New Fulgore combos and stuff

Got some cool stuff you want to share that invovles Fulgore’s new moves? post em here!


Im curious to see as well new stuff that people will bring to the table. Im pretty bad in figuring this stuff out lol

Most obvious thing a tried is after a launcher ender do anything with the enemy in the air and then cancel it with a crossup teleport. You then can go to crossup empty jump and then do a low nornal into combo, or overhead, or normal jump crossup with mk, etc.

I think this ender will be really useful now(launching higher), especially at the start of the match when fulgore struggles With meter and cant do fireball-teleport shenanigans.

Sorry for my english

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While I haven’t tried combos involving teleporting yet, I have been trying to work on this combo involving ground bounces.


I haven’t tried these yet. Lets see what people will you do.

Im kinda liking his new target combo. Its good for approach when you are almost pretty close to the adversary and when you cancel it with the light laser which leaves you +2 in the opponent’s face. If it hits, then you have new juggle-mixup or a juggle combo. But it is easy for the opponent to get a shadow counter on it.

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havent really tried anything new with him yet other than using his HP beam and learning how it works. things ive done:

-on hit teleport cancel > X attack > combo

-wall splat st.FK > combo > japanese reset > overhead > combo

i need more seat time with him, i spent more with the new fighters to see how they work atm. but i will say that his new HP beam is actually awesome! especially when you fight against kan-ras who still havent caught on that they cant just stand there putting up locusts as usual. it’ll go right through and punish him for good damage and allow you to get in with a teleport cancel.

also now that fierce attacks ignore armor…

VS Aganos:

st.FP > LP fireball > cr.MK > combo worked pretty damn good on him. you can now footsie aganos! you’ll also be out of his grab range. the cr.MK is dependant on how close you are, because you can whiff. so watch out there.

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I haven’t been able to try much yet but the target combo (sweep and destroy I believe?) is pretty awesome. Does anyone know if it’s better to do Light or Medium lasers as a juggle followup? I want to also incorporate the overhead ground bounce in there somewhere. Post anything you guys find!

I also agree with R1stormrider, heavy beam is really good. Not used to mainly using DP for anti-air but the heavy beam is so good to confirm with from far away.

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Just gonna throw it out there; throwing out some fireballs, hitting an opponent with a full screen Heavy Laser, and then hit confirming with shadow teleport is really nice. And since the fireballs and laser count as your openers, it kinda acts like a one chance break so you can end it straight away.
Also, Sweep and Destroy is a fun way to get juggles going.
A personal favorite:
Sweep>Crouching HP>Shadow Plasma Bolt>Forward HP Spin>Shadow DP


These all sound like amazing combos!

I’ve been messing with sweep target combo -> LP laser -> back HP -> sweep target combo -> LP laser etc. just for fun. It’s obviously almost nothing but heavies, but it’s so brutal looking. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve bene trying that with the liht laser but I keep missing…Hmmm

if you have the opponent pressing buttons and mashing, it could work

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full screen fireball punish for 36% damage and its counter breaker bait:

HP Beam > staggered > teleport cancel > sweep and destroy > LP. Lazer > Axis Spin > MP. Lazer > St.FP > Shadow DP

if you want you can substitute the st.FP with another axis spin. if you do, it may be the point where you want to counter break because the opponent already saw the first and he’ll see the second as an easy break oppurtunity. get inside their heads fellow murder machines and show them how obselete they are. Fulgore i think is only going to get stronger as we further explore the uses of his new HP beam! this combo will make any projectile throwing opponent nervous knowing you can do this. they’ll be less inclined to do so and will try to come in on you against your defensive options and you can set them up if they’re flustered enough for your mix up game

an opponent i faced yesterday also did a combo > teleport cancel > st.FK > mk cyber dash > combo on me for good reset damage! it was very interesting.

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Yeah im keeping my meter build combo to myself. Peeps need to learn to lab on their own now. Season 3 means this game has been out a while.

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@SullenMosquito why even make a post? just keep something like your statement to yourself then. it only makes you look like a jerk when you say somethin like that, cmon man


For my case building meter is simple. Keep hitting your opponent physical, block stirngs, cmbos, what-have yous etc.

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yeah, its really no secret on how to get your reactor spin going. its really not hard at all to build it up when you have the opponent pressured and they dont know wtf is goin on.

just an example: go in with opener > heavy linker > AD > medium linker > RESET > Opener > heavy linker > and so on. i usually end with DP just to get a few extra RPM outta the reactor or wall splat > cross up J.MK > combo

Most people know ways to build spin, but this one is unbreakable and grants nearly 40-50% spin speed, I dont want it nerfed. I know they will nerf it when it comes to light, they like to nerf Fulgore whenever they can.

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I think I might know how this is done. Requires projectiles first to hit if I’m not mistaken and it glitch Auto Doubles and triples to be unbreakable for some reason.

so what, still contributed nothing with that post. could care less what it is you’re hiding, that aint the issue


while I can dertand the sentiment considering the nefs Fulgore got in season2 to asume they “like” to nerf Fulgore may just only be an assumption, but you’re free to keep it to yourself if ya want. Though @R1stormrider kinda have a point.

Either way good luck in your matches Sullen.