Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

Thats typical combo’d opponent mashing light breaker and somehow getting a grab out of the deal. If the mashed Med breaker he would get a shadow counter, and if he mashed Hvy breaker he would pop instinct if available.
That is one of the things that drives me nuts about the breaker system is when this occurs.

Another issue i have is if your opponent whiffs a Counter breaker and you try to grab him way after the counter breaker has visually whiffed…it catches your grab attempt as a light counter breaker.

SO annoying…I dont know how they could fix it, but it drives me crazy .

While playing ARIA, my controls got reversed! :fearful:

thats not the issue, the issue is the mortar hitstun overrode the autodoubles hitstun and created that gap. its an unfortunate interaction. since Mortars have low hitstun.

I think its the float causing this issue, gotta stop using it for now

No it’s M air crescendo that’s doing that.

ohh right I know its cresendo, but I thought that was the float lol

Hover? No, your left/right inputs get reversed whenever you cross someone (either on hit/block/whiff). It’s really dumb since using it means that there’s a really good chance you’ll get reverse inputs. And it’s in a few of my setups…so now I can’t really use it without forgetting that my inputs get reversed. That along with the sadira input bug as well.

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That’s not really a bug that is fixable though, you only get the amount of hitstun that the last attack you do causes, so all subsequent hits will always override the hitstun of the previous hit. If it didn’t there would be some really funky stuff in this and other fighting games because of it.

I didnt say there was a fix to it, just an unfortunate interaction

Ohhh sorry I thought you posted it originally as a bug but I see now it was someone else, apologies dude.

So you think he meant to hit grab and not light breaker? I disagree. He mashed light break and got a lucky grab out the situation. Happens all day every day.

He was mashing Grab/Light breaker OS :wink:

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Not sure if anyone else is getting this but my friend and I play on xbox one and anytime we try and save data to our shadows the game makes loud noises and crashes. IG please fix this cuz when we play we sometimes save our shadow data out of habit -.-


hi guys…after the last update i notced not all my input are registerd for example…when i try to do on ryo zan with hisako it count as jump


This has happened to me 2x in the past 2 days. It’s a real buzzkill.

No video to show right now but i also am having issues with inputs not coming out like they used to. It’s causing a lot of dropped combos.

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Is Aria’s health in SL distributed evenly across 3 health bars? They’re always full leading me to believe it was a bug and that she had 100% health every turn, but she seems to take a lot more damage. Maybe its just me.

@developers are u guys going to even actknowledge the command and input shenanigans that’s going on right now with the 3.4 update constantly droping combos and input reversals are making this game unplayable online at the moment unless you want to lose can we get some feedback on what’s being done about the situation?


Yes, the health is distributed evenly across all 3 bodies.

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if I remember correctly IG asdressed upcoming patches to fix past bugs like when spinal gave meter to his opponent. I’m not sure but from what I remember it takes almost a full week to pass patch certification. it’s been what now? 2 weeks.

I know lately that IG has been more distant from its following on social media cause of a few bad apples. honestly tho, I feel like negative feedback just comes with anything internet related. you think people just quit being managers cause there employees are rude?

it comes with the territory and especially in the games development sector. just look at no mans sky. lol

So now I’m absolutely sure Aria has a health bug in SL. I started a match against Mimic Kan-Ra with 76% health, but all 3 health bars were full. I beat the mimic with a perfect and after the match she had 100% health!