New Fulgore combos and stuff

Based on my earlier reply, I suggest you lab it. You can shadow counter all of the normals in the death loop. I’ve played Fulgore for a long time, I know the ways out. Fulgore has good pressure strings, but they are not block strings. Reversals always work, and shadow counters in the right spot always work.

Have any of you guys found a use for the fact that Back HP now ground bounces? Been trying to figure out how I can use this and I’m assuming sweep and destroy is the only real time to do so.

I’ve been practicing the “chain of death” you listed and the hardest part right now is just breaking old habits and going for this instead of really unsafe stuff. The mixup advice you gave those was dope and has been helping.

TRY: ----- Target Combo > LP laser > Bck HP ‘ground bounce’ > LP laser > LK > LP laser > DP ( this can be shadow plasma or shadow DP and what ever else you can mustard up ) – enjoy!


Thanks for the reply, I’ll try this out when I’m home tonight. Do you think the timing on the Bck HP is tough? Is there any reason to use LP over MP laser?

The Bk HP timing window is really small so you gotta do it right after the laser, it doesnt matter on laser strength, im sure MP laser will work - maybe even better since it pobly juggles higher

Nice, I’ll fiddle around with it then. Maybe just spend a night doing it over and over until I get the timing right.

Check this out:
This guy really workin the robot right!


I believe the lp Lazer bounces higher, I gotta try it again to confirm.

@TheAuxKing glad I was of assistance, even if some of that chain is punishable, it has its other uses. Like training up your execution, familiarize yourself with manual timing, and build your confidence that you can pull more advanced tech.

I have more juggles to share but I need to get in the game again. I have one that sets you up to teleport cancel into, tosses opponent to opposite end and gives you a mix up opportunity at max range.
The link nine just posted also has one too

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Fun fact. At slightly less than full screen,you can chain combo by doing a heavy laser pip cancel heavy fireball and loop until KV is almost full. You can then cyber dash into ender for a one chance break combo.

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Any luck coming up with some new robot tekk?

Helping run a huge event this weekend so I haven’t been able to lab but I got games in yesterday locally and was incorporating sweep and destroy a lot more. I landed it a couple of times with a cashout and it was satisfying. I was curious though if it’s possible to punish someone who jumps on wake up with Bck HP. I know I can definitely hit someone with it when they are on the way down but is it possible to do so at all on the way up?

If you don’t mind, I’d like to add you (or anyone else who would like to play) on live and get some matches in so I can get some practice against real Fulgore players. I’ve been playing Fulgore forever but I’m only now seriously getting into the game.

Sure thing man, add me and send an invite if you see me online…
As far as catching someone on the way up with BkHP I havent seen it or done it so it would be a great question for Keits

Oh yeah I have a ton of uses for it. Infact I used it to make some awesome juggles. I usually use it from the laser ender.

I’ll try but I don’t think it launches high enough to do that. worth a shot though.

Theres no reason to use it in combo. He has better juggle normals. Use things less telegraphed. Basically the ground bounce is only good to catch a jumper on wakeup. It can be used in juggle but, think of Shadow Jago kick. Its super easy to see. Fulgore juggling isnt the greatest either. Potential is small, its only good for a short reset into a cash out. His ground control game is way better than wasting meter and spin speed on juggles. Everything juggle related costs you spin speed. Some of Fulgores normals dont juggle well either so he is limited to close LK, LP, MP and HP or Far MK or HP. HK isnt confirmable unless you shadow dp but it doesnt always catch, he has no heavy laser juggle so its 50/50 break, unless you use plasma or blade dash but neither allow a reliable followup that isnt shadow. Youll find a few juggles sure, but dont focus on it. They are things he just isnt designed to optimize. Learn his vortex and play his neutral dominance. His best gameplay is keeping your opponent grounded and controlled. Not juggling them.


got to play finally for a day, heavy lazer still continues to make me happy with fireball punishes. players who were reliant on using fireballs to control spacing or keep me blocking were finding themselves being staggered instead > combo’d.

been using sweep and destroy into some juggles but i am still dropping them. when i land one and juggle with axis though, it makes for some awesome counter breaker bait.

also been noticing that some players are still not used to the new MP lazer, ive been catching them with it for whiff punishes into combo. a good neutral game definitely helps with fulgore.

if anyone is looking to improve on that department, i suggest you all hit the lab and find the absolute max range for your normals and get accustomed to them. this will help build your confidence knowing your ranges so when the opponent steps into them, you can respond accordingly and get some damage in. cant count the number of times ive landed a foot sweep at the very edge of its range allowing me some breathing room or tapping them at max range with st.FP interrupting their train of thought.


Sweep/Destroy > LP laser > Bck HP ‘ground bounce’ > Counter Breaker
This is a really good CB spot, opponents tend to want to break right at that BckHP opening them up for a great deal of damage

It is good breaker bait but people that know the matchup know Fulgores juggles are minimal. 4-5 hits without meter and low cash out potential without resets. Off anti airs, sure juggle away for a reset cash out all good things. But the juggle itself off an ender is predictable and I wouldnt try to break Fulgores juggles. Any benefit of breaking it barely beats out the effect of being counter breakered. But itll work for a while, there are not enough Fulgores to condition people to new tech.

Not yet there isn’t but there will be in time once other folks come around to it.

Either way the killer robot is still fun as all hell to play!

Lots of people try but they stop and play Jago or lower execution characters. Which Ill say I will use to my advantage. The less people that can stop me, the more matches I can win :smile: Just waiting for Nicky NS to take his first tourney. He keeps placing well and what I saw from Pro League, he will be taking one if not many soon. This year has a new Nicky and he is going to be a beast.


I have evolved and developed my own tech for Fulgore a lot recently too. Fulgore is the type of character who you must devote to to get really good with. So much so that I managed to get 3rd at KIBR and managed to beat Shin Paulo at 8BB :thumbsup:. Besides Sullen, your tech has helped my game immensely, so thanks!

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