New Fulgore combos and stuff

Nice are there youtube postings of your sets? You should post em. I got my data back finally, I do have new tech already but gonna wait till I find more and Im prob gonna make another tutorial. Despite the community feedback I got last time, There are new faces so Ill try again.

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I don’t have any recordings of 8BB, but there are a few videos of KIBR in the channel including most of my matches

Few things from watching your matches. First, when you’re in rushdown range, you need to start utilizing some pip cancel pressure (or the death loop) whatever you wanna call it.
Second, I saw a LOT of times, specifically in your Orchid matches, where you had full meter but you allowed her to just jump towards you. Pip cancel different strength fireballs make it harder for her to cover ground safely. If they land and block, that’s enough time for you to dash forward and meaty into pressure. Or dash away and fireball more.
You respect your meter far too much, you save it for shadows too much, gotta use some of his pip traits for zoning pressure and rushdown pressure which can also allow you to teleport out free sometimes once you know where in your string to do it.
Third, the only other thing is tick throws with Fulgore are amazing. Even if they tech them, it is neutral for both of you. If you land one, it’s free pressure for you and a wakeup required for them if they want out. If you catch the wakeup and block, you can do oodles of things from there. There were also a few times where you had full combo punish opportunities where you just did a DP or throw instead.
That’s all I saw really. Other than that grats on making it to some of the final rounds.

When you are at Full pips, sometimes it is better to threat the beam than use it. There are a few select situations where I do use it since cashout chance is typically higher. One is off a wall splat that’s about 85% of my beam uses and only on red bar, two is off a jump but only if I have a life lead advantage enough to risk going to cash it out which is about 15% of my beam uses which also includes making them jump and using the beam to end the match. If you get full pips then just use the beam right away, you sacrificed a whole LOT of pressure and crazy stuff you can do. It’s like Shadow Jago players who use his instinct for the ultimate grab. It’s just not worth it sometimes.

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Good advice to be had here.

Fulgore may not get pips as simply as he could back in season1 but you don’t usually need alot of pips to do things it’s typically not expensive to use the meter.

I’d be happy to get some matches in as I am currently a Fulgore main.

With Pax being this weekend I haven’t really played much and still didn’t add anyone. If I have nothing going on tonight I’ll make sure to do so!

Not too sure on how to upload longer videos this is my first time uploading anything but I can post more tech if ppl want , or maybe we can throw sum rounds just hmu.
This is just sum teleport/fireball setups u can do once starting the match without pips up to one pip


Damn that’s some strong stuff! I’ve actually been getting the ■■■■ kicked out of yesterday by a dude who’s been using this kinda tech. Some pretty serious stuff right there.

Bread and butter Fulgore right there. Thats also why we use projectiles. The left right game and always keeping them under pressure is why the vortex works. If they have time to block you and correcrly input a projectile immune punish, they deserve to hit you. However its rare that they read you unless you fall into a pattern. This is also why I dont feel Fulgore has juggle potential. This is how you control a match. Juggle off anti airs but this is Fulgores game to a T. Make them go wtf hes op! However everyone is complaining about Shadow Jago and not Fulgore anymore so have fun robots!


that is so cheap, i love it! LOL. fuglore ftw, he earns the nickname “fugbot” hahaha

I don’t know why but that makes feel uncomfy lol.

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Here’s a little juggle cash out that ain’t that bad.
Look at the damage after the first successful ender with a little a white meter in there, then look at the second one without the Meter, good damage on both. Imagine if there was alot of white meter in there, maybe after a hype beam >:) (never mind after the hype beam, u run out of pips and can’t do the shadow uppercut lol)

And that’s just one type of juggle , there’s more.

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I just realized how easy it is to make short lil videos haha, I’m on kinect so it sounds ■■■■■■.
This is what you do when that whoever it is keeps blocking, u keep teleporting until u get that hit !

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Although this teleport mindf*ck sounds like a great idea, it has to be paired with serious block strings to keep spin speed increasing, in that video your spin speed took more negative hits…

True my spin speed sucks there, but u don’t really need pips to do good with fulgore u just need one to do a good setup and by the time ur gonna start a new setup u should have another pip or two.

As long as u get the first hit all the time and do good ■■■■ ull be set but if u mess up or ur too slow or anything else then u lose ur momentum and ull get beat up for sucking and u deserve the beating for not doing good

Please forgive my ignorance here, but what is the “death loop” sullen mosquito is talking about?

Sumthin similar to what I did on the first video . There you only saw like 2 to 4 maybe 5 setups but there’s more using around the same amount of pips. But once u get more pips setups can get pretty crazy, all u can do is pretty much block or try to counter like when sadira is jumping all over you

I’d say there is probably around 4 to 8 setups with each different level ender and with which ender you used

Dude that’s ■■■■■■■ BADASS! Also I envy you cause I’m having trouble getting that skin >: /

As for teleportation there is one issue: you can get hit out of it with light punches and grabs?

You could get hit with lights and grabs but u gotta read and see if the other opponent is that type of person , u also have to learn the distances between you and how far each teleport will get u from the character , cuz they are all a little different but once u get it u can control the match with a different style, fulgore has many styles , it’s good to learn em all.
I’ll make a video later on showing sum examples on how teleporting works and maybe a different one one heavy laser combos

The death loop is pip cancel pressure with very small if any openings to punish. Requires a DP or 3-4 frame move to punish. So like, axis into eye laser, lk eye laser, lk projectile pip cancel eye laser rinse and repeat as often as you want.