Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

That’s the power of UT and ARIA. You cannot fight the future.

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Dunno if I would classify this as a bug or more of an oversight but, shadow lords has been out for a while, and I never knew there was a X1 or X2 meter for Tank Chests. I’ve always had my HUD up by the life bars making it easier to micro manage peeks at resources. Moving my HUD down, makes that meter visible. It is a nice feature, and if it could be on the plane as the KV meter rather than the Shadow meter hud it would be sweet! Otherwise I will have to reposition it every time I change modes which is kinda a hassle.

Not sure if a bug or not…but… Eyedol warrior…Forward HP into the clobber opener. Why isnt the clobber special move breakable? Shouldn’t it be considered a linker?

Why can he basically have 2 openers? You cant even lock out on it.
can all the characters with Fwd HP type moves follow with a special and it not be break able until afterwards?

Forward Hp isn’t a special so it isn’t an opener. Jago’s forward hk into windkick isn’t breakable either.

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Shadow Lords crashed during fight with Gargos, lost everything :frowning:

I guess since its a total of 6 hits it seem so long it should be breakable. Hell its longer than most killer combos! lol

@Sasuke99I is right - the f.HP in warrior stance is a command normal performed in the neutral, so any special that follows would be the opener, and anything after that would be breakable (although I can see why you were confused).

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There are some longer examples about that using shadow versions.
Kan-Ra has a particularly high combo with b+mp into shadow qcf+p

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“the world cannot rely on YOU”

Well, actually, seems no one can rely on you right now.

Couple of Gargos things I noticed.

Gargos’ new Golden God and Argent Shroud skins still have his default’s green misty VFX emanating his horns and limbs.
Maybe it isn’t so much a bug as an oversight, maybe it’s even intentional.
Love the skins, just thinking red and blue mist might have made more sense?

However, spotting this did make me notice another cosmetic bug (which has probably been reported), and that’s that regardless of which colour you pick his wingtips will always emanate colour 1’s mist.

Also a couple of cosmetic bugs still in the game (since day 1 lol), Sadira’s Ultra head accessory still defaults to colour 4 (yet you can see it change in the menus) and retro Sabrewulf’s tail is always blue when you equip his vintage trousers (you can also see that change in the menus) too.

Ok @developers this Game Crashing Shadow data bug is out of hand. Can some one please ADDRESS this situation and confirm that a fix is in place?

Not only does it crash the game it hard resets your entire Xbox sometimes.

Yesterday…No crash…today CRASH

Ive lost points in ranked due to this bug…Ive had Pro streamers think I left the match without a rematch.

I want to save my shadow data… please address.

Yeah I know I could just NOT Save Shadow Data. But the game needs to work as intended and the Quality factor that I loved about this game has diminished very very quickly since Season 3 started.

I try not to complain and bittch about the game but its getting really hard to praise and promote the game when its broken.

I even sat through 5 months with no Shadow lab at all… because it was bugged out and mine didnt work.

A Friday textual stream addressing the major issues and some answers would be much appreciated.

  • Shadow data crash
  • Aria reverse inputs
  • Other reverse inputs and cross up bugs
  • this list goes on…but Ill stop here.

I didn’t think much of this bug before yesterday, and then…

…it happened to me. :’(

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I haven’t used shadow labs or shadow lords since their respective release. Too many corrupted saves that nuke players profiles. glad they spent our whole budget on lighting just so they can ■■■■■ up the entire game tho. maybe they shoulda spent that monies on hiring coders who know what there doing.

word around the campfire is that MS had people come in a fix the lighting engine cause IG couldn’t do it. I doubt these problems ever get fixed 100 percent. disconnects and lag is bad this patch too

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I dont have any issues with disconnects or lag. But my shadow lab has been a disaster since S# launched. Me and 4 others S Labs were down for 5 months until just recently. It finally worked! then when Shadow Lords released… bam back to crashing the game .

Recently I was up against HK smash on his stream… we went 1-1 and he was running his mouth as usual. I go to save Shadow data and bam… crashes! Now he thinks I tucked tail and ran. LOL

Doesn’t matter what he thinks…but it really sucked becasue I wanted to beat him and hear him whine some more.

I love this game…but the bugs, crashes and recent balance changes are all rolled into one steaming POS.

Eyedol’s shadow crushing destroyer causes a groundbounce on standing opponents after a wallsplat. Staggers do not seem to be affected (instinct cancelling b+mp and then doing it caused a normal grounded hit).

actually this is better than season 2 patches really. cause in season 2 literally every character release broke something serious. so every month would be some broken crap and they’d patch it the middle of the following month only to break it again in 2 weeks. at least season 3s patch is everything broken at one time. so it really is a vast improvement.

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I’m getting a Shadow Lords bug.

Every day regardless of refresh my daily rewards aren’t changing. I’ve been on day 8 for 3 days now

I’m getting a possible shadow lords bug too.

I need help. I want to do anything in Killer Intinct, and this achievement makes me bad.

I follow this tutorial:

But because the achievemente “Hoarder”, you need to collect 50 different items in your Shadow Lords Storage. I collect WYVERN-X, Security codes and a transceiver form hatchery quest at the same time. But now, the mission “Village under attack” i choose “Command the stalkers” and after the battle o choose “Agree to help” and now the game dont initiate a new quest entitled “Search for stalkers” for me, and i cant collect 5 tranceivers now, to enter again in the hatchery and complete this achievement.

I really need help. This achievement is missable now? Any chance for me to initiate “Search for stalkers” and continue this achievment? thanks to all ;(

I was just playing some Shadow Lords and this happened.
(Latest Clip) IG Have to see this.

I think it is something to do with Cold Shoulder, Glacius’ Armor in Instinct Mode and Sabrewulf’s Crawling Attack. (I do not know it’s name.)

seriously tho does anyone know if there is a fix for the sfv fightstick problem yet plz.

when will this be fixed it worked before the patch lol. some how help mehhhhhhhhhhh

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