Nerf in Jago please

nerf in Jago, please

Another thing, What do you think guys, we start to flood the twitter of KI, asking about the KI’s future???
They need to tell us, new KI or Season 4… We dont have any kind of news about the game, it is sad for us, for the fans

Jago’s ultra doesn’t need a nerf, it works pretty much the same as all the other ultras in the game.


It is about the character in general, it isnt about the “ultra”

The character is very much fine. Right outside top 10 no nerf needed

What about him needs to be nerfed? not bagging on you, i’m curious

Jago has gone through a bunch of important nerfs over S3 and it’s time to leave him alone.

Aw, the OP edited his post so now my joke doesn’t make sense.

Okay, okay, I guess I’ll give a short, serious answer: I think Jago is overrated if anything. Since the wind kick/overhead/damage ender nerf and a stronger focus on hit-and-run characters in S3, where Jago has always struggled even at his best, I think he is well outside of the top tier now. He has strengths of course, but would be among the last characters I would consider nerfing.

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I disagree that Jago is not one of the best characters. He has an standing overhead, decent normals, invincible DP, decent damage and a very good instinct. I really envy his standing overhead, imagine my baby Omen with an standing overhead, what a dream. IMO he’s top 10 for sure. Even so IMO I don’t think he needs to be nerfed to be honest, but I really think Jago is very good.

Imagine Jago with an airdash :open_mouth:

But seriously, while I still put Jago in the Top 10 of the cast, I don’t think he deserved the nerds he got - let alone hitting with additional ones at this point.

And no, we should not spam the KI Twitter to ask about S4 or a new KI. That’s just annoying behavior.


OP did not post anything substantial to back up his request.

Personally, Jago was a challenge few patches before, but now I have zero problems fighting him. It kinda saddens me.

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Everytime someone ask for a nerf/buff, OP should back it up with the reasons he believes this needs to happen, AND not analysing the character’s strengths/weaknesses in a vacuum, but in the bigpicture that is the full game

Otherwise,OP just wants a nerf because he may struggle against that character, which is no real reason to demand changes

IMO the game balance is in a pretty good spot, and Jago doesn’t need any change

That would be sick :laughing: I know it’s not possible that Omen can have a standing overhead, Omen would be ridiscouly strong.

Lol but it’s those nerds that helped shape who he is now, a few more shouldn’t hurt kappa

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Agreed… I think Jago’s DP should HEAL you and his Ultra should be a hug and let you win the match… Yeah that’s fair and balanced.

Also because Jago keeps getting NERDS, I think it should be represented in his appearance. I want him to evolve to appear more like Steve Urkel.


Nahhh, Jago shouldn’t get any more nerfs. Not at all

Other characters on the other hand… :thinking:
They could use some adjustments.

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Protip -

Doing this:

almost never, ever works. When we have information to share, we share it. Spamming the twitter account isn’t going to do anything. We know y’all want a new game or season or anything. We are well aware. Flooding the twitter account is just going to make it hard for me to respond to actual tweets rather than spam ones.


Okay, OP… But what needs to be nerfed, and just as importantly… Why would the specific nerfs you want be necessary?

As someone who used to main Jago I actually feel he has received enough nerfs, and I say this as someone who never used Wind Kick that much to begin with (if I recall people didn’t like the fact Wind Kick was nerfed because it made it way harder to close in on zoners, among other reasons). Jago is designed to be a jack-of-all-trades character, and any further nerfs may not only ruin that balance he has but also make him the potentially worst character, as everyone else got more answers to his playstyle at this point in KI’s lifetime.

Also as others have said, you didn’t specify what exactly you wanted nerfed. People can’t properly help you if you don’t tell them what the exact problem is to begin with.

You can go to the Jago or even Dojo category to ask help in how to deal with what is giving you trouble. It’s better to give it a shot before just asking for an overall nerf, and you may find a way around that match up. Sometimes a simple tip can make a huge difference. Still, learning Match ups, depends on many factors. And of course,there are bad match ups too u.u