Official List of ways to prevent Creepy Hands from grabbing

Thought this might help you guys lab. The following character states will prevent the Creepy Hands from grabbing you in 3.7

Shin Hisako is:
*being hit, including being juggled
*blocking something
*getting up from a knockdown or is knocked down
*doing a combo breaker
*doing a counter breaker (but only the first half of the animation)

You are:
*being hit, including being juggled or thrown
*blocking something
*jumping or otherwise in the air
*dashing forward or back
*doing a combo breaker
*doing a counter breaker
*performing ANY shadow move
*teching a throw
*performing an ender
*resurrecting (TJ only)
*getting up from a knockdown or being knocked down


Thanks! Helps me a tid bit.

Having to Hold up on Wakeup Kinda sucks though… Played against Moxy the other day… I hate her hands lol. Hold up to get recapped because he knows I have to jump or eat 20%. Learning sucks sometimes :+1:

Did you read the list?

You don’t have to hold up. You can also dash or perform any shadow move.


Nice of you to post this info! It’s information people should get in the lab but it’s really nice to be able to skip that.

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Can you clarify? Let’s say that if you don’t break so their counter breaker whiffs. Will the hands punish the opponent or will they able to be jump and avoid it?

You should be able to jump to avoid it, though you wont get a punish on the whiffed counter breaker without a reversal shadow move unfortunately.

Hands are supposed to destroy themselves if their owner does a counterbreaker, which a bug is preventing at the moment.


Good stuff,thanks. Seems like I get pulled under out of Instinct freeze before I can do anything, I guess Im just way late on the command.

I had a feeling safe counter breakers was a bug, oh well.
So doing a throw invulnerable move doesn’t work?
Also should flipping out Shisako be added? Right now if you flip her out you get grabbed before she touches the floor. Thunder actually gets grabbed out of the sky if he does DP flip out follow up, not sure why that happens.
Oh, and shadow counters, you get grabbed out of those as well.

If it is a shadow move, yes. Otherwise, no.

Shadow counters dont bother me. Many instincts prevent shadow counters.

Not gonna lie, I thought this was intentional.

I did read the list, where he had me pinched I had to jump. Back to the corner, him sitting right there in front, hands underneath. I was playing as Rash btw. Shadow Boot would have gotten me grabbed either way. Shadow ram or wrecking ball woulda been DP’d. If I was mid screen it would have gotten me out. But Moxy knows just how to bully you into that position. I’ve been learning a lot from him :+1:

Most projectiles destroy themselves if the owner does a counterbreaker.

Yeah if you get cornered, your options can be limited, but Shadow Boot would have worked if he didn’t block it. The hands will not grab you if their owner is being hit or is knocked down. You’d be able to recover and move. Lab it.

I was convinced this was a special case. Don’t ask why.


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This was real helpful thank you.

Wait… not to be a jerk or anything, was most of this not clear already?

My friends and I played Shin Hisako in local for hours on Friday when it came out and most of this seemed pretty apparent.

When do all her bugs (and Kan-Ra’s cr.HK not canceling) get fixed?

If it hit yes, but he was waiting for me to act and he knows I knew that lol, he was just gonna down back. I can’t wait to see what both he and Charbok do in tourney with her, I’m no where near their level yet.

@lHagenl They will get fixed when a fix is found and can be implimented. A date is hard to say, bugs can be easy or hard to fix and it depends what caused it. We just had a large patch, so I’m sure there is a lot of info to go through. All I can say is be patient, know they are working on it. Asking every day won’t make it happen faster.