News & Information - Coming sooner than you think

You’ve been clamoring for something, anything regarding information from us, and we’ve been steadfast in our semi-silent approach.

Check out the full article here:


Patience?? We don’t need no patience! Now I can’t wait for more lore!

Thanks for the silent heads up :smile:

Note to all if you’re wondering if reading:

[quote]Additionally, with each character update we’ll also highlight an
upcoming change that character is receiving (or we’re considering) as
part of the season 3 rebalance.[/quote]

… I call; Riptor and Aria as getting overhauls!

Promise this wasn’t about patience! This was just us letting you know the ball is officially rolling. We don’t like being silent either!


HYPE! Gosh. I couldn’t be more exicted!

two (ooh! Drama! Which two?) are having some rework done to them.

Aganos and Aria would be the most likely IMO.

Please tell me there’s a collection of playtesting videos accumulating to show off the development shenanigans and bugs.
Those are some of the best stories :smiley:

… Like this one time, Orchid hadn’t been revealed yet and…

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Two rework in two characters!!! Same as Fulgore at the begining of s2

My bet: Omen (mostly visuals) and Aganos (maybe something to his chunk system)

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there is the possibility that the history of s1 is made as history of s2?

Combo and maya I’d say. Cause everyone says their animations need overhauled. Maybe we’ll see something new at the Brazilian show. So sfv and hopefully ki shoeing a new character

Oh. My gosh.

This is so exciting!! As soon as I heard that you would be updating the character information page I was ready to run right over there and read everything, but… I gotta wait. I gotta be patient. I’m really excited for this, though, and I think it’s a good idea to start dropping information in bit by bit to lead up to S3. I’m gonna be buzzing in excitement until I get to see what Glacius has been up to!! Wah! I hope he gets a chance to do something really cool (har har!) in S3; actually I’m hoping that every characters gets a chance to shine, so this should be a cool way to start establishing their narratives.

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In order for me to guess, can you let us know what you mean by “rework”?

I wonder if @TempusChaoti can answer that for you…or if he even will. DUN DUN DUN.


KV changes huh. Not sure how I feel about longer combos. Not sure if it would even matter.
Most people keel their combos short anyway.

I’m pretty terrified of another rebalance and reworking of stuff.

Less KV building? :anguished:

Oh, but thanks for breaking the silence! :slight_smile:

Just how far are you going to go with the backstory updates, and who is getting their update first?

Kan-Ra and Maya need to be nerfed or reworked because their gameplays basically revolve around spamming difficult-to-counter projectiles.

Kan-Ra, in particular, is no “trap-zoner”; he’s an abomination.

Can’t wait to learn more!!

Quick version: KV changes (bigger combos!), many characters are getting buffs, a few are getting nerfs / balance changes, and two (ooh! Drama! Which two?) are having some rework done to them.

VERY interesting. Two characters are having rework done to them? My guesses would be:

Jago: I don’t think they’ll dramatically change what he already does, but given how much they gave Shadow Jago, it wouldn’t shock me if they gave Jago some other stuff to further differentiate him from his dark counterpart.

Omen: They know what people think about him and given that Shago now has his slide, it kinda makes me wonder if they might not give this character a bit of a makeover of sorts. I think a good number of people would like to see this happen.

Definitely psyched to see a rebalance leading up to season 3. I’m hoping that’ll mean some more flash and perhaps some complementary moves for the original six characters.

Really love that they’re fleshing out the story elements and while it’s great that the new info will be available on the website, shouldn’t canon info like that also be in the game somewhere as well, like in recreated bios or edited bios or something along those lines for each character?

Either way, definitely glad that the hype train is starting up, and really looking forward to the return of the textual streams! Can’t wait for more info! :smile:

Kan-Ra’s one of my favorite characters. Then again, I don’t sit around and spam projectiles. He could use some work in that regard, but he’s hardly an abomination.

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Aganos seems very likely. Right now, he’s like Season 1 Fulgore, where every knockdown is used to replenish resources rather than set up offense. Reworking the more “traditional” characters wouldn’t make much sense… that is, if “rework” refers to balance changes.

I could see a change happening to his chunk system, where he maybe has 2-3 offensive chunks for walls/projectiles and 1-2 defensive chunks for armor, which might slow him down less or not at all.

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I would like to ask a question for a straight forward answer: is it planned an early access for PC gamers in order to stress test the servers / compatibility problems that might happen in computers?


God i love this game!

Amazing guys! The perfect way to start a season!

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We haven’t shared any details around the PC version yet, so keep an eye out for more in the future.

That’s a great question. You’ll just have to wait and see…only a few days though, so it’s not that bad.