Mortal Kombat 12

You just can’t expect the cool IPs to be good like the old days anymore. Expecting that is like want to have your cake and eat it too.

Back on the topic at hand, it’s not like Mortal Kombat 1 overall is trash in my honest opinion, the story is a lot better than MK11, I just wished that NRS had more time to really work on the game instead of participating in the same old DLC practices that comes off as predatory and actually gave fans what they want besides mobile games and fighting games (I.E. An updated Shaolin Monks game or Konquest. Either could work).

Oh and I dock NRS and WB cool points for locking *Havik behind Story Mode when they should’ve locked Tanya, Li Mei, Rain, Reptile, Baraka, Reiko, General Kahn, Sindel, Geras, Nitara, Ashrah, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi and Ermac along with him.

*If names are blurred, it’s for a reason.

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Who even is the arcade mode boss btw?

Invasions mode and the “unlockable skins” being locked away by internet is one thing, as the mode itself didn’t really excite me in the first place. Plus the “unlockable skins” they have shown off, to me just look bad. It feels NRS took the “basic btch color swaps” from MK11 and expanded on it tenfold, despite fans wanting ACTUAL good costumes this time around. But again, gotta get that DLC sales somehow.

The part that really grinds my gears though, Apparently Havik and FIVE of the existing Kameo fighters are permently locked behind the game’s Online DRM, meaning offline players like myself are basically given a massive 'F*** YOU" from NRS if we want to unlock them normally. Which is just unacceptable.

Why do publishers have such a massive stick up their ■■■ if someone decides to play a game offline these days? This shts really gotta stop.The glory days of MK9 are gone it seems, which is pretty saddening.

Dont advertise a mode as “OFFLINE Singleplayer” if you need to be ONLINE to even use it, thats just false advertising right there.

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Time to hack the pc version.

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The Aftermath IS KOMING…starting from tomorrow (I’m personally not counting Early Access days).

If this isn’t peak AAA gaming, I don’t know what is. I sure as heck won’t be spending any money on any of it until NRS and WB sort their issues out. AAA gaming is the worst for people who want devs to do better with their IPs and it shows. Warner Bros. deserves a lifelong boycott.


The world we live in revolves around the internet I think. I can think of a million things you can’t do if you don’t provide an email address. I can get your frustration but that’s the future I think. I can’t think of the last time a game hasn’t wanted an internet connection. That cloud has to save that progress.

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Well… it’s day 1. Did they add a new character?

I don’t know. All I know is that the Switch version of MK1 is absolutely dreadful in comparison to the PlayStation 5 version of that game.

Warner Bros is to blame for that one.