"Official" KI Fan Art Thread


This is so awesome again man thank you for the support and the eyes/ears!!!


Just a sketch I did of Gargos at work. Probably gonna color it at some point.


Had the day off, decided to color my previous upload. Hope you like it!


Kind of early I know,but I really suck at waiting, so here’s Misfit Eyedol going Trick-or-Treating!



Riptor Art

I did notice that the retro Riptor has some of these on her design. Even the colors. It’s probably just a coincidence.

Also this model ha snot aged well.


At one of mine and @NitricZenith 's sets I used Spinal and she was using Hisako, and of course I got destroyed lol ^_^; so I got Ultimated pretty hard. After the match Nitric came up with an idea and I quote " if Hisako possesses Spinal, shouldn’t we bee able to see her? I mean, he has no skin. Just see this Hisako face sticking out of his rib cage like ‘yo’." And I just couldn’t get that silly image out of my head . So here is confused Spinal and dizzy little confused Hisako, both trying to cope with the strange results of Hisako’s Ultimate.


Ahaha, so glad you turned this into reality!

Spinal “hmm, I don’t remember eating that!” Hisako “NANI?! Why can I see the floor? Blegh!”
Great stuff, nice one, thanks for this!

I wanted to draw a chibi version of this but I only have paint on my PC and suck at drawing with a mouse. :joy:

Oh well, lol.


Bought some markers, felt a little down for a while, decided to cheer myself up with a Riptor drawing.