to buy 50 normal cover comics from them.


Imagine if he merges with Shadow Jago.


I don’t know, I think I was pretty close:

[…] or maybe they do manage to defeat her but she manages to upload into a different chassis.

That being said, it is very, very odd that Cinder would stop them if he really does want to attempt a hostile takeover! You would think that after serving as ARIA’s right hand man for so long he’d be fully aware of her capabilities, and even if he wasn’t, Glacius does explicitly say before he engages them that “not a shred of her code must remain or she’ll jump into another system”.

I also have to wonder why Glacius and Eagle dipped out so suddenly. They were very close to completely eradicating ARIA, and if the two of them could take her down fairly effortlessly then I can’t imagine Cinder would have been much more of a problem. At least it gave us a hilarious of panel of him literally flying off the top story of a building with a human in tow, that cracked me up. They’ve really played up his telekinetic powers and his dominion over ice— instead of just levitating a few feet off the ground as he does in-game, he’s literally flying around shooting ice blasts on a whim, which is extremely cool!

It’s just so interesting to see how the character is changing since his original inception, and it is an absolute delight to see him putting the brunt of his powers on display in this issue! He’s always seemed to be one of the toughest customers in the KI universe when he really puts his mind to it, so it’s cool that this issue kept that up.

The other thing I was curious about in addition to why Cinder interrupted them before they could finish off ARIA was how they decided which bits of Glacius’ dialogue to translate. At first I thought that ARIA somehow engineered the ability to translate his language (perhaps through her tampering with his ship), so we lost the ability to understand him after she was taken out of commission… but it seems like Eagle would also be able to understand him if they’re collaborating, especially since Eagle suggests they communicated in the novella. Similarly, there were a few phrases of Eagle’s without translation. I would love to know what they’re saying in those instances. Is there a writer I can poke the brain of? :stuck_out_tongue:

It was also interesting that ARIA directly confirms that Glacius was the one to infuse Eagle with his glyphs. Keeping advanced technology out of the hands of humans has seemed to be one of the directive our alien marshal is operating under, so I can’t help but feel like he must feel a deeper sort of connection to Eagle to trust him to that extent, and that is super interesting! I really like them as a team and hope we get to see more of their interactions, there’s so much possibility there.

Anyways, those are my thoughts. I really enjoyed this issue! And the writing, art, and action of both issues have all been great. It was great to see just how much attention to detail was paid, particularly with Glacius-- the icy sheen of his skin and the reflections on it from the various light sources were really solid, and he has his gills, the right number of fingers and toes, the opaque white fade of his hands… all the little things that I’ve a few artists miss here and there when tackling him. Great work to everyone involved, this issue was worth the wait!

And finally, I definitely got emotional when I walked into the comics shop and saw this issue on the shelf. I have no joke been hoping for KI comics ever since the game was released… what, four years ago? And to see one of my favorite characters in the spotlight felt like a dream. Here are my gets, I will cherish them always:

So thank you to everyone involved, you are making this sappy, super-invested nerd extremely happy!


I hope in the future the same guy that did the killer instinct 2014 evo intro art (I like the art for the comics lately) do the art for a issue or something


Would be dope


Poor Jago in this issue

the struggle of his inner conflict was really did a number on him as he can barely use his powers anymore

though I’ve gotten used to the beard


Don’t worry. In about two or three weeks (depending on how much delays would play into the factor), Tusk will come in and rescue him from those Wendigos.


I know I read the preview


I have the second comic. Didn’t get a chance to read it. I got backed up on comics. Series will last more than six issues right. Please tell me. That’s not enough stories to explore other characters like TJ.


I was reading upon this website and a lot of the symbols spoken about here are used in Killer Instinct to great lengths:


Just bought #1 and #2 on my iPod today.

So far, so good.


Just a little reminder that issue number 3 of Killer Instinct hits comic book stores this Wednesday. I really want the epic Kan-Ra cover or the gross decapitated Wendigo cover.

I also have a tinfoil had theory that the 2nd issue was delayed a month to give the Killer Instinct (videogame) Team time to tie in the end of this storyline where our heroes (and baddies) are introduced to a nastier threat that’s been hinted at since the first issue. How cool would it be if issues 1-6 (I really want this to be an ongoing series!) set up the launch of Season 4?

I can’t shake the feeling that Kan-Ra’s looking into something that’s going to shake the KI universe… again!



New issue is out and I gotta say if this isn’t the most metal thing in the KI universe then I don’t know what is.


I love this franchise :joy:




That is awesome, though I can’t help thinking he should be fighting this guy:


I wonder what could be a nastier threat than a gigantic, flying astral demon with the ability to drain shadow energy/rip through dimensions/create other demons.