New Fulgore combos and stuff

Fulgore chain of Death. its got frame traps in there and if your opponent is pushing buttons, watch all that HP disappear. its pretty common knowledge amongst the advanced to high level guys by now, but im sharing it anyway for those who want something new to learn:

Axis > LP lazer > LK > LP Lazer > cr.MK > plasma bolt (i usually do lp version) > LP lazer

you can keep this going with more LP lazers, Cr.MKs, and plasma bolts. have fun with it!


Will try this out later. Thanks for not mentioning that you have some sick string and then not posting it lol. I don’t always have time to lab so I appreciate any help I can get to put me in the right direction.

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np, idea is to share info so we can all improve. keep in mind this stuff is gonna have manual timing. the object is to not get all this to combo off eachother, but to frame trap and confuse the ever loving sh!tt out of your opponent. somewhere in there you can even toss in an overhead at your discretion

you’re gonna need charges for it, so get that reactor spin going then when the guy is flustered try to give it a shot. typically ill do a heavy lazer linker, drop combo, then start attempting this. practice, practice, practice!


For sure. I saw you mention in another thread that you are having fun with his juggle combos. I’ve been messing around with sweep and destroy in practice mode but in an actual match I almost never see a time to do this. How do you make it work for you?

try this after building some charges. just do your combo business as usual, then hit them with a stage 3 or 4 fireball ender for the hard knockdown. this is the ender imo you should be doin the most and DP or juggle ender towards the end of their life bar. anyway, throw out your lp. plasma after the ender, teleport behind em. here you have your options that’ll start making their gears turn. you’ll either

A) axis into combo, attack high basically etc
B) Overhead
D) Throw
E) go into sweep and destroy (or any low attack like LP. Lazer, Cr.MK)
F) fake out teleport to the front or teleport in same place to continue shenanigans from range

right here is crucial for them. they’re like omg WTF is he gonna do…here is your chance. ppl love to instinct when they see this coming btw…a good bait hehehehe

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Alright I’ll keep these in mind. I start this setup the same way for a while and usually either neutral jump after the teleport if they’re going to grab or go into overhead/light laser mixup.

ill jump after wallsplats

Nah. Its simpler than that. No glitches, just a short juggle combo.

@R1stormrider the death chain is vulnerable when you use the projectile. But you dont need that anymore. He can pressure without pip cancels due to lasers not pushing back as far. St. LK light laser is an indefinite frame trap that cant be shadow countered except by TJ and Thunder. Until the medium laser always being breakable is fixed, its not worth using. You can be thrown before the projectile comes out. If someone cant deal with it sure, but thats its weakness.


If they ever resolve the issue of my save Data being deleted by the patch Ill play but Im on hiatus until they fix it or offer a resolution that doesnt involve start over from nothing. Lost 16 level 50s, 43,000 overall matches played, everything. Been a pretty crappy Season 3 launch for me. The plague that was the PC release of Batman seems to have not dicipated entirely.

Sounds awesome, Imma give it a shot!

■■■■ that sucks. I’ve had issues like that back in season3, Though all things considered now it’s been alot worse for you I take it. Hope you get the save data back soon dude.

I will also tell everyone, even though St Hk is wall splat now, it still causes a hard knockdown on blowout and juggle so, all of his St Hk setups are still there except the neutral pushback which had its uses but not many.

Yeah that’s basically what I expected to.

I’ve been on the receiving end of this. What’s the escape? Is there a way out?

As Tusk, the lasers prevent me from getting any deflect opportunities, and I’ve been unsuccessful at Shadow Countering it.

Vicious pressure, first time I saw it I was overwhelmed easily.

It may just have to do with the timing issues. I do think Tusk’s deflects are kinda too brief to really get timing down properly. Though I think shadow countering is easy when you practice against it enough in the lab.

So it can be Shadow Countered? Okay, that’s all I needed, thanks.

with Fulgore’s H-laser there’s always a small start up before the intial laser is fired. If you can find the right place where to to shadow counter you should be able to pull it off.

But H-Laser isn’t used in this pressure, it’s L-Laser.

Specials are pip cancelable. So what isn’t pip cancelable? That’s what you shadow counter.

Also some good news, might be getting my character levels back too! Mid next week I’ll know for sure.

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Specials are pip cancelable, and normals are special cancelable.
Wut do?

well you can also defend and hit him on recovery. Though this may steer off topic. You should probably ask for advice in this MU with the character thread specifically to your main.

This topic is about new thing we’ve been able to do as Fulgore.