My Killer Instinct Want List

Just some things I want in the game, in a neat list for the developers and other players to see. Feel free to add your own.

  1. Completed Arcade mode. Most of the characters I actually play as aren’t even available for Arcade Mode. Can we get this game mode finished up please?

  2. Honest to goodness Killer Instinct 2 costume set for characters that were in KI2. I want Sabrewulf’s cybernetic arms, Maya’s jungle girl outfit with the mid-length non braided hair, Orchid’s thong back bodysuit with the billy club weapons, Kim Wu’s actual KI2 outfit (the retor we have is similar, but isn’t the actual KI2 outfit). I would gladly pay money for this pack if it were added and done right.

  3. More Battletoad characters (Dark Queen anyone?).

  4. More customization parts. I really like this addition to the game, and like the ability to mix and match. Not many fighting games do stuff like this (Soul Calibur and Tekken come to mind), and I really enjoy this feature.

Classic special moves. Unless I’m missing something, some of the special moves from the classic games seem to be missing (for example, I haven’t seen Sabrewulf’s sabre spin of flip kick moves in this game yet). Also haven’t seen Orchid’s fire cat attack. Are these actually in the game, or are they really missing? If it turns out they are indeed missing, they need to be added in.

Feel free to add your own wish lists, and let’s hope that the developers take a look.

The fire cat is there but that’s it. I miss Saberwulf’s ground pound and bat launch howl from the N64 version.

Sabrewulf’s flip kick technically exists in KI S3, but its his Ultra Ender.


i definitely wil pay for this too!

This plus it means more balancing to add special moves. So I don’t think this is nessecary. Just cause it’s a classic doesn’t mean it should be put in. It’s a classic move sure but I don’t think it’s that useful unless you’re willing to trade Eclipse for it as an anti-air.

Much as I’d like to see them go back to the costume touch ups I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen the reasons behind honestly are debtatable.

Also if we have to have another guest I’d rather it not be yet anohter battletoad character. I personally would rather the dark queen just be a skin for Orchid or something. The others already make a cameo color apperance for Rash as colors.

Otherwise I’m certainly with you on more customization and colors : D

If there were something I’d legitimately like in KI, it is a GODDAMN GENERAL RAAM STAGE ALREADY


While I agree 100% that a move doesn’t have to be in the game just because it was in the old game, I personally think that his flip kick would look cooler than his current “scratch the sky” eclipse move, which I find kinda bland.

Then again, I’d also like to see them add a few more options to run so that it’s a bit more in line with the number of options on TJ’s power line, so if we’re talking about things we want, that would be near the top of the list for me. Wulf’s a well balanced character and I know that there are people out there that enjoy using him, but I wish he had more fun stuff in his arsenal.

As for other stuff I’d like to see:

Another fun move or two for Sadira would be nice as well. Perhaps another ender? Maybe she could get some variation of her ultra ender kick as a move? :slight_smile:

I think an arcade mode would be nice.

I’d also like a tournament mode where you can fight through a bracket and earn or wager XP, SP and/or KI Gold either offline or online against people.

Speaking of tournament mode, I’d love it if there was an actual tournament that could be unlocked as a multi-mission story in Shadow Lords, and you switch between several characters while dossiers and cut scenes tell you what’s happening.

More outfits! I feel like we probably have enough colors, but having more outfit options for characters would be cool.

I’d also like a grappler character that has multipart throws / joint locks / MMA style grounded strikes as combo openers, autos, linkers, enders, etc. I think that could look cool and be pretty fun if done right.

It’d be pretty awesome if they could scrap the pre-match “Fight On” screen and have something a bit darker and more stylish, like a dark screen, with two videos side by side showing each character looking cool, like in the old KI, but modernized and taken to the next level. Instead of just showing characters doing a kick or whatever, have something like a camera following a missile in to Orchid’s level, then changing perspective to her at her computer station. Stuff like that. Then have a large, glowing red Vs logo appear between the two videos once they freeze on the character’s faces.

Also, have something to do reward players with that get their characters to level 50 beyond the last outfit piece. I’m not sure what it would be, but maybe put a line along the bottom of the player icon that’s a martial arts belt, and let people unlock belts based on how many minutes or hours or achievements or whatever they get beyond level 50? Some sort of status symbol that shows you’ve put some time in.

All I want is for the game to have a bigger budget

that is all


Interesting stuff so far. Thanks for posting and sharing opinions folks.


Would also LOVE for Omen or Shago to have their own stage (one gets S. Tiger’s Lair, the other gets the extra stage)…
Now to deal with a troll. Fun times -_-


Mutant Rabbit
Killer Doll
Scavenger Drone
Giant Chicken
Juggalo Bounty Hunter
Suit agent
Hindi Minotaur
Plant Monster
Giant Dismembered Sentient Hand
Alien Conspiracist

With the exception of the plant monster and the Minotaur this list makes no sense. Also as a nurse, not sure if I should be flattered or offended.

Horror Scifi tropes

Rabbits are standard in many testing labs

There’s many urban myths and horror movies about dolls.

I’m pretty sure Aria have drones

HG Wells: Food of the Gods. Aria trying to save humanity, it’s not far fetched for agriculture to be part of the plan.(humans gotta eat)

Juggalos are a thing (just a vehicle for the clown aesthetic)

Agent is an obvious one, 007 pretty iconic. Spies belong in KI

Barbarella is a scifi classic

Familiars are similar to what guardians are in KI…

The hand is a horror trope but the size is for functionality sake. The last piece of a titanic proto golem?

Street Sharks is Jawsome!

Lots of crazy people are obsessed with Aliens, they’d make an interesting sidekick to Glacius

Nurse thing is horror trope too. It initially came to me, through Sabrewulf. I didn’t buy Sabes operating on himself, so I thought he needed an associate. I thought Nurse would more appealing than an “Igor” type.

Ok I can accept those arguments. Just one thing using the nurse as a more attractive option only works if it’s a female nurse. I’m a nurse, but I’m also a dude.

Yeah the old school womens uniform has more of a gothic vibe to it.

Uniforms are pretty meh in the men’s department, but I’d say that’s pretty universal in most cases.

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The only things I would put on a wishlist would be for all the characters who do not have a stage yet get one, even if it’s a rearranged/different time of day version of an existing stage like Third Strike, and all the characters who do not have an Ultimate yet get one in the future. Honestly, I’m happy with what the Dev’s have given us already, I just wish the characters got a fair treatment across the board with a Finisher and a Stage. Here’s hoping IG gets more in their next budget, or at least enough to do what they want to without trying to scrap funds like Season 3.

Oh yeah, I guess some folks would like Shadow Jago to have at least one set of accessories and for him, Omen and the Remix characters to have a retro costume. It’s not particularly high on my list, but I’ve seen it mentioned a lot from others and I wouldn’t mind seeing it myself.


My wish is a graphical reboot to bring it inline with Injustice 2 and Tekken 7. Keep same mechanics and skeleton, but spit shine the surface.


I have one thing in mind… THE MISSING STAGES FOR RASH, MIRA, GENERAL RAAM, EYEDOL, KILLGORE, SHIN HISAKO and whoever this new character is! (What makes Arbiter so special that he’s the only guest character to get his own stage?)

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Flagship privilege pretty much.

It’s because Halo is way bigger than any of those characters.