Mortal Kombat 11


Yeah, that’s 100% why I left Kano out. Granted, they could easily keep Kano in the game and have his son, who I believe was Red Dragon and despises him for the abuse Kano doled out to him as a kid, sort of feud with him. That would make a lot of sense. Same goes for Kung Lao and Kung Jin.

For what it’s worth, Kano was one of my favorite character designs in MKX, especially his commando variation.

I really do hope though that they leave Kenshi, Jax, Cage and Sonya out, especially if Cassie, Takeda and Jacqui wind up in the next game. There was SO much generational overlap in MKX. I mean, I get why they did it from a story perspective and even the game perspective itself, as it might’ve been rather jarring to pick up a new MK game and all of your favorites are in the story, but you’re only playing as their kids.

But now that we’ve had that sort of transition game, I think we can leave a few of them in as story characters and let a few of them skip the game entirely. I don’t hate any of these characters, by the way. I just think the downside of having so much overlap, even if it was necessary, was that it kinda gave the “kombat kids” a bit less agency and independence to be their own thing and not just younger versions of characters that already existed. It made them seem a bit less of their own characters in their own right.

That’s not the worst thing ever, but I hope for the next game, they can kinda step out of that kombat kids role and really sort of stand alone without needing their parents in the game. I think that’s why I didn’t include Kano initially, as I kind of assume his kid will be in the game, but that could potentially be a more unique situation. Same goes for Kung Lao and Kung Jin.


If Kano’s son joins in the next game, make him a love interest for Cassie. Don’t have him follow Kano’s path and be a member of the Red Dragon.

But question is, how do you picture his moveset?


Lol wow Sindel as DLC
And omitting kenshi is a huge wow

I’d definitely bet on scorpion and sub zero being on the roster even if last announced

It’s definitely time for those awesome 3D chars like Fujin nitara frost I’d really love ashrah in a new costume (believe I did profess that earlier)

I must have Sindel and kenshi or jade and takeda at launch


Sorry man! Definitely don’t mean to bag on characters you like.

Kenshi’s been in every MK game since Deadly Alliance. He’s a cool character and I like him, but to me, at least, unless your name is Scorpion, Sun Zero or Raiden, you could probably take a game off every once in a while. Plus, I wouldn’t mind seeing Takeda step out without his dad.

As for Sindel, I’m personally indifferent to her. I know some think she’s the awesome and that’s fine if you feel that way, for sure. Outside of Kabal, I’ve never really been a huge fan of MK3’s set of new characters. With most of them, I kinda like them rotating in and out like 3D era characters. If she were on the main roster though, I’d be cool with that. She could certainly have stuff to do plot wise with Kitana.

I’d love this! Fujin, Nitara, Frost and Ashrah would all be great. I’d also add Sareena, Havik, Hotaru, Kai, Li Mei, Mavado and Drahmin to that list, but that’s just me. Plus, if the comic is canon, I think half the characters I added are dead lol.

I like the Cassie love interest idea. I think that has a ton of potential.

I’d personally see Kano’s son as his polar opposite. Instead of arrogant and sadistic, I’d want the son to be darker and more reserved, with a more silent rage that comes out when he’s fighting.

I kinda feel like that’d make him a good foil for Cassie as well. A silent, damaged type who shows his feelings better than he can verbalize them. Maybe he starts off Red Dragon, but leaves them for Cassie and becomes a marked man because of it.

As for his move set, I think it should incorporate parts of what his dad taught him, but still different and unique. Not Kano 2.0 though. No cannonball, no throwing knives, no laser eye. He should use high tech sabotage, weapons, torture, etc but in unique ways that give you a kind of Kano vibe, or a hint of Kano, yet still have him feel very much like his own character.


Geez, I have so much love for MK. I love the characters but I’m no longer fan of the ‘realistic fatalities’. I’m hyping already about a new trailer for the next game.


I bought 2 MK POPs tonight at Book a million…Sub Zero and Scorpion… now I have Goro, Raiden, and the Ninja duo!


I don’t think the Red Dragon would be that brutal to him. I can see Mavado & Hsu Hao train him during flashbacks. Daegon would be there.

I would like to see more Red Dragon members though to join him if ever. A fencer would fit in.

And imagine Sonya turned into a revenant if Cassie can be unique somehow.


Who I think will be in MK

  1. Liu Kang
  2. Sonya
  3. Kano
  4. Raiden
  5. Scorpion
  6. Sub-Zero
  7. Reptile
  8. Jhonny Cage
  9. Cassie
  10. Kung Lao
  11. Kung Jin
  12. Goro
  13. Bo Rai Chu
  14. Kenshi
  15. Erron Black
  16. Devorah
  17. Fera-Tor
  18. Kotal Khan
  19. Kitana
  20. Takeda
  21. Frost
  22. Ermac
  23. Shang Tsung


  1. Kano’s Son
  2. New Character
  3. New Character
  4. New character
  5. New Character


  1. Onaga
  2. Blaze
  3. Taven
  4. Daigon

Who I’d Like to see

  1. Reptile
  2. New saurian Character, or Khameleon
  3. Rain
  4. Noob saibot
  5. Smoke
  6. Cyrax
  7. Jade
  8. Baraka
  9. Liu Kang


Here’s mine:

  1. Scorpion
  2. Sub-Zero
  3. Raiden
  4. Liu Kang
  5. Kitana
  6. Cassie Cage (given Sonya’s moveset)
  7. Takeda
  8. Jacqui Briggs (given Jax’s moveset)
  9. Kung Lao
  10. Kotal Kahn
  11. Erron Black
  12. Reptile
  13. Kano
  14. Johnny Cage
  15. Mileena
  16. Nightwolf
  17. Shang Tsung
  18. Kenshi
  19. Bo’Rai Cho
  20. Tanya
  21. Fujin
  22. Rain
  23. Tremor
  24. Shang Tsung
  25. Sareena
  26. Li Mei
  27. Frost

New Characters:

  1. Kano’s son (Red Dragon)
  2. Spider Kytinn (replacing D’Vorah)
  3. New Red Dragon member
  4. New Shirai Ryu member
  5. New Tarkatan


  1. Jax (retires)
  2. Sonya (turned into revenant)


Well, if he left them, I mean… They’re a criminal organization. I don’t think they’d be okay with him joining up with a woman that’s Special Forces / military. So in that sense, I could see them wanting to take him out.

Agree 100%. I honestly liked Mavado’s appearance and I thought the rope / pully things could’ve been cool had they actually expanded on it a bit and maybe turned him in to a sort of Omega Red from X-Men: Children of the Atom kind of fighting game character that uses those rope things in a variety of different ways.

But of course, they killed him and Hsu Hao in the comics, so I’m assuming that means they’re no coming back any time soon. Even though no one truly stays dead in MK, I think Ed’s been pretty clear on his dislike for these two in past tweets wand what not.

So yeah, I think they really could use a new Red Dragon character. Every “leak” (in HEAVY quotes) I’ve seen tends to have Daegon in the game, so maybe he’s that Red Dragon character; all redone and badass or whatever. But I’d still like to see a new one as well, especially if the Red Dragon is supposed to have a role in the next game, they might as well seem formidable, and having one character from the group doesn’t exactly convey that very well.

Maybe they use the opportunity granted by this alternate timeline to reintroduce a character or two? Like maybe Kira’s never recruited by the Black Dragon as she was in Deception. Maybe she’s instead recruited by the Red Dragon.

To me, Kira’s one of the biggest cases of wasted potential in the 3D era because her background is so amazing and her look was kinda cool as well. But then they just saddled her with Kano and Sonya’s moves, the latter of which made zero sense. Perhaps they could use this opportunity to give her a new, unique moveset? I’d personally like to see it. I’d also like to see how her story is effected by the new timeline.

Another character that could be brought in is from MK Special Forces. I’m sure they’re loathe to use characters from that travesty of a game, but they used Tremor, right? Who’s to say they couldn’t use No Face as well? Not the best name, of course. But they could basically rebuild the character from the ground up, just giving him some sort of mask and a penchant for fire while making reference to “No Face” as a nickname as opposed to his actual name.

Or obviously they could just create a new character from scratch. Personally, I’d like to see more of a grappler; an MMA style character that uses throws, joint locks, etc as parts of combos. Maybe the character has some sort of special Red Dragon tech that gives them some more MK-ish special moves as well, like an exo-suit that allows him to do some cool stuff.


I think Mavado and Hsu Hao are dead. They were killed off in the comics.


Yeah, I’m kinda wondering if that’s going to be a reliable standard; dead in the comics.

If that’s the case, then yeah, they left a real trail of bodies. In addition to those two, I believe the comics also killed off Reiko, Havik, Drahmin, Molok, Kintaro, Sektor, Cyrax, as well.

Of course, two of those characters reappeared in MKX as DLC.

MK9 of course killed Kung Lao, Motaro, Shang Tsung, Noob, Kabal, Stryker, Cyber Sub Zero, Jax, Smoke, Jade, Kitana, Sindel, Nightwolf, Liu Kang and Shao Khan. Of those characters, four were playable in MKX and I believe four more had on-screen cameos.

Lastly, MKX killed off Baraka, Mileena, Quan Chi and Shinnok. A smaller group than expected, but given all the other deaths, that’s probably not all that surprising.

The whole revenant thing really kinda muddies the waters in terms of who’s “dead” versus who’s “dead and gone.” I mean, does dying even matter in MK anymore if characters can just reappear as revenants?

There are certain characters, especially certain 3D era characters, such as Mavado and Hsu Hao that I’m sure they just wanted to story kill so as not to deal with them and I don’t think they’ve hid that very well, whereas some characters, like Liu Kang and Kitana, might end up being major antagonists in the next game. I think a lot of people expect certain dead characters to return in the next game, such as Noob and Jade, while others, such as Baraka and Mileena would be more unexpected given that they just got offed in the last game.

I just wonder if being killed off in the MKX comic also means that a return in MKXI is unlikely. That’d be a shame, if true. Doesn’t seem like Reiko or Havik really got that second chance they deserved.

Sorry for all the spoiler tags. I know this stuff is all pretty old, but ya never know.


Yeah I think they had an explanation for the three cyborgs coming back. Technically the Triborg is neither of the characters but a cyborg that gained the data of the other three. Think of it as a computer taking data from the hard rives of three separate computers if that would make sense.

Technically no one dies in MK you just have to give a reasonable explanation for how they come back. Even if it didn’t make sense or was poorly written, I think folks who were fans of dead characters would be happy regardless.


I was really hoping Tri-Borg would primarily have Sektor’s personality. Especially sense the trailer showed his head activating first.


I the ytiborg’s only have their voices. For the most part.


Any revenants deserving of being brought back as mortals again in the next game?

And what if Sonya or Johnny get turned into revenants?


See, I’m trying to remember how this actually worked in MKX. If you looked at the select screen, you had Liu Kang, Kitana and Kung Lao and they looked like normal people, though Liu Kang and Kung Lao had aged a bit. However, during the time of MKX, all three are revenants from start to finish.

Meanwhile, Jax was a revenant, but he was actually changed back to a mortal via the story.

So I guess the question for me is whether a character even needs to be alive to appear on the select screen in MK. Just give them a revenant skin as an alt and call it a day, I guess?

But to your question, I could see some characters being changed back to mortal. I guess it depends on how they want to handle the story. Will this be a sort of “Netherealm Vs Earth” kind of deal? In that case, I could see a lot of the revenants at least making cameos, if not appearing as playable characters outright.

So maybe we see Smoke, Kabal, Sindel, Stryker etc because they’re important to that major plot thread and they help support the main bad guys, if that’s what Liu Kang, Kitana and Raiden end up as. Maybe this whole revenant story line gets wrapped up somehow and several dead characters are brought back to life.

I dunno though. Something tells me that they’ll throw us a curve ball. I think some are under the impression that Liu Kang, Kitana and Raiden will, in some way, make up the final bosses in the game. I could see them being the main antagonists for part of the story, but I could also see Onaga entering the fray somehow and turning everything on its ear. I could also see a new villain showing up as well, as I’m sure they don’t really want to keep mining a previously told story and putting some twists on it.

As for Johnny and Sonya, I could see one of them dying, maybe even both, and becoming revenants. If they’re in the story, something tells me that’ll be the primary function for at least one of them; to serve as motivation or to raise the story stakes for the kombat kids.


For me, more than anything, I hope they do away with the fighting variations. I really would like to only have to figure out one variation of a character, versus 3… Also I’d rather see a whole new fighting engine. As pretty as MKX is, the fighting feels incredibly stiff.

It was a real turn off for me.

In terms of characters… as long as there is Kitana… I am fine. :stuck_out_tongue:


Liu Kang, Kitana, and Sindel come to mind.

But with Johnny cage and Sonya, that’d be crazy but I don’t think that would happen since Shinnok is just a vegetable now and Quan Chi was killed by scorpion.

I think I have an explanation and it may not have to do with story. What were seeing is what they would’ve looked like had they not died or became revenants.


I would love to see a kind of spiritual sequel to Armageddon, and have EVERYONE come back for a game. It would even work a little in the story. Some kind of three way war between Raiden and EarthRealm, Kotal Kahn and Outworld, and Liu Kang and his army of NetherRealm revenants.