Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

The exemplar guardian seems to be unable to parry riptors flame carpet. Can one not parry it?

Shadow Lords Bug.

If you start a play through on Day 1 (challenging), then change the difficulty on day 1(normal), all resources disappear.

This includes Consumables, Guardians, Astral Energy and Astral Gems.

Story progress stays the same, but anything that can be spent is lost.

Fun after spending all of your KI Gold on Guardians, grabbing multiple Shadow Lords buffs and general hording to have it gone.

-Edit, It seems that restarting the console solved the problem, everything regained. Although I can’t access matchmaking despite being connected to XB Live. Will update if anything changes.

Mimic omen can appear to use accessories on the char selection screen, not in gameplay.

For a more detailed description

Five matches in a row I have lost to because of lag i’m so done with this game right now I love ki but this 3.4 patch has Killed it before you guys start jumping on me and saying it’s my Internet I have EPB fiber optics 1000 Mbps running to a netgear nighthawk 1600 Mbps router that is hardwired into my Xbox so there is NO WAY it’s my Internet I posted about this before about the bugs that came with the 3.4 patch they have not addressed it nor given us any information of when it will be fixed so salty right now had to post and let them know about my frustration I mean this is the only game I play the only game I want to play I mean damn just take my money and give me this crap I understand it might not be happening to you all but it’s happening to me and I can’t play my game I paid for

That sucks dude, but I have two questions on the matter:

  1. were you playing against people you regularly play against with no issue? It could be that you unfortunately found yourself against people with bad connections to you, particularly if you are from the US as there will be a lot of Europeans on now.

  2. do you have your console set to fast start up and/or has KI been freshly started? I find that yout can get lag in game both with frame rate and inputs even in offline versus if you don’t freshly open the game each time.

Hopefully this can help you get sorted.

@MBABanemobius No it was ranked mode and yes I always open a new KI ever since we had the season2 launch bug that was losing all your save data so the devs advised everyone to always shut the game down from the home screen instead of just turning it off so I’ve been doing that every since I also did a hard reset on my Xbox to try and give it that fresh start up I appreciate the help though but I think it something the Devils are going to have to look into I also have the cross up bug where your control inputs are reversed after a cross up lucky me LOL

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you spent real money on KI gold only to have it wiped away by this bug? hit up one of the mods to get a refund. dang man I sure feel bad for ya. gears 4 comes out next week may I suggest dropping this game for a bit maybe? I’m thinking about doing just that honestly.

wulf cant activate instinct under pressure when he has meter. hitting HK+HP does nothing. WIthout shadow meter you can activate it without issue.

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So just in the last few days I’ve started noticing when KI on PC first loads up it has no sound, but if I minimize the game window & then go back to it the sound returns.

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Arcade stick stops functioning at random times when running other applications in the background

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. On PC w/Win 10, Launch a web browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc), maybe a few others like Media Player, XSplit, or the Launcher client
  2. Launch the Xbox Game Client and Killer Instinct App
  3. Play a few games in any mode
  4. Switch off between launched app (check Facebook, play an .mp3 file, etc) and switch back to KI app
  5. Next time at the character select screen observe that you’re no longer able to move the cursor or select a character or any other functions such as Back
  6. Observe that you can however, still use a keyboard

Functionality of the arcade stick is no longer made available, resulting in user having to use a keyboard.

Expected Results:
Switching between Microsoft Windows applications in between games should not disable functionality of a plugged in controller.

Was able to reproduce with a MS Xbox 360 controller, Xbox 360 TE, and a Candy Xbox 360 controller. Closing all open applications, restarting the Xbox Game Client and the KI app does not fixes the disable functionality. User is forced to restart their PC to reset plug-in functionality state. Issue has existed for the last 3-4 patches. During Ranked, closing application also results in a Loss/Disconnect to the user affected.

Edit and Note 2:
This has occurred with NO OTHER applications running in the background as well!

Have you verified that your usb ports don’t lose connection at all? I’ve been using a rock candy and have swapped between many windows. I press a button on the controller and it comes back on as the active controller. I’ve used a multitude of controllers as well, I haven’t had an issue like yours. Also check usb drivers maybe? Or clean the ports? Otherwise hopefully they look into it too. Just trying to offer some suggestions. Hope you get it resolved

This is with just about every controller I threw at it. I’m using a newly built PC and a Full tower. Unplug/plug does nothing. As stated in the notes, restarting PC fixes the issue. Nothing else. So yes. Clean ports. This doesn’t affect everyone, but I believe it has to do with certain PC configuration. Possibly graphics card related as I’ve only began experiencing this a few patches back and others claimed to have had the same issue.

As an engineer and former QA Tester for various gaming companies, believe me when I say that I’ve thoroughly tested this and attempted troubleshooting before submitting this issue. It’s been something I have not gotten around to doing due to my busy work schedule and recently, my wife’s passing.

Of course, all drivers are up to date and all that other standard troubleshooting steps have been taken. Thank you for your input though.

Alright good to know, sorry to hear about the loss of your wife. I’ll keep my eye out and see if the issue happens to me. Usually you should be able to restart then ap/game and fix the issue. The fact that it requires a PC reset leads me to believe it isn’t something within the game. It shouldn’t persist if the game is restarted.

Still waiting for that ARIA criss-cross bug fix.

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If ARIA’s Heavy crescendo trades with something then the crescendo no longer gives a hard knockdown property. It instead changes to a soft knockdown. This only happens in a trade scenario. Same goes for the medium version as well.

What is happening here? Potentially a bug with the “input flip” code?

Yeah, it’s the new bug that’s all the rage. It can essentially make sadira the best character in the game right now.

Kim Wu bugs

-Down-Forward HK has no frame data in training mode. It also cannot be canceled into during a combo or manual state (unless Kim uses MP/HP Target combos mid combo, then it CAN be canceled into)

-LK Autodouble doesn’t cause a blowout a combo when the first hit goes past 100 KV unlike LP Autodouble(1st Hit 96-106, 2nd Hit 106-116)

-Down-Forward HK cannot be dragon canceled out of recovery frames. Unless that is intended to avoid endless High Low mixups

It’s not broken. There’s a total of 51 items in the game, and all of them are obtainable.

The hatchery quest line will stop showing up if you have Wyvern-X in your inventory, so you should exchange your first Wyvern-X for a Security Codes, THEN get another Wyvern-X and collect transceivers in such a way that you have exactly 1 left over.

Even if you mess up and can’t get an extra transceiver, you can still have 50 if you get all the other items.

Source: I have all 51 items at the same time, right now.

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Can we please have a separate Shadow Lords bug thread?