New Customes please!

Sorry man, I didn’t mean it as a criticism of you. In the context of our discussion here it was perfectly appropriate.


We have shirtless Wulf and Wulf, how bout fully dressed Wulf.

Rash could be smoothed out, with the camo like blotches.

This sounds just like the skin thread. A bunch of people saying they wanted skins, and would play money for them. We get skins, then it is “those skins are crap, they are lazy, and I am note paying money for those”. Making costumes is a waste of time. The first thing people will do is say same thing I listed above. People need to stop building things up in their heads. Players build ideas up in their heads for months, then get nasty when they don’t turn out the way they feel they should.

It is funny to see all these take my money posts replaced with I am not buying that posts as soon as something new comes out.

I guess it depends on the person. So far I’ve gone all-in on everything save for Spinal’s color 10 (which isn’t available , grrrr :rage: ). I just like options. :grin:

The gold skins would be more impressive to me if buying them just unlocked them. Like you still had to do something in the game to get them. Like the Astal Stage. It impresses me that so few people won’t even take the time unlock something in the game. I don’t want to be a “Wallet Warrior”, so I am not going to buy the skins. I spent more money on this game than I ever have on any other “120” so I feel fine by not supporting the gold/terror colors. In case you are wondering, no I have not bought a single skin in Injustice 2 either. Just like this one. The ones I own game with the version of the game I got.