NEW! Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2- PS3/PS4/PC Spring '17 - Baiken & Answer


Only reason I haven’t bought this game is because I want cross play. But I am really missing out so far. Looks gorgeous.

It has PS3/PS4 cross play but not PC right?

I bought Xrd on my Pc but haven’t picked you revelator because I have barely touched it. I definitely appreciate the visuals though.

Edit: LOL - Business Ninja?!

I’m not sure about PS3 PS4 cross play but PC doesn’t have it for sure…Sadly.

Both KI and GG have surpassed SF a while ago.

Yes, I posted this earlier here:

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Guilty Gear characters look so good man.

If this is set for launch parity between PC and the Playstations then I’m tempted to finally jump in. I don’t particularly care for crossplay (though it may help for getting online matches) but I don’t want to play an outdated game for 6 months.

ftr, there’s no reason to play an outdated version of Xrd if you have the latest version, outside of just experiencing a previous balance of the game, is there?


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I just picked up Revelator (as I was already interested in it from watching Max play) and man it feels a lot more complicated than KI.

Charge mechanics, 180 degree or double inputs; plus all the other stuff like Burst, Tension (relatively simple, Shadow), Dust… I’ll eventually work my way through the tutorial stuff but it looks like a long road ahead. It makes me appreciate the input simplicity that KI was built with.

I have it on PC, and there’s barely anyone online. I hope the new version will let me cross play with the PS crowd, and will include an english voiceover option. It’s difficult to listen to the Japanese voices because I don’t understand what they’re saying, and to me the voices all sound either melodramatic or little children.

I’m trying to learn May so far, and it’s going fairly well - I’m happy that I’m adding new fighting games to my roster even if I suck right now.

Anybody know if the ps3 stick works out ps4 version? And wtf, do I have to buy both revelator expansions now lol :confused:

I have been waiting Revelator on Steam since release on arcade but then we got a six-month-old game at full price without the DLC characters. And we didn’t get a chance to get them for free, contrary to what happened on console… I hope they will treat the PC users better this time, starting from the release date,

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I had this problem too, but then I got use to it when I was playing DOA4 a while back. Expect anime voices when you play an anime game lol.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be getting an English voice-over any time soon. ASW seems to be against using English voices as of late. I could understand once with GG, but with Blazblue, I’m not so sure.

I wish I could say the same. I’m interested in GG but 80% of the character designs are seriously off-putting to me. And if it isn’t the way they look that repels me, it’s their personality/demeanor.

I guess my standpoint on it is this; I bought SIGN a couple years back and dropped it because I got too overwhelmed trying to play it - but it DID have an English voiceover option.

When I picked up Rev I assumed it would be the same, even if the English option was the exact same lines moved over from the previous one. Considering they have already been recorded I don’t understand why they can’t just add them into Rev or Rev 2 as a selection, even if it’s (hopefully free) DLC.

Obviously an anime game having a japanese voiceover is a given, and voice actors do a lot of work for the recordings; but I feel like it adds a lot to the game on the localization end, especially considering the number of typos or nonsensical English being used in the subtitles, since that’s the only way for me to understand what people are saying. It isn’t a dealbreaker for me, just something I’m hoping changes with the update to Rev 2.

I bought XRD when I got my PS4 last year…I didnt play it much. the menu felt to congested and the overall mechanics just felt awkward. I enjoyed the little bit I played of it but was unable to find a character that I resonated with.

I just didnt play it enough to keep it. Traded it in for 20$

Man this is still in people’s minds somehow. Go on the PSN store and look at the price of Revelator on PS4. Then go on steam and check the price with all the DLC. In Every region that I’ve seen so far, those prices are the same. The price of the PC port without DLC is around the same or slightly more than the PS3 copy depending on where you are, I’ll admit that, but I really don’t get how people are complaining that the game came out at full price when it’s still the same price on the other platforms anyway.

The reason they didn’t is because there would be gaps everywhere for the new characters that were introduced into Revelator, for which voice lines were never recorded. For example, none of the system voices would have lines for the 6 new characters, the new characters wouldn’t have voices, the new win/lose lines against new characters wouldn’t be recorded. There’s just too many gaps.

nobody tried a ps3 stick on the ps4?

I’m a bit disappointed the music for revalator has not hit I tunes yet and they have already announced the new version. I expected it much sooner than this. Maybe when rev2 comes out they will release it?

PS3 sticks work on the PS4 version from controller side selection onwards, you need to have a PS4 controller/pad/stick for the main menu.


yes yes yes, thank you! now ill be back in business