Mortal Kombat 11


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Sorry for that. English isnt my first language.


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With all due respect, I don’t think it’s necessary to try and shape MK like KI. People tried to do the other way around. Yes, KI did well in areas that worked for them, and MK has something that works for it. That’s how I feel anyway


Regardless of the decision to keep Scorpion as the cover boy (which makes perfect sense from a branding perspective although I agree it’s nkt very creative) I like the cover art. I assume this means we will be seeing a dessert stage at least in the game and that all of the stages won’t be the dark, hard to see, nighttime settings from the last game.


I get that it’s preferable to have moves that fit the character, but that’s simply not going to be the case with all characters in all games and to expect that is unreasonable. There will be characters that don’t have some sort of identity or background that you can use, or in some cases bend logic to tie in to what they can do. That’s just reality. If you want to restrict characters identities to having movelists based solely around who they are, you’re going to limit what kinds of characters you can put in your games. Those limits might not seem too overbearing, but they’re still limits nonetheless.

The original Mortal Kombat was going to be based around Jean Claude Van Damme. When he opted not to pursue the project, they simply took the idea they were going to use for Van Damme and created Johnny Cage; a martial arts movie celebrity. However, Mortal Kombat, like every other fighting game in that era, had special moves, usually a projectile and a spinning kick or slide or whatever. They weren’t going to say “no our character’s a celebrity, he can’t throw fireballs.” That just wasn’t realistic then and it’s not even realistic now.

I’m honestly not sure why you see this bad design or evidence that the characters are shallow or that the devs don’t respect their own product. To me, that’s an irrational leap in logic and it’s honestly somewhat disparaging to the people that work hard on games like this.

The thing you don’t seem to realize is that having character’s movesets mirror their identity, while certainly useful for many characters and authentic to who they are, isn’t necessary in a lot of cases and for those, it’s also simply not practical. Would it help if Sonya only used military grade weapons and tech as special moves? Maybe? Does it really matter that she doesn’t? I get that it matters to you, but the devs might not feel that way. It doesn’t make them lazy or uninspired. They simply have a vision for the character and it might not match your vision and that has to be okay with you if you have any desire to play these characters or this game or many other games for that matter.

While I’ll certainly agree that MK characters look stiff, move stiffly, and could use a lot more in the animation department, I think it’s pretty weak on your part to use that as the basis for a conclusion that they’re rush jobs. There are a TON of people working on MK and Injustice and I can’t imagine how many long, difficult hours they have to put in. I think that’s a bit insulting on your part.

Thing is, with MK, when you’ve grown with it over the years, there are just certain things you have to accept about it if you have any actual desire to play their games, because much like Street Fighter, Tekken, Virtua Fighter and many other fighters out there, they have their own unique, individual style and feel to them.

Do I wish MK characters had more animation going on with their bodies? Would it be nice to have more animations on startup, bigger hitboxes so combos felt more natural and perhaps slow the speed down slightly so everything didn’t feel so herky-jerky? Absolutely. But MK games have felt the way they’ve felt for a very long time and while many fans complain and request and all that, I doubt it’ll change.

So you have a choice, you can assume what they’re doing is rushing and that they don’t care, or you can choose to accept the fact that they simply do things their way; they have a style and aesthetic for their games that matches their vision, and be okay with that.

I don’t even understand this. You think having a story mode is a BAD thing? MK’s story modes are the class of the genre. They’re simply the best. Sure, they have plotholes big enough to drive a semi through, there are logical inconsistencies and several other issues, but make no mistake… When it comes to a narrative perspective, and actually bringing players through the events taking place in the game, MK is second to none. I’ve been a fan of the story and MK’s lore since the first game came out in arcades, so to have a mode like this, where the blanks are filled in, where the characters show personality, and several different themes and relationships, plots and subplots play out between fights, is more or less a dream come true for me as a fan.

But if you’re not a fan of the story, if you don’t like the way the characters move and you don’t like their movesets, then I have to ask… What DO you like about this series? Do you even like this series? It’s fine if you don’t, but if that’s the case, I’m not sure why you’re here wondering why it’s not more like KI. KI is it’s own thing with its own successes and shortcomings. Let each game be what it’s developers envision. The more you want thing A to be more like thing B, the more disappointed you’ll be.

No problem, man! I wasn’t trying to be rude or anything. If you feel like talking about it further at some point, feel free to drop me a PM. :slight_smile:

I tend to prefer night time stages, stages with weather, etc. When they’re well executed, I think they lend a nice atmosphere to the game. Shang Tsung’s throne room in MK9 is a good example of this for me. It still had color in it, but it also had a great atmosphere. MKX on the other hand, I think its main issues for me were that day or night, the colors were so washed out and the color selection was so limited that having darker stages, like the sky temple, wound up looking a lot worse than they should have.

Like you, I’m hoping that the bright yellow on the box might be some slight indication that they’re going to bring some color back in to the game. I think you can have a darker, more foreboding overall aesthetic without sacrificing the color and vibrancy of stages (we’ve obviously seen it before), so here’s hoping they took that response from fans and ran with it in 11.


I like that.


Seeing the trailer again i am thinking if it is possible that instead of a dialog, at the beginning of the battle, there is a small midair combat. As if the characters do not get in the scene walking, but immidiately engaging, and when they land the game begins. So that the players begin to play at the middle of the battle. I would like something like that.


Your Next = Create a Soul-esque type thing?


As long as the player on the receiving end doesn’t start with less health then that’s fine with me. Thought we’d miss out on some funny dialogues.


Maybe. During Story Mode.


Oh god no. Please no. Anything but that. I don’t want to loose the chance of having characters do they can devote resources to this AND custom variations. Whatever that is.


And the weapons could be something like instinct mode and not a stage pick up, because in the trailer raiden and scorpion have them with them and at some point they leave them. Maybe in customization you can choose weapon/instinct.
Could any weapon to add a set of moves independantly to any character. Like you have the A sword and raiden but you can have the same sword with scorpion? So except the character variations you could add the weapons to make your final set of moves. imagine everyone seeking for the sacred weapon, or that powerfull relic that swallowed shinnok or a new one “the time changer” for gaining super moves, :slight_smile: ok lets wait.


No, I mean custom characters with premade move-sets as Soul Calibur does.


Have you read the soul caliber thread? I hate it there two. I’m the girl who hates custom characters and RPG elements. That’s one of the things I’m known for.


I think it’s just a play on the “who’s next” tag line from MKX.


Let’s stop with comparing two different games okay? If we’re talking weapons, try making a comparison to Deadly Alliance/Deception/Armageddon not just Killer Instinct or Soul Calibur.


ED Boon teases Reptile but it could be Reptile in MK11, Not sure though. But there is a video on here where someone thinks it’s chameleon.


I think its just a creature in the background of one of the stages. But also a reference to Reptile and Chameleon as a premier skin.


hopefully this means we will see Reptile in the game as well as Chameleon.