My Killer Instinct Want List

I don’t know I thought gears of war was a solid contender.

Gears of War is big, but not as big as Halo. Halo is pretty much the flagship franchise of Xbox. Would it be ideal if more stages existed? Yup. It isn’t ideal though so they went with Arbiter.

Yeah, I’d agree with that. I just thought gears was arm and arm with halo in the FPS genre. But now they have Doom to contend with. Doom guy confirmed with stage guys, yeah!!! Lol

Something that keeps getting brought up that I might bring to your attention: these characters are not “missing” stages. Yes the other characters came with stages, but these guys didn’t. That’s kinda like saying an action figure that is sold as the figure only is missing its accessories.

Yes I’m all for each & every one of these guys getting their own unique stages, but as is they aren’t missing. If they had made the stages, and then cut them, yes they would be missing, but they decided early on in season 3 that they weren’t going to make stages for these guys, so yeah, “missing” is a misnomer.

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