"Official" KI Fan Art Thread


Yeah my art skills are quite rusty, but I look forward to getting back into things. Being a creative can be a curse at times. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, @TRXPICSTRX and @SoSRaGnArOk , you guys wanna try all drawing the same thing? could be fun :slight_smile:






Sounds great!


Ok, then we should try to come to an agreement on what to draw. @TRXPICSTRX @SoSRaGnArOk do either of you have any ideas?


Sadira! :smiley:


hmmm, not my first choice, but sure! I think it should be like a scene from her lore, like the first time she puts on the necklace that gives her her supernatural abilities. Or maybe her meeting with Omen when he recruits her to fight for Gargos. She is such an interesting character, and rich on lore too!


I am not terribly good at drawing scenes, but I can give it a shot. Sadira it is then.


There was the whole ‘submit your art for a contest’ thing at the reveal for Kim Wu and we never heard anything

Also great art guys


Maybe not a scene then, but maybe something a bit more open. Such as ‘How would this character evolve?” What if Sadira successfully stole Glacius tech and used it for herself?

Then we might take a stab at Sabrewulf next.


Wulf face redesign sketch


So in any case, I just finished this piece, a moment from last years grand fina match beween UA||Wheels and Valoraxe, with both giving amazing performences, but non as jaw- dropping as Dayton’s Shadow Leaping Slash. Anyways, Enjoy!




I drew Sabrewulf for @Fwufikins

I hope you like it and hope you feel better.




So I really liked @KevBones10 alternate Fulgore design, it’s dark and my kind of creepy and it’s just flat out cool. I decided while I had some time to kill at work to see how I would draw it. Honestly I feel I should have drawn it on a blank sheet but my notepad was all I had so sorry for not giving it as much care as I could have Kev. Anyway all credit goes to @KevBones10 of course.


I found this


Made a Transparent one.


Easily one of the greatest content creators for the community, @STREETNS is constantly uploading awesome and nerve racking sets with the best players of KI and clutch online matches, so here is a little tribute for you and the show #KIEpics . If you somehow weren’t aware of his channel you should totally check it out!