New Character , yes. Recicling a lot , yes

Sorry for the words that are not properly writed , english is not my first language.

Eagle is a really good and cool Concept. I hope his game play to be very cool , and different from the rest of the cast. But In this trailer i can i see that is obvious that the resources are running out. Just in the Trailer , wich is really cool by the way. I saw on eagle

Sabrewolf stance .

Fulgore forward+HP, Standing close HK , mediun and high kick autodoubles.

Shago Slide kick

Jago crouching LP

Sadiras air double kick.

I can imagine the reasons for this , but knowing that in season 2 we get a new character every MONTH, it is kind of confusing . I hope/want/wish This game to have a brigth future were it gets the resources to be as big as it can. Also Thank you IG for doing the best you can , with the resources and direction MS has taken on this game.

I think you are wrong… they have already stated Eagle is a brand new character built from the ground up. No reused assets. IM not sure how you came to this conclusion based off a trailer and not playing the character fro yourself.

@BlitzedKraig Right Kraig?

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Well in the trailer I did see Eagle use the same forward HP command normal as Fulgore.

A couple of these I can kind of see, but I think you’re off.

Sabrewulf is a monster character who’s stance is a little more active than others, vs. Eagle, who is leaning forward in his stance. Is it similar, sure, but unless you see Eagle doing some twitches and drooling from this mouth, I don’t think they’re the same.

You know, I could say that Jago or Thunder share the exact same look of their standing mk or Fulgore and Gargos version of the same move that look the same doesn’t mean they are. Axis slash does appear to be there.

Sure, you can make a justification that they’re similar because Eagle’s brain was probed from Fulgore, which is why they look the same.

Eagle’s low forward (mk) isn’t like Fulgore’s version.

Eh, I can see where you can derive this from.

Then wouldn’t Jago’s and Sadira’s also be the same, considering they also move in similar fashion? I think this is off.

Again, disagree. Her’s is immediate where as you see the pull back in the animation on Eagle.

I’d be curious to see if any reused assets from Fulgore were for lore purposes, but honestly, I didn’t see much in the way of recycled animations. Maybe that’s just me though, I could certainly be wrong.

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Its funny when in games like Tekken most of the chars share basic attacks like d4, hopknee, etc. since 1994 and its ok, but when in KI one char has similar normal to other char its end of the world.


In the end there’s only so many different ways you can punch or kick someone. :confused:


I think this is a bit much as he’s just commenting and isn’t treating it as bad as you’re thinking.

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Thanks for you reply.

I will try to make a video , image comparation side by side or gif to show this better, i dont know to do it , but i will try . I will support the game buying him , but i though this character could be completly new.

Im not saying is a bad thing , for me it is ok , i was waiting for a completly new character , and IMO this one is not completly new , IMO this is similar to what they do with Omen.

this right here guys…I mean how many fighters in real life do each move totally different than the rest?
Its not that big of a deal.


I watched in slow motion and compared the sprites. They are the same or too similar. Dont get me wrong i like the character , but i was specting something completly new. I will buy it for sure.

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The Fulgore ones are definitely there but i guess you can justify that with lore reasons. But the others are more just similar than reused imo. You can tell when something is the same animation without any doubt, those moves are similar but definitely not the same animations.

Injustice 2 has a gigantic budget and reused approximately a squizilliin animations from both Injustice 1 and MK. My favorite being Flash having a variant of Baraka’s scissor blade move (wtf?). As has been noted Tekken has used the same animations in every game since 1996. I think people notice in KI because we have weeks to anticipate a single character and study all the video etc. but in the end this is a big “so what?” For years Ken and Ryu were identical characters with swapped heads. MK ninjas… enough said


It’s a full new character. Correct


That’s the thing with increasing character numbers you begin to see similar normals, for example crouching medium kick, although the hitboxes aren’t exactly the same the animation is. A few characters have the same looking ones.

I think you’re mistaken.

Just because a stance or animation is similar it doesn’t mean its a reused asset. For instance Orchid and Shago both have slides, that doesn’t mean they’re the exact same as there are only so many ways to animate a slide. Eagle having a jumping double kick doesn’t mean its the same double kick Sadira has, see what I mean? Not every character with a projectile uses the same animation despite the actions being nearly identical.

As far as the Fulgore/Eagle thing, that’s because they were trying to make them slightly reminiscent for story reasons. Eagle’s mind was used to create Fulgore’s programming, so as a nod to that he shares a few similar traits. That doesn’t mean they’re exact copies or that Eagle is a remix, its just to show that they share the same “warrior spirit” as it were.

Now I’m not an analyst, maybe he does share some animations… but I’m not personally seeing it.

Well, maybe not an absolute exact reused asset, but very similar movements to question the creativity of a cr mk. Take a quick look at fulgore, maya, mira, cinder, gargos, eyedol and to a very less extent raam and kilgore, and tell me they couldn’t have done better, I mean, it doesn’t always have to be a kick.


… I’m trying to think of a response to this that isn’t just an angry rant filled with name calling. I’m having a hard time. This statement calls into question your understanding of what a reused asset is. And the idea that similar moves are questionable choices because of creativity is just astounding. Please sit down at a desk or table and draw 29 cr. MKs. These have to be radically different from each other and also readily distinguishable from light or heavy crouching kicks. Let’s see what you come up with.

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I can honestly say we do not need anymore Sliding or Upper Cuts in this game. lol

Eagle definitely slid in that Trailer, maybe it’s just an ender and not a standalone attack. Thats Orchid, Tusk, Spinal, Omen, Shago, and Mira who slide along the ground. Mira can easily do her’s while levitating at the opponents chest level and it would not only be more vampiric but it wont alter it’s function since they hit mid, and it’ll differentiate it more from other slides.

Eagle idk if he Slides as a standalone move but I actually hope he’s not the 7th slider in the game.

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