Most annoying and irritating game characters

I love those guys and their voices. XD

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I hate the Banjo Kazooie gibberish, I hate how it cycles over and over again. However that’s the game not the characters.

Wish they offered an option to turn it off…

They do. It’s called mute. XD

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I second the Tingle vote. The dude was also a price gouging SOB… :unamused:

Fifa’s referee and the game physics, also known as the “WTF HE SHOOTS FROM HIS HOUSE AND SCORES AND I SHOOT 40 TIMES AND HIS GOALKEEPER IS JESUS CRIST!” Syndrome

I think he stands for everything I havent liked about the newer Zelda’s…

The first few were more serious games (till ocarina of time) then they started adding these kind of characters…

I’m 100% Pro Evolution Soccer…Fifa never felt right…

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I was 100% pes until 2007, when they start ■■■■■■■ it.

I even won a ps2 in a pes 2005 tournament (quite an achievement for the date xD)

Well, since the 2016 they are back on top again as far as I’m concerned (reviews back this up though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) however I always felt the grass looked better on Fifa (still does, lol).

What soccer team are you supporting?

Real Oviedo and Real Madrid (in that order). And you?

Ajax, and Barcelona :wink:

You know, I’ve been thinking. As much as people like to dump on Ashlee from Resident Evil 4…
At least she knows how to ■■■■■■■ duck.
Seriously, it hurts to give praise to her, but holy hell having someone you need to escort who really loves to suck on your shotgun or go running into danger is just awful.
Ashlee at least tries to stay close behind you, at least TRIES to duck out of the way of your gun, and if worse comes to worse you can stick her in a box and forget about her while you go clear out some baddies, then pick her up.
Does that make her a good AI companion? Not really. But god damn it’s hard to believe that I’ve played games that do it WORSE.

Prime examples of this cardinal sin are in Goldeneye, Fallout 3 (I love you Dogmeat but god damnit no is not the time to go base jumping), Anna, and the Total Recall game (or rather, any game where you’re given cart blanch to unleash the military might of the USA but the moment a civilian gets their knee scraped you’re put on trial for treason).

People seem to have bad experiences with AI partners…Hmmmm maybe I have a gift…

I’ve seen much agreement that useless A.I. “companions” (read: impediments) are annoying, but I haven’t seen Claire Redfield from RE:DC mentioned. If I didn’t not play that series cuz I’m a freaking wuss, then she would be the reason I don’t play RE. Seriously, fxxk you, Claire.

That is all.

Aside from Pyrra who singlehandedly wanted me to pull away from the Soul Calibar series and one of the reasons SC5 is one of my least favroite of said series.

The Marines from Halo. I’d kill them dead before I even let them get in the driver or gunner seat. If my freind isn’t the driver or gunner it’s gonna suck. But that’s the A.I’s fault. Hell I’d sooner shoot them than I would the enemy elites, but that may be partial bias on my part : P

Other annoying characters:
Nearly all the MK cast from MK:Deadly Alliance and Deception,

Also fighting giant red ants on any difficulty higher than normal on EDF 4.1 is a ■■■■■■■ NIGHTMARE!

■■■■■■ A.I Escorts. I’m talking to you Captain Keys…otherwise I think you’re a neat character.

Ok. Boss Gargos just made it top top 5 of my most irritating character list.

Killing the Marines is a bad idea for vehicle battles. They ALWAYS have pitch-perfect aim and are a lot more effective than a human being controlling the turret.

Princess Elise from Sonic '06 is just plain awful, really. Terrible character, no development, useless, gets kidnapped 5 freaking times, and THAT scene.

None shall speak of that!


Princess Elise kiss Sonic…

I’m sorry. NOT SORRY!