Mortal Kombat 12

Wished we got more “spin off” titles every now and then. Say what you will about Mythologies and Special Forces, but the idea behind them wasnt nescisarly bad. Hell, because those two bombed, we’d probably never have gotten a gem like Shaolin Monks.

Not sure why, but I’d really like to see an FPS Singleplayer game based on The Cyber Lin Kuei. Imagine playing as one of the roboninjas, but allowing to use Cyrax, Smoke, Sektor, and Sub Zeros weapons and specials as upgrades. Sorta mix between Doom2016 and Hitman while trying to be as stealthy as possible when killing enemies. Basically “TriBorg the Videogame.”

Hell even having boss fights with other MK characters. Like Kano and the Black Dragon, maybe other characters like Ermac and Raiden having wild boss fights scenerios, or even secret fights by doing specific tasks within certain levels.

Imagine snooping around a forest by a burt down village, only for the player to start Fighting Scorpion or SubZero due to opening a certain gate. Just something cool, ya know?

Maybe call it something like …


Id pre order the ■■■■ out of a game like that. NGL

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While I like the idea, why make it an FPS? The characters aren’t really known for shooting. I think the concept would be more fun as a 3rd person game in the style of Batman Arkham.

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3rd person, 1st person, I’d just like to see an idea like that take off. I suppose 3rd person would allow for alternate skins etc.


I mean, I like the concept better than most other ideas I’ve seen for MK spinoffs. Reminds me of an old idea I either had or inherited from the internet (can’t remember which) of a Arkham City style Sub-Zero game. But having it be based on the Cyber Initiative would be so much cooler. Plus it would allow us to have upgrades based on other Lin Kuei who were never cyberized (i’m thinking Tremor here cause he’s ex-Lin Kuei) or things like stealing weapons from Sonya and Jax to augment your own body. Man that would rock.


Didnt even think to include characters like Tremor into the mix of weapons to use, but it would really feel like a “Built your own Cyberninja” type of experience. Would definitely add a lot of variety.

And now that you mentioned it, Rocksteady would be more than appropriate to develop something of that caliber.


I really hope that, in addition to the cool cosplay costumes like Monsters and Sports themed costumes, they go all out on the retro costumes and have the main costumes from all the older titles as options.

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Only if the Football skin is based off of NFL Blitz.

Would be a nice nod to the Midway days.

Is it weird that I’m more interested in seeing this Liu Kang as a villain than Revenant Liu Kang? Like, Revenant Liu Kang was basically just cursed to be constantly overreacting due to the immediate grief he was experiencing at the time of his death and Quan Chi’s corruption. This version of Liu Kang has lived through all that and has the power to become a much more interesting version of both Dark Raiden AND Kronika. IDK, even if they are using him as the poster boy, it would be fun if he was the antagonistic force in the game instead of a hero.

Maybe the way he talked in the reveal trailer is still rubbing me the wrong way, IDK. But he seems sinister to me.

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You know, with Todd MacFarlane being apparently very easy to work with according to the devs and the character fitting in with MK just so well, how cool would it be if Spawn was the Guest Character to break the “no double dipping” rule and came back in MK1 on the base roster?

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Spawn in MK11 was perfect. Despite not liking many of the decisions MK11 did, his inclusion was just flawless. All it was really missing was a Redeemer premier skin, or maybe allowing him to fight without the cape like Soul Calibur 2 did.

Plus it also made Joker’s inclusion actually make sense somewhat, seeing Spawn always had “The Clown” as one of his arch enemies in the comics.

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Now, this might be a real stretch… but regarding bizarre guest characters, what about Frankenstien from Death Race '2008?


I mean many people including myself always asked for Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, but Death Race is not strictly owned by Sony, meaning all consoles could have him playable, still representing the idea of Car Combat. Plus the film itself was very violent with a heavy R rating. If NRS even went the extra mile and recasted Jason Statham to play the role, it’d be pretty sick ngl.

Granted moveset wise, maybe they could give him a prison shiv and have him become a close range brawler, seeing how the films involved criminals fighting to the death for people’s amusement. Maybe even finding a clever way of incorporating his vehicle for certain specials, Xray/Fatal Blow and especially the Fatalities.

I know the movies are a bit corny in their own right, but just the obscurity of it really got me thinking.

Also less we forget Paul W. S. Anderson directed BOTH Death Race AND Mortal Kombat 1995. So…yeah… Definitely a connection to be made there.

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