Mortal Kombat 12

Hard to believe a high profile game like Mortal Kombat is in “early access”.

Usually I thought only indie games could get away with that because they have very limited resources. Most the time even being worked on by a one man skeleton crew.

WB Games on the other hand, doesn’t have that excuse imo.

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I mean, the people playing right now are the ones who pre-ordered the premium edition if I recall correctly. Seems like early access to me.

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I gotta say, so far, I’m absolutely LOVING these takes on Shang Tsung, Baraka and Reptile. It’s interesting how much this version of Shang sounds like Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. Even more, I’m absolutely so glad with this take of Reptile so far - he’s such a wonderfully tragic character, and I’m glad that NRS is doing justice to his character, even going so far as to potentially redeeming him(?).


While I wasn’t sure how to feel about him coming back in human form. I’m happy they still kept his Zatterran/saurian roots.

I think the design could use a little more or a slight change on both forms its okay. what I’m seeing lore wise was basically like the OG Trilogy so they didn’t stray much if at all.


I’m not posting any story spoilers so I’ll leave this comment here instead.

In certain ways, NRS did listen to us.

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I don’t know what these are but I hope these are good things to hear.


As someone who has played MK1 for the last 3 days I have to say it feels (to me) like it’s a game that was just rushed for the 30th anniversary of MK. Gear has been knocked down to 1 slot from 3 that MK11 had. Unlocking a color pallet doesn’t really excite me and how many pairs of glasses does Johnny Cage really need? Are there people who get excited they unlock a pair of glasses? Anyways, imo customization is limited compared to MK11. No KRYPT. It seems like instead of the Krypt, they just want you to go to the shrine and get a random something.

No stage has objects that you can attack with, throw, etc… Maybe I’m just being picky. I could go on but there just seems like MK11 had so much more.

With that said, It’s MK. I’m gonna play it. The story is interesting so far. I feel the kameo fighters will just become annoying to me at some point. As every game does, it seems like you need to have an internet connection for some features to work.

Just a few quick thoughts. I’m not as good at putting my feelings down so sorry!


Do we need internet connection for Invasion mode?

I would want to say yes, since “I think” it’s going to change with seasons, but honestly… I don’t know. All I can say is, I ordered the premium version and on launch day it took a little time before the MK servers went up and until they did, I kept getting messages saying I needed to connect to them. My bonus stuff didn’t show up until their servers went up. Again, I don’t know but I’m thinking you need one. Hopefully I’m wrong.

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That’s unfortunate.

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Remember when they said they had a good reason for breaking their pattern of development?

I read what happens in the story on Wikipedia and… I won’t spoil it but why did they do this?

Honestly, even if this game is completed, I much prefer if Invasion Mode wasn’t “Online Only”. I’m not responsible for keeping that mode alive.

Also, WB should definitely take a lot of heat over this in my opinion.


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Yeah. My hype for this game dropped like a rock once launch happened.

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Another thing. What’s the big deal with no having ‘Game Over’ (or ‘You Died’) texts after losses in Story Mode, Towers, etc.? I swear it makes NRS and WB look too soft when they fail to include those in every game.

I mean… I personally find those demotivating and frustrating and they make me not want to keep playing so I don’t mind they don’t do them.

I just wish they could make like… better games.

Might as well choose between Indie games or play the classics on emulators. It works for me.

It’s just depressing because MK9, MKX, Injustice 1, and even Injustice 2 for all it’s faults, were really good games. But the problems started creeping up during I2 and then MK11 was loaded with them and MK1 has a whole different set of problems and it has a BLANK SPACE ON THE CHARACTER SELECT SCREEN and I just want to like their games again.

I don’t want to have to dredge through indie games to find quality stuff. AAA games should have quality to them too. That’s where all the cool ips are!

from what I hear its like that because the release for the the standard edition is not out yet. Thats why that slot is blank.

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I mean, who would it even be though? It’s not someone from the story mode that’s not currently playable since Ermac and Quan Chi are Season 1 and Kronika is just a disguised Shang Tsung. Who else could it be? Plus they’re running out of days to announce someone else.