Mortal Kombat 11


I sincerely hope the boss will be Dark Raiden… but maybe as the whole Story Mode is focused on him and the others fighting him, maybe Onaga can be resurrected in the background and enter the scene at the last third act of the Story Mode, forcing Dark Raiden and the others to join forces against him. However, this premise sounds a bit like what happened in Injustice 2, so I dunno…

As for Jade, I want her to be a playable character, not a boss. She can have an integral part in the Story due to that spirit woman, however, I don’t wish for her to become an unplayable boss character. Maybe Jade will be playable, but the spirit woman will be the boss… I’d be fine with that.


I get that new characters bring in a fresh look on the game-

I’d prefer original characters get enhanced moves rather than ‘here’s evil princess peach’


This made me laugh. XD


For villains, I’m kinda hoping we have an arcade ladder featuring an endurance of Liu Kang and Kitana, a sub boss of Dark Raiden, and Onaga as the final boss. I could see a story mode play out where Raiden and Earthrealm invade Outworld, causing an MK tournament.

But maybe there’s dissention in the ranks among Earthrealmers. Maybe they splinter in to two factions, one led by Raiden and the characters that agree with ending the Outworld threat once and for all, and another led by Fujin and characters that don’t see Outworld as a threat anymore and feel that attacking another realm preemptively is wrong.

Not quite sure how the Netherealm would fit in there, but I could see Raiden being Raiden and making some decisions that ultimately blow up in his face. Here, he could make a secret deal with the Netherealm for their support, but then his long time ally Liu Kang betrays him and uses the Outworld tournament as a distraction for Kitana and their minions to invade Earth somehow. Maybe Kotal Khan realizes he’s losing and somehow resurrects the Dragon King, making for an equally bad, and even more chaotic situation with the tournament giving way to two wars (Earth and Netheralm as well as Outworld and DK and his army).

My fan fic aside lol, and back to the podcast, I could see Dark Raiden or Onaga as bosses. I think the woman in Jade’s MK9 ending is a bit of a stretch, but who knows. If she’s built up properly and the plot around her makes sense, then sure. It’d be nice to have a brand new boss.

But when Cyborg said “deadly alliance,” I just assumed he was going to say Liu Kang and Kitana. To go in the direction he want really surprised me. I guess I never thought of those two as final boss material. I suppose it could work, especially if Noob comes back from the soulnado changed or altered in a way that makes him more powerful or something along those lines. But even then…

I actually really enjoyed this podcast! I wound up listening to their top 30 survey podcast as well. Good stuff, even if Sareena somehow didn’t make the top 30, which is straight BS. What’s she gotta do, people!? :pensive:

Ah well, it’s all good. I actually wound up following Netherkast on twitter, Youtube and joining their discord. As a long time MKO member, it was cool to see and hear Razor and Temp again. The discord conversation tends to be a bit weird at times, but whatever. It’s just good to be talking about MK again. I’m really starting to look forward to the MK11 reveal, whenever it happens to be!


Pastel pink ninja named Rodent.



I will take all leaks with a grain of salt. Even the ones that get us hyped.



Friendships, again?

I don’t mind seeing some sort of humorous finisher, but maybe they could do something new and slightly different, or maybe even a bit more out there and wacky? I dunno. I suppose you could call those friendships or friendship-adjacent or whatever, but I don’t really see the need to bring something back just because it was done before.


Sorry to bump this thread, though I’m sure it’ll be bumped several times as news comes out and what not, but I’m kinda curious…

What do people want or expect when this game’s trailer comes out (possibly before E3) and in the game’s original gameplay reveal (most likely at E3)?

What I expect to see:

For the reveal trailer:

-Sub Zero and Scorpion to be the main focus of the trailer.

-Sub Zero will almost assuredly get the worst of their battle lol

-At most, we might see one other character, like Raiden, Liu Kang or the new boss.

-A new gameplay mechanic to be shown off or indicated in the trailer during the fight

-It’ll look WAY better than the actual gameplay

-Some type of hint at monetization in terms of character outfits or customization

For the gameplay reveal:

-About six or so characters shown off: Scorpion, Sub Zero, another returning character or two and two or three brand new characters.

-Some type of interview with Boon where he gives a vague synopsis of where the game is story-wise.

-Variation system to be returning in some form.

-New gameplay mechanic indicated in the reveal trailer will be fully detailed and explained.

-Some type of hint at monetization in terms of character outfits or customization.

What I hope to see:

For the reveal trailer:

-Different characters used than Sub Zero and Scropion. We already know they’ll be in the game, so how about surprising us by showing some different characters?

-Some indication as to who the villain is or where the story is, like Mortal Kombat Deception’s intro.

-Music that’s good? Sorry, I hate to be a jerk, but while the music fit the MKX trailer and it was fine, I’d rather they look inward and find something more epic, more fitting in terms of the game world, and hopefully more catchy and perhaps eastern inspired? So yeah, probably not Adema :wink:

-A surprise character or a character we wouldn’t expect showing up somehow. Maybe not as a main focus, but it’d be cool if we got some type of indication that someone like Reiko or Kai or Nitara or whatever was in the game. Just a curve ball of some sort like that.

-That this is not a trailer for a game that’s anything other than Mortal Kombat 11 aka a continuation of the previous game’s story. No prequel, no versus game, no HD remix of the original trilogy, no Shaolin Monks sequel… Don’t get me wrong, I’d love all o those in theory, but if the next MK game isn’t MK11, I’ll be a sad panda.

For gameplay reveal:

-Fujin and Sareena playable! They’re two characters that I’ve wanted to see in the new MK games for a while now.

-Fewer variations. Two at the most, and I’d really like them to be drastically different from one another. It’d be great if some characters had story related variations that unlock once you play story mode, like old and young Shang Tsung or human and demon Sareena or human and animal Reptile, etc.

-Hidden variations. I’d love to see this hinted at by one of the devs in an interview. Like maybe some characters have a hidden third variation that’s a completely different character, like Smoke is Sub Zero’s hidden third variation or Kano’s his son’s hidden third variation, etc.

-The return of stages that flow in to other stages. Not in the “uppercut a guy from the subway up to the street above” kind of way, more of a tamer, more realistic Injustice transition, like if you were fighting on a mountain top and you tumbled down a pathway to another part of the mountain that’s lit by torches and has a different look and feel, but you know it’s still part of the same area.

-Some type of indication from the developers that the MK tournament will be a big factor in the story.

-Some indication that they will be offering tons of character customization options without the use of loot boxes.

I know that not all of these are gameplay related, but once they’re at E3 and they get questions hurled at them by people, they tend to talk a bit more about the game itself as opposed to just gameplay aspects.



Here’s something Ed Boon teased about Ashrah


That Dynasty guy is so full of it


I kinda found him as a click biater myself but this video about Ashrah sounds like she may show up in MK 11.


Honesty I think Ashrah has potential and it would be nice to see another 3D era character brought back and revamped. Isn’t she supposed to be somekind of demon cursed with a sword or something?


She’s s demon who wants to redeem and purify herself into a holy figure by slaying other demons.


And the twist is that her weapon, the Datusha, is actually a mystical vampire-slaying weapon that corrupts its wielder with the false belief that they are using it for a greater purpose in order to continue its genocide against the vampires and other demons.

Which just makes her more tragic a character, really, as she is being lead on to believe she will reach salvation, when in fact it just feeds on her soul.


This would make her an easily manipulated pawn in the multiverse destroying war between Dark Raiden and Zombie Liu Kang. Which is most likely going to end with the resurrection of Onaga and the return of all deceased Kombatants as Liu Kang’s zombie army, leading to Armageddon. Raiden reset time to make things even worse than they were before. That seems to be the theme of this reboot timeline.


They better have a new Sheeva this time. By new I mean no grappler shenanigans on her = Opportunity to give her a sleek redesign a la the fanart that has been circulating for years.
She has 4 arms, she is capable of punching in the pace of a machinegun.


I think of how sheets could get an overhaul
New costume hair and accessories
No grappling crap

But then I think of how I felt about Orchid not having lasa-ken or helicopter kicks