Nintendo NX Reveal AKA Nintendo Switch

Now you can Fus Roh Dah Nintendo style. :stuck_out_tongue:

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More Importantly my brother, who has been a ridiculously, stupidly, die-hard Nintendo fan, might actually end up playing a game that could possibly show him a glimmer of what all he’s been missing these last few years because of his assertion that Nintendo is more kid-friendly (he has younger kids).

…in all honesty they’re not. One quick look at parental lockout features on Xbox one & 360 vs modern Nintendo systems will tell you that. MS lets you lock stuff down to where they have to have permission to do anything. Nin systems have limited locking and keeps a log of what all the kid has been doing so you can talk about it with your kid after the fact. SMH.

Interesting… if they have Fallout, I am sold. Doesn’t have to be Fallout 4. Could even be an expansion similar to Fallout: New Vegas. Anything revolving the universe really. If I see something along those lines, I will own a new console indefinitely.

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No thanks.

I hope they make a redone version of Starfox, one that doesn’t utilize the Wii U features that made the game utter garbage to control.


This is one of the things that excites me the most about the Switch. Maybe we’ll finally get some great games that aren’t distilled through some crappy gimmick like motion control or second screen. The gimmick for this system is instant console to portable. Take your modern, next gen game anywhere, local multiplayer included. It’s useful, it’s practical, it’s innovative, and most importantly, it seems as though it wouldn’t force developers to reimagine their franchises through the lens of some dippy, forced idea integration, so the gameplay doesn’t have to suffer.

Technical specs and confirmed third party supports

How no one is hugely hyped for this is beyond me

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Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

All i want is backwards compatibility. I missed a bunch of good wii u games that i would love to catch up on. Also, since the games are on cards does that mean ds games will also work?


I’m hyped, but I’m also cautious. Nintendo had a very similar graphic of 3rd party supporters for the Wii-U and that support dried up within a year. I want this system to succeed, and the tech looks really cool, like something I’d actually use. Also love that the gimmick for this system doesn’t force devs to change gameplay or whatever. That’s huge to me. But I still need to see more new games and some sort of indication of long term viability before I commit to it. Granted, I also say that as someone that owns a Wii-U and a healthy dose of buyers remorse. :frowning:

So do games on the portable device still run on the hardware component itself or is it streaming from the home station (sort of like Remote Play on Vita)?

Anyway, hopefully this does much better than the Wii U. For what it’s worth, the gimmick of this console looks like it could actually be something worthwhile. And a Nintendo platform not having region locking is earth-shattering at this point.

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The portable device is the hardware component mostly

The dock hooks up to the TV and has extra wires for things like USB ports and the such, but the cartridge goes into the portable unit and most of the hardware is in the portable unit.

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Ah, thanks for clarifying.

From what I have seen, it’a really friggin’ cool. This truly is a step up from the Wii U being a console that you can literally take any where and still play with friends. Nintendo never ceases to surprise me when it to creativity. Love to hear more info about it soon.

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I’m actually pretty impressed. Sure, they still have their gimmicks, but that’s a Nintendo thing.
Just looking at it, however, it looks like the logical next step of the Wii U’s ideas, mixed with a traditional (functional) game console, bits of the Wii, and the mobile/tablet gaming market. Seems like a pretty smart move.

And the fact that it’s powered by Nvidia and has third part support (including Skyrim, which is a godsend for my girlfriend) makes it seem really cool.
All they need to do now is hand Metroid Prime over to iD Software and Nintendo could make a comeback.

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This console looks brilliant. A very smart move that I hope works out well. Probably not going to be an early adopter, but I am definitely excited by this concept.

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Im kindai nterested in this…

But i found it insanely laughable Nintendo had the balls, at the end of this “teaser” trailer, to feature a e-sports setting after they nearly kicked it out of EVO and remove anything off they dont authorize off the internet. They want to be in competitive gaming? Long road to climb with only Smash to your name…

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I’m a big and longtime Nintendo fan who owns a WiiU and is on my like fifth version of DS (new 3DS XL). But I’m having a hard time understanding who’s going to be using this. And the trailer is like early 90s goofball city. Lots of urban professional women grabbing their switch to head across to their pals rooftop terrace party and play video games? That’s the market? And it’s cartridge driven? You guys are excited for cartridge based skyrim? A 32 GB memory card costs $10-20, compared to like 5 cents to print a disc. And, frankly, it isn’t portable. Just imagining the size of the hardware case I will need to keep it from getting wrecked in my carry on bag makes my shoulders hurt.

I will try to keep an open mind, but if what people are excited about is a more powerful Nintendo system, then why would you want the added cost and nonsense associated with the actual “switch” bits? I’m really puzzled.

Yes? The thought of a skyrim without load times alone makes this version more enticing than the one coming out for xbone next week.

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Fair point. But do you want to pay $70 for it?