"Official" KI Fan Art Thread

THAT is really cool. I would love to see a version of this that has some color added. I like how everything is framed.

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I love it! This is definitely the positive and hopeful ending Jago deserves.

This is a must :raised_hand:t2:


Appreciate the consideration, although unfortunately a colored version isn’t on the table anytime soon, as I’ve seem to have misplaced my redo-sketch atm.

(Then again, it was a long while ago since I drew it, the shots you see here were from my original uploads at the time.)

Aw, that’s disappointing. :frowning: Still, if you ever decide to redraw and color it, by all means post it, just because it’s always cool seeing a fellow KI fan’s art on here.


Again, apologies if this doesnt count as “KI Related” however, seeing both franchises do share a lot of simmilarities with eachother, figured to share them here nevertheless.

Besides, its Mortal Kombat’s 30th anniversary, better now than never I say.


Happy Halloween folks!
So I want to share some real clean sketches I made for this month.
Backstory time: I had costumes planned for a lot of the characters but I really did not have the time or the necessary skill to draw them all so y’all just gonna get the three whom I did draw.
The theme is Japanese Youkai!

First up is Jago (obviously) as the youkai ‘Oni no Kannebutsu’ which I thought is fitting for Jago since the oni is dressed like a monk:

Up next is Shago as the spirit of the ‘Ao Andon’, the Blue Lamp. I couldn’t find any youkai closer to Shago than this one:

Is my favourite one of the three. If it’s not obvious, I had the flame in the lantern look like the rashakuken.

Last one I did is Orchid as a type of cat youkai called the ‘Nekomata’:

I didn’t add too much of personality into this one which I kinda feel bad about but I still like it.

I feel really miffed about not being able to complete everyone else bc I had some really fun ideas like having Spinal be the youkai Gashadokuro. Unfortunately for me things didn’t go as planned. The artstyle I used here isn’t my regular one, these are more of extremely cleaned and detailed concept sketches. Was thinking about working on this series even tho October is over but maybe I could wait until next October.
I wasn’t about to post these but I thought the better of it haha.


Those turned out pretty good I think, interesting idea of basing them off of yokai spirits, as Im sure theres a plethera of variants to go off of for each fighter. (Really digging the shadow-lamp version.)

The Spinal one though, im very curious how that would’ve turned out, whenever you have the time to do so that is.

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I’m glad you liked them! Yeah alot of the characters have really obvious youkai matches but some like T.J and Sabrewulf were a bit challenging to choose for (I still haven’t found ones that fit them).

So the Gashadokuro is basically a REALLY giant skeleton that massacres everything under it. Not a lot of room for creativity, but still a fun thing to work on. I’ll definitely share it here if I decide to continue with this series.

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Was sketching around with JJBA’s artstyle


Some older sketches of “Rival” encounters, ala Street Fighter 4.

Jago vs. Fulgore

Gargos vs. Eyedol

Jago vs. Gargos

(Return of the Jedi, anyone?)


Drew these the launch of Definitive Edition, so you can imagine how long ago that was…

Was considering doing Seasons 2 and 3 as well, but at the moment, Ive lost motivation to do so.


You are mad talented! I’m acc envious of you, these are really good!

Just know that we’d never not LOVE to see them made.

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Thats very kind of you to say, Kanae. Though honestly, you’ve got some pretty good artwork yourself, mines nothing special, tbh.

I mean, Hell this one you did was pretty solid, if anything I should be the one who’s envious lol.

Just know that we’d never not LOVE to see them made

I’ll keep that in mind if I ever decide to revisit these sketches in future :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just a quick mock up of what I would imagine MK vs KIs roster to look like…

Base Roster


.Sonya Blade
.Lui Kang
.Kung Lao
.Johnny Cage
.Shang Tsung
.Shao Kahn (Final Boss.MK Side)
.Fire God Lui Kang


.TJ Combo
.Chief Thunder
.Kim Wu
.Gargos (Final Boss.KI Side)
.Shadow Jago

Plus like MKvsDC, Gargos and Shao Kahn would fuse together, to form the ultimate final boss much like dark kahn, however unlike MKvsDC, they willingly choose to become one being as a way to harness the power of both worlds, appose to Raiden and Superman causing them to collide via portal shenanigans.


*(Femme fatals)
.Sadira (KI)
.Mileena (MK)

.Mira (KI)
.Nitara (MK)

*(Ancient Sorcery)
.Kan-Ra (KI)
.Ermac (MK)

.Aganos (KI)
.Kano (MK)

*(Killer Machines)
.Sektor (MK)

*(Wicked Evil)
.Eyedol (KI)
.Quan chi (MK)

(Guest Character for Both sides. Seeing a crossovergame is nothing without wild guests.)

*Joanna Dark & Rash(returning) for KI’s side.


*Torque from The Suffering along with a human sized Chaos from Primal Rage for MKs side seeing both were Midway adjacent, however Chaos can still grow giant sized during one of his finishers, but could maybe also be a clevver reworking of Gorilla Grodd’s assets from Injustice 2.


Thank you! Admittedly, though I can come up with some good stuff, I cannot draw how you draw and you make some real awesome pieces.

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Also Lord Deimos from “Mace: The Dark Age”. The dude is a bada$$.

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Now THAT would be an awesome choice!

Come to think of it, that almost gives me Warden vibes from Samurai Showdown.