New Customes please!

Can we please get some new customes for purchase? Skins are okay, but I’d rather spend money on new customes. This games been around 4 years, I love it but am getting tired of the same old outfits. Please make customes, I’m sure everyone would buy them


You mean “costumes”?


Yes, that’s what i mean

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making a brand new character model is awfully expensive. I wouldn’t imagine we get anything new anytime soon.

Good luck

In all fairness we aren’t asking for them for free. Street fighter, MK etc don’t release these costumes at a loss. i don’t expect KI to not make a profit from them.

Yeah I’d love to see them sell some costume packs. Without getting in to what I’d like to see in those packs versus what I wouldn’t, I’d have to think that they could create them and sell them for a profit, but I’m not sure about the economics and wouldn’t claim otherwise.

As a fan though, who has been waving my wad of cash at this game since it was first announced, Futurama style, I know that I’d gladly fork over some more dough if it meant getting some cool (hopefully canon / story relevant / character relevant / damnit I said I wouldn’t do this lol) new looks for each character. The more, the better!

I like the skins, especially the nod back to the old days with the gold ones, but while more color options are always appreciated, now costumes, especially if their on a similar quality level of the recent Thunder outfit, would be AMAZING.

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I don’t think anyone disagrees with this. More costumes (especially culturally themed ones like Legend of Thunder or Eagle’s Retro) for different characters would be awesome! Would love to see me a proper Viking or Celtic set for Tusk, or more authentic monk attire for Jago.

However, if we want really good stuff, that will take time and money (at least if it’s anything worth while). If we do get new full costumes, it will be a while before we see it. The dev team is probably busy with making sure patches and other content (like Ultimates and Gold skins) come out as planned.

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I’d pay money for that given it’s not anymore than $5 a pop.

Hell, I think I’ve given up trying to get a pink Jago costume.

That would be awesome! A muay thai fighter garb for Sadira, a spy outfit or revolutionary / military garb for Orchid, I’m sure they could come up with a ton of cool ideas.

That’s my guess as well and I’m okay with that, obviously. I’d just like to see them happen at some point.

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I’ve heard the game are coming to steam. That’s all you can expect implementing skins on characters aka mods. If it allow mods you’re good to go.
I would ask @IronGalaxy @developers to allow us using mods on xbox one just like what happens with skyrim. It’s just too fun playing with the mods. Upload your mods to the cloud (onedrive) and them download and use it on your character.

Isn’t it also possible for Iron Galaxy to utilize the Steam Workshop program for some fan influence in what costumes could be added officially?

yeah great ideas. However im concerned xbox users will be left behind with mods. Depending of your region pcs are too expensive. Im a console gamer. I have grown playing on consoles and woudn’t like change my way of playing just for using mods : (

It’s shockingly disappointing that this doesn’t happen. It’s just been poor planning in their part. I have a hard time believing that the player base for Dead or Alive is bigger than KI and they make and sell hundreds of costumes. They just clearly didn’t accommodate for this in the budgeting and haven’t been able to go back and reconsider it. My guess is the constant complaining about the retro outfits didn’t help them either. We get one set of costumes - people act like they are the worst thing ever and then are surprised that we don’t get more.

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I think a lot of this problem is due to them…how to put this…the impression a lot of people were given was that they were supposed to be 1-1 recreations of their KI 1 &/or 2 designs, and so when the designs deviated from that people got ■■■■■ about it. Maybe perhaps if they simply called them alternate costumes instead of retros and got the word out a lot better and earlier that some would be inspired by their original designs but that they had no intention of making them 1-1 recreations of them and some would be entirely different they would have flown over better. I dunno, hindsight’s 20/20, you know.

Not to mention that a good sum of those Retros have flaws allbeit some small in comparison to others that really soured things for me that they straight up refuse to fix.

  • Jago’s sword clipping into his back
  • Sabrewulf’s bug eyes
  • Fulgore’s chunkiness
  • Orchid’s hair texture.
  • Thunder (although there’s a ‘good’ reason for it even if good is subjective to some)

There’s more but I’ll stop it there.

Probably a good idea. It’s a topic that has been done to death, and IMHO it’d be best not to keep on piling on. :wink:


I understand what you are saying, and they definitely played them up. But it’s really hard for me to imagine getting closer depictions of the retros. Lots of them are great. Glacius’s is stupid good and people complain about his neck. There’s something about the Internet that brings out the “perfect or its trash” crowd.

Edit: when I read @WonderRed101’s list these all look trivial to me. Clipping? Seriously? You see this for one second on his intro pose and never again in the fight. These are just nitpicks


I gotta agree 200% there. I never use his new design, because his retro is so awesome.

I know, I know.
It’s trivial but a lot of trivial things can pile on for me.

I’m sorry if I went out of line with my bullet points but I just can’t change my ‘view’ of what I wanted the reboot of KI to be. I was hoping for this Triple A comeback to my favorite fighter and got a budget title. Still, it’s the first thing I saw when I got the retro costume upon its release two years or so ago. It was kind of embarrassing (for me) when a pal of mine saw it and laughed when I hyped of the game.

Oh well. I won’t bring it up again unless prompted to in a conversation about it.

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