New Character , yes. Recicling a lot , yes

Given enough time, I could come up with more ways for the chars I mentioned to have a different animation for the cr. mk. button, and no I wouldn’t have to do 29 because they aren’t all similar.

Let’s not forget that each cr.MK has to fit in properly with the character’s moveset/tools. No matter how creative you may get the move still has to fit into the character’s moveset/tools. There’s all sorts of little nuances that have to be considered for every move a character has beyond what the move looks like, such as the frame data and hitbox of the move.

I’d like to highlight the fact that you said, “Given enough time” because you might have all the time you want to make a unique cr.MK for every character, but the devs don’t. The devs can’t exactly waste time coming up with and making a unique animation for every normal in a character’s moveset, they’re working on a schedule.

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They’re called kick buttons for a reason. The only times its not a kick is when it would be awkward for that character to throw kicks.

This is not true, gargos wouldn’t have a hard time finding a new animation for his sweep, instead he uses his wing which is nice, the same could have been done with his medium button with less range and quicker just as an example.