Mortal Kombat 11


Is that what we think will happen? A war between Dark Raiden and Earthrealm against Liu Kang, Kitana, the revenants and the Netherealm?

I guess I’ve never really been too sure what that post credits scene between Raiden and Liu/Kitana meant. Was tossing Shinnok’s head at their feet his way of declaring war on the Netherealm; telling them that Earthrealm is been on defense for too long and that now they’d make their enemies pay?

Or was it his way of basically warning them as the new rulers of the Netherealm; that if they were thinking about doing anything with their newfound positions of power that might come at the expense of Earthrealm, that they’d better think again, because there are fates worse than death?

It’s also interesting too because I believe Raiden’s ending was to have Earthrealm preemptively strike Outworld, not the Netherealm. Although it does say that this was just one of many threats. Still, a canon story ending versus a possible ending via arcade mode… The story ending wins every time. It just makes me wonder if MK11 will begin with Raiden having already decimated one of those places before attacking the other, or perhaps even both?

I’m really hoping that MK XI involves Earth invading Outworld, causing a tournament to take place. I’d also love to see Fujin sort of split off from Raiden and take some of the Earthrealm warriors with him. Maybe he thinks Raiden has sort of lost it, or that attacking other realms is wrong, even if he understands why Raiden would want to.

Basically, I kinda want a situation where Fujin and Raiden are both right, and both wrong. I think it’d also be really cool to see Outworld being on the defensive for once. Same goes with the Netherealm. That feels like a really awesome twist that would take the series in a new direction for this next game. I’d also love to see where the Dragon King might fit in to all of that, and what his return would mean. Hell, maybe he’d be a hero in the next game…


Basically Raiden is corrupted at this point, and will do whatever it takes to “protect” earth realm. First that means invading our world, then the NetherRealm, then any other realm. Because Raiden is so corrupted that he begins to do more horrible and unjustified things, basically becoming the villain. Not to mention i’m Liu Kang and Kitana are just as evil now and hate Raiden’s guts. Not to mention their revenant state has probably fostered in them some contempt for mortals. Basically, everyone is ■■■■■■ unless some sense of decency can be restored to two of the most powerful people in the realms, but knowing NetherRealm, that’s not likely to happen based on how their story modes usually go.


So does anyone thing we’ll see MK XI at Combo Breaker this weekend?? That’d be pretty awesome!! :grin:

While I agree with Max on a Gear System not having special moves tied to it, I really hope that MK would be able to find a more compelling way to deliver content of that nature than something like the multiverse or stupid loot boxes.

Unlike Max though, I’m not a huge fan of the run button and I kinda hope that MK can have a slightly more deliberate speed this time around rather than the “someone’s always up in your face” approach that he describes.

Oh and MK9 having every character you could want? I dunno about all that.

I know the 3D era gets a ton of flak, but I still think that there are some great 3D era characters that just need a good deal of polishing. I mean, if they can make Tremor and Tanya that cool looking and that fun to play as, and Fujin, Sareena and Li Mei look that cool, I have every bit of confidence they could make really compelling, selectable characters out of the likes of Fujin, Kai, Sareena, Havik, Reiko, Mavado, Kira, Drahmin, Nitara, Frost, Hotaru, etc.

Personally, I’d rather get souped up, fully fleshed out versions of some of these characters than seeing Jax, Cage, Sonya, Kano, Kung Lao, Baraka, Ermac, Reptile, Mileena, the cyborgs, etc for the 95th game in a row. Don’t get me wrong, I really like those characters too, no question! I’ve loved Ermac’s evolution since MK:D, and Baraka’s my favorite character in the whole series. But give them a game or two off. Let me miss them a little bit, and let some other characters get the chance to be awesome like Tremor, Bo Rai Cho, Tanya, etc.

I only say this because sometimes it feels as though certain characters aren’t really put in to the story, and they’re mainly just there to “be there,” because they’re fan favorites. That’s fine too. Story doesn’t HAVE to dictate roster 100%. But when you combine a lack of story relevancy with the fact that some characters seem to appear all the time, no matter what, it starts to make me wonder if it might not be more fun as a player to get something newer out of a repackaged character, like a new take on Reiko or Sareena, instead of getting one of the trilogy characters doing variations on a lot of the stuff they’ve already done before.

Oh well, maybe it’s just me. I like most of MK’s characters, so please don’t think I want to throw out Kung Lao and Cage and what not permanently just to make room for a bunch of characters that didn’t really hit the first time around because I need to see something new. All I’m saying is that it’d be nice to get more of a balance because it lets me see a fresh take on some characters that didn’t get a great first shot to make an impression while also letting me build up that anticipation again for characters I’ve almost become a shade too used to.

I mean, I look at Jade, Shang Tsung and Noob, for example, and I see three characters that I really want in MK XI because I got the chance to miss them for a game, ya know? I’d like to get that feeling with a few other trilogy characters as well. Heck, I’d love to see a physically weakened, reduced, netherealm scarred version of Shao Khan return, and I hoped he’d go away for a long time after MK9.

TL/DR: I like the trilogy characters, I do, I swear. But I’d really also like to see them bring back some of the 3D era characters and give them an awesome, modern NRS caliber coat of paint / move set upgrade etc like Tremor, Tanya, and Bo Rai Cho received in the last game. Seeing an upgraded Reiko or Fujin or Sareena or Nitara would be every bit as cool, if not cooler than seeing some of the trilogy characters again for the umpteenth time. Give a few more a game off, let me miss them like I miss Shang Tsung, Jade and Noob.

Anyways, I REALLY hope we get an awesome MK XI reveal this weekend and that it looks great and gets us hyped!


As long as Reptile is in the game, I’ll be happy.

Though I’m open to bringing back Noob saibot, Jade, and of course others like Fujin.


What if they put a new Saurian in the game instead of Reptile. Would you be okay with that or interested in that? Just curious. I’m thinking Reptile makes the cut, which is cool by me. :slight_smile:


Id like to see Gear, 2 variations, and instead of Xrays just a kick ■■■ super thats very bloody. ANd of course plenty of BRUTALITITES!!! Brutatlitites is what made MKX so much fun…finding them was a blast! I also enjoyed how you could only unlock Fatalities and brutalitis through the graveyard deal.

IM not gonna lie…I played MKX more than KI…there was a few months I didnt touch KI due to how much fun i was having with all the content of MKX


It’d be nice to see how Reptile would interact with another saurian.

Although it might not be a good time for them to do that since Dark Raiden is likely too dangerous to be finding another of his race.


I don’t want Gear. I don’t want variations. I just want a lot of characters with a ton of PRESET alternate costumes. I don’t want to make my version of Scorpion. The original is cool enough, and my version would be inferior to the real one. I’m a creative. I want to make movies and tv shows. And if I want to make an OC, i’ll do it with a pen and paper where I have 100% free reign.


Kreate a Kombatant


Waste of time and money which could go to more characters, costumes, modes, ANYTHING! Plus, you can just smell how they would micro transaction and loot box up a mode like that.


Considering how some parts of the world (like Belgium) are declaring lootboxes gambling now, I don’t think WB is stupid enough to risk fines/jail time for the sake of squeezing money out of people with RNG nonsense (also they’ll micro-transaction the game with standard practices regardless). It’s pretty much a waste of time though, unless they pull a Soul Calibur and only let you edit the appearance of a created character; In MK:A they did a wrestling game style of creation by letting you create a moveset from scratch, and unsurprisingly it led to 100% combos and other broken nonsense.

Personally if they go any route of customization they should do what KI did by having costume pieces but with no effect on gameplay (Injustice 2 only truly did this with Ranked matches, since casual matches required confirmation from both players). That way you still get the preset costumes but with the option of going crazy if you want, basically a win for everyone.


I loved mortal Kombat deception kreate mode


That was in Armageddon. ^^


Yes have that too lol


No, I mean, the “Kreate a Kharacter” mode was in Armageddon, not in MKD. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes you are right I looked at the boxes lol
I forgot the passwords for all 10 characters or so- also, I had saved the data to memory cards I’m not sure I still have yet- remember those megabyte cards we had to buy to insert beneath the controller slot


Mine were just “X,X,X,X” and such. XD


I found that part quite tiresome. I enjoy the gameplay though.


Let’s be real here. They’ll find a way to micro transaction and loot box up MK XI regardless of whether a create a character mode were to exist or not.

Unless, of course, WB decides to learn from EA’s mistakes, which I don’t think is likely. If anything, I think they’ll try to find a way to reign in the more obnoxious aspects of loot boxes, such as the ability to get duplicates on certain high priced boxes, or something along those lines. But even that might be giving them too much credit.

As for create a character, another thing to keep in mind is the fact that NRS has always and will always include other ways to interact with the game beyond arcade mode, story mode, online multiplayer and the krypt.

Whether it’s kart racing, MK chess, the MK9 towers or Faction Wars, they’ll always find ways of putting in more unique fighting modes, fighting adjacent modes or even non-fighting modes. Now, I’m sure you’d rather not see these types of modes and I can respect that opinion, but if they’re going to be there, personally, I’d rather see create a character return, provided it’s done right.

Of course, “right” is subjective. But personally, to me, that means having several pre-made move lists instead of being able to mix and match special moves. So a little more Soul Calibur CAC, a little less Armageddon.

Now, maybe since each characters have sections of moves, such as throws, X-Rays, etc… Maybe you can mix and match these, so long as they all have the same properties. Maybe you can change the color of the projectiles, but not the nature of the projectile itself.

I think that there could be ways of making each moveset a bit more “yours,” that could be compelling provided there are enough options.

The real meat of the customization though, I’d hope, would be in a character’s appearance. MKA put forth some effort in this regard, but I’d like to see a LOT more options for characters looks, clothing, etc.

Lastly, I’d like more customization with regards to being able to create your own tournament. Maybe you get a bunch of select screens templates you can fill in with characters that you’ve created, and you can take the thumbnail image manually, like in Tekken Tag 2 and other games.

Maybe they could also provide character intro and ending templates where you can superimpose pictures of your characters on and put words at the bottom to give them a story. You want to create that centuries old tournament where Shang Tsung first takes over the MK Tournament? You could do that here. Or you could create a fighting game with a new name and your own characters and share it online using this tool.

As someone that’s creative, I’d think you’d enjoy having something like this to work with, provided that it had enough depth or players to realize something close to their own vision.

Personally, I’d like something of this nature as a means to constantly get rewards and unlocks while playing in various modes. Sure, it’s an awful lot to concentrate on and a lot to put in to the game versus adding more characters, but again, I think they’ll have some type of massive mode or idea that permeates the game, since they basically have since MK:DA or MK:D. I’d just like it to be something like this instead of Faction Wars or MK tetris or whatever (sorry, I’m totally blanking on the name of that mode, it was pretty fun though!).

I also don’t think it’s a zero sum game here where adding this mode means removing other characters. I could be wrong on this, but I tend to think that it works more like having certain buckets. A gameplay bucket, a roster bucket, an extra mode bucket, etc. If you’re putting in a mode like this, I’d think it might effect the modes that are put in the game as opposed to how many characters are on the roster.

That’s just a guess though. It’s probably different for a game with a smaller financial commitment from the publisher, but from WB? I’d have to think that NRS can more or less get what they want in each of those categories to a certain extent, and they budget within those categories and figure out what they can and can’t do there, rather than saying “well, you want to add this gameplay mechanic of variations, therefore we have to cut the number of stages down by four and the number of characters down by seven.”

I could be wrong though. :slight_smile:

TL/DR: Create a character could be fun! I’d also love to see create a tournament so you can create your own stories for characters, a select screen, profile and ending pics, etc. I think a mode like this could replace Faction Wars and I’d be fine with it. I don’t think a mode like this, deep as I’d want it to be, would have any effect on other content in the game that doesn’t fall under the same category, like number of characters or whatever.


A team of MK fans have made this encyclopedia for MK:

It’s truly amazing, imo. I hope they get the greenlight to publish this.