WTF with disconnect BS all of a sudden

Whats up with this crap? I never disconnect EVER! Just this morning alone Ive played 5 players that when Im winning badly the game freeze and then goes into slow motion. It then says player left the game and brings me to main menu. I then go back into ranked and it says I DISCONNECTED!!!. Now im on probation? LOL FIX THIS CRAP.

Ive played many matches, never seem to have an issue when Im losing the match. NEVER.

Im pretty much done with the game anyways… this is just pushing me to be done with it.

Go to the bug reporting thread. Good bye. Hope you enjoy your next game.


really @Sasuke99I Sasuke99l. No positive find another thread to troll

Trolling? You don’t post a bug in general discussion. There is an official bug reporting thread where you go to report this kind of stuff. Post it there and the developers will notice it and try to find a solution. Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3 If you are done with the game, that is fine. I hope you enjoy your next one. I don’t see the trolling.


Trolling? No. Lack of tact, though? Maybe. :worried:


It happened to other players as well (myself included) I checked my connection to see if it was stable. Everything ok, I assumed it was the game. I have said this before, many have. I stopped playing for some time. The probation warning it’s not a big deal I think but just in case I didn’t play. It was frustrating enough to lose points just because some players were ragequitting on me . Me guess is IG is aware of this, but we can insist in the bug report thread so they don’t forget =P


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Tread lightly.


I’ve been getting very noticable lag and random crashes too lately, it’s starting to get a bit painful watching my frames grind to a halt and chugging, due to the frenetic pace the game runs at, it makes it increasingly difficult to get inputs in correctly and at the right time, not sure what’s going on. :confused:


And I often wonder why I bother coming back here after a long day…

Pls don’t call people out.


LOOL :slight_smile:

On topic:


Go to the bug thread like @Sasuke99I suggested.

Are you on wifi? If so, you might want to switch to ethernet.

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According to research on my end, it is indeed a bug.

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My god… I would kill for internet that fast!

On topic: I constantly hear about innocent people being put on probation. I hope they fix it, it’s driving people away!


Does probation even mean anything? Isn’t it just you not getting a win if a disconnect happens?

I don’t know. I’ve never been in probation.

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Not sure but back in S1 they added jail. Basically if you quit you could only play against the other quiters. made finding decent matches near impossible.