"Official" KI Fan Art Thread


I just now noticed that there isn’t one general fan art thread, so I thought I would kick things off. Everyone, feel free to post any KI art in this thread.

Some of my own work (some of these are older than others so quality varies)


for fun, I’m also putting all of the “1 minute drawings” I did for all of the characters


These are cute


That riptor and kan-ra one cured my depression.


I love your art!


thanks, but this thread is meant to be for fan art in general, not just me.


Well thus far you’re the only one who’s posted any art. :smiley:


well, it’s only been around for a day.


I colored it


was this physical or digital?


A mix of both, the drawing is physical and the coloring is digital. It’s from last (before last?) Inktober.


Just found out about this thread, so guess I’ll shamelessly advertise myself here.
So I’, just gonna dump everything KI related in my gallery here and see what happens.
Hope you like it!



This thread gives me life!!!


My reaction:

I love how people express their feelings with art. I wish I could draw at least simple stuff…


I haven’t drawn anything Killer Instinct related since back when Orchid was revealed…


That’s a lie, I forgot about this piece I made when Mira was revealed…


Had an urge to make a fanart of @UABass after the last tourny .You never cease to amaze us man! Congrats!


Oh hey, it’s you! Some great stuff up there, love the Glacius, Spinal and Cinder! I’m jealous, I really haven’t drawn anything since I was a teen doing MK style characters for funsies, all I’ve used art for since is drawing simple things for the kids at work! I guess I should motivate myself to do something sometime.:slightly_smiling_face:


Good to see you here man! And there’s nothing like a good game to fire up some creativity :+1:If you can find the time, give it a shot!


I really need to start drawing again. I mean I’ve paid for an Adobe Photoshop subscription for 6 years now. :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I SHOULD start using it, especially as it is tablet friendly now and I have a tablet PC. :stuck_out_tongue:


You should totally do that! I had my tablet for 8 years now and I started using it three years ago, so I’m still lacking ALOT of practice.