Most annoying and irritating game characters

Oops, yep. And whoops, sorry. That’s what I meant to say. I kind of forgotten his exact name too and so my bad guys :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yeah she was very annoying. Both her and Patroklos are some of the worse. They didn’t help the story what so ever.
I also found some of the other new characters in Soul Caliber V to be boring as well. I can’t believe some of the fans got screwed over when their favorites were either replaced or were not added.

Flame Hyenard
UGH!!! this guy I give props to my brother @Jeffron27 even trying to tolerate him. You have no idea how good it felt when he finally put that dog down.

I’ll have more later.

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Was it the adoring fan from oblivion? He annoyed me greatly.

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For me, I’d say Slippy from StarFox followed by Toad from the Mario games.

Master Hand and Crazy Hand from the Super Smash Bros. Series.

Catching them two hands is a no no!

Are they sisters?

No. But if you thought Pyrrha was bad…

Not as bad as Hitomi (My Main)

“I just keep getting stronger!”

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Nah dude. This is the bottom of the barrel

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Injustice Batgirl. She was the only character I never learned solely out of hatred for her vortex and her smokebomb.

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Why and how?

A 35 year old guy who is obsessed with faeries and spents his time hanging from a balloon…and ugh…called Tingle…



Because F*** their voices.

EDIT: The ironic thing is I love yooka & laylee


Including Banjo making that “Huh-huh” sound with his mouth?

Ah yes, Yooka & Laylee: The spiritual successor to AND of Banjo & Kazooie :smile:

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