Nerf in Jago please

Instead of asking for Jago nerfs, try seeing how strong Jago can be …

a lot of EXCELLENT jago play … watch and learn


It is difficult to answer exactly where… I won sometimes matchs using him, that I know I couldnt do the same using other character. Maybe the Wind Kick is so strong in general it is too safe. People pick too much Jago, maybe a nerf can desistimulate it. Looks like that the jago is a character that you dont need too much abilitiy to play, maybe he could be harder to play, it can happens by a nerf or by changes in some mechanics of the character in general. Jago is really strong in my opinion, everything is good and everything is easy to do. But I’m not here to change your opinions guys, for this reason I didnt answer before, and I was thinking that people was thinking the same of me. Jago can be more interesting if he become a little harder to play

About the twitter, yeah… it isnt cool, but I would like too much to know about the future of KI. Every single fighting game We know about the future, but KI We dont know nothing.

You won a match by taking the opponents health away…that’s how you won with him…Jago has some of the least amount of dirt compared to the rest of the cast. He’s actually one of the more honest characters, only thing keeping him from being truly honest is few of his frame traps and health regeneration.

Wind Kick is not safe. Any strength over light can be punished. A light wind kick can be folllowed up with a DP to make it safe but it still has risk. You can also expect a lot of people choosing Jago since he is sort of a beginning character. He’s easier to understand then most. Personally I only see an average amount of Jago, there are other characters that are picked a lot more.

Jago is simple to understand, but hard to dominate others. Jago has nothing to surprise the opponent with other then a reacteable overhead. So, it actually takes much game knowledge to overcome the quirks of the opposing character. Having a fundamental understanding of the game and of your characters capabilities is skill in my opinion. His frame traps are also not uncounterable as they can be shadow countered.

From what I said above, Jago seems like a strong character but can struggle to keep up with the crazy antics of other characters. If you have trouble dealing with this character, you are probably missing fundamental pillars in your gameplay. This can be being able to anti-air, shadow counter and learning to break (cause he hits pretty strong). Jago also struggles against strong zoning.

TBH I never thought someone wanted Jago to be nerfed. I could understand some other complaints but Jago nerfs seemed surprising to me.


Oh look another thread asking for nerfs. :roll_eyes:

Jago does not to be nerfed, Jesus Christ. He’s already been ■■■■■■■ nerfed into oblivion along with 80% of the roster now anyway.

Season 1 characters are shells of their former selves at this point. The worst thing to happen to KI is all these scrubs constantly begging for nerfs instead of learning the to play the ■■■■■■■ game.

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Doesn’t make them bad characters tho if that’s what your saying. :confused: They are pretty strong characters nonetheless. But yea, people should rather be asking how to deal with characters they struggle with rather then having them nerfed to a level where they feel comfortable with.


Because you cannot play your character right doesn’t mean that other people’s characters should be nerfed. Jago was already nerfed. I think this is a reason why I don’t like playing this game that much anymore. It’s gotten stale. Paying over a hundred bucks with repeat stages and people thinking of every small detail to change when it’s just a fighting game. Why don’t you practice playing the game instead.