Mortal Kombat 11


Jason was supposed to have a movie around that time (but the lawsuit from first movie’s writer stopped it from happening) and Leatherface got a prequel movie released around the time of the MKXL update. Maybe Alien was there to promote Alien: Covenant, I don’t remember when that movie came out. Predator’s new movie came out years after the fact, so that specific case could have been just to have Predator in the game (and not to promote a movie).

But yeah, nothing is stopping them from just having guests to have them. I mean, Hellboy and the TMNT weren’t having new movies around IJ2’s release, so it’s clear they don’t always do guests for the sake of movie tie-ins. With that said I personally think it’s Spawn’s time to shine, nowadays NRS does a good job with guests (unlike with Kratos, but I still blame Sony for that one) and they did manage to make even Leatherface an interesting character; I was also in that camp of “no one asked for this” before I actually used him ingame.

Ehh, I think they tried way too hard to make ultra-realistic faces in that game, a lot of them looked weird IMO. Just being a better version of MKX’s art direction would be fine at this point.


It’s certainly one of many possibilities, with the biggest one stilll being that a Boon’s gotta troll like a Boon’s gotta troll.

But on the 5% chance that he’s actually hinting at something, I dunno it seems kinda odd that it’d be guest DLC for a game that hasn’t even been announced yet, doesn’t it?

I mean I’m sure there’s precedent for something like this, but with the actual holiday coming up soon, I guess I’m taking more of an occam’s razor approach, but who knows.



Wait. Let me guess. I want to know if I’m right.

He talks about a lot of half baked rumors. Some Ed Boon trolling. An expectation that it would be a huge reveal at the Game Awards. Some of his hopes for the next installment. And some pessimistic grumbling a about how next gen is “right around the corner”

If I get at least 3 right I win. If I get all of them right I win… again.


You didn’t get a single one correct.


Wow. I had just unsubscribed to his channel because all of his videos seemed to bring up the same points. Guess I was wrong.

Edit: ok. Just watched it. You gotta give me the next gen talk. He talks about that way more than i’d want him to. Especially at the end. Especially with Microsoft a few years ago talking about how they wanted to end the concept of console generations. And the fact that the 360 had a good decade of use and the One has just gotten over half that. I’m just sick of hearing people (especially him) killing hope by saying all of these cool projects won’t happen until “next gen”. And god I hope he’s wrong. I want another 5 years out of my XBone and PS4.


When are we going to see thousands dollar premium consoles…


Ooooh, this might be something. Possible snippet of the MK11 script:

Take it with a grain of salt though.

Edit: Debunked. It was a line from the trailer of the original movie, which didn’t make it into the actual movie, from what I understand.


Not sure if anyone saw this Max video. I hadn’t heard about these purported leaks, but I kinda hope they’re legit. He seemed to bristle at the idea of certain characters not making it in to the game, but they all honestly made sense to me.

The one thing I thought was weird was that Reiko would be playable, which I suppose would either make his death in the comic non-canon or he’s some dead Netherealm being or whatever. Who knows.

Either way, if they can put a Shaolin Monks style of adventure mode in the game, I’m all for it, though if that’s the reason for the 4 year dev cycle, well… I just hope it turns out to be really good and really fun and not just some sort of loot box factory.

As for the story mode, it would seem really odd for them to only focus on a few characters unless they’re planning on abandoning the chapter format all together. That honestly wouldn’t bother me though, given that neither MK9 nor MKX had villain chapters and really only told the story from one side. If they focus on Raiden, Liu Kang/Kitana and Kotal Khan, that to me gives more of an impression of focusing on each faction, which seems cool. I just hope I get to play as more characters.

I’m REALLY hoping we finally see this game at The Game Awards tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath. Max said that according to the leaker, concepting on this game began during MKX, so I don’t know if that’s part of the dev cycle or if they actually started full work on it after Injustice 2 and that’s where the cycle began.

That’d be a pretty big difference though. You’re looking at April, 2019 as being the four year mark after MKX’s original release and May, 2021 if we’re talking about four years from Injustice 2’s release. I’m guessing MK11 is released somewhere in that window, of course, but it’d be nice to narrow it down a bit. I’m guessing Fall 2019, but who knows. If they don’t reveal it at The Game Awards, my guess is that they’ll reveal it right before E3, which likely puts the release in early/mid 2020, unless they decide to just hold it over for next gen, which could presumably drop in Fall 2020.

Sorry, that was a lot of words. Bottom line, I hope we hear something about it soon.

Last thing I’ll say is that if what Max was saying about the game being on UE4, having a nice graphical upgrade and better animations turns out to be true, then that probably has me more excited than anything else. I love MK games, even the 3D era ones, but I’d love to see them improve the rigid animations.

Anyways, what do you think? Do you think any of this stuff could be real? What about all of those rumored deconfirmed characters? Ugh, I can’t wait until they finally reveal this game! :slight_smile:


My moto is all leaks are false till proven otherwise.


I thought the graphics in MKX were amazing. The animation was a mixed bag. So I have mixed feelings about UE4. I think it’s a beautiful graphics engine but so many games are using it that they are starting to all look the same because of the way the engine handles things like shadows etc. But in any case I’m sure they will sort it out.

I’m actually a bit glad they are delaying this a bit. I think the “new game every two years” thing was becoming too much of an expectation rather than s great. MK 9 and X were incredibly different games and I’d like to se 11 be just as different. I think a two year cycle requires Injustice style incrementalism. Which everyone would howl about. I think even if the game is all finished and ready to go they are making a good business decision by letting the demand grow and hype build.

Edit: sorry for all the typos! I’m traveling and thumbing these out on my phone.




That was an awesome troll and an even better reveal. Freakin loved that!! The fact that it’s also launching in April is SO GREAT! Ah man, I’m sooooo happy!! :slight_smile:


Love the trailer but the music is horrible… ruins the trailer IMO. Graphics look great but… X had am amazing trailer with amazing graphics and the game didnt look or play like the trailer.
Im more excited for Jan 17th when they reveal the game.
Who’s the girl at the end?

Its going to be Epic! WHere you at KI??? @TempusChaoti You guys gotta do something in 2019 now… dont let KI fade into nothing!


So Raiden killed Scorpion, then another Younger Scorpion (Or The real Scorpion) comes out of nowhere and kills Raiden? So confused lol

Cool that MK is getting a sequel though! Excited to see how it turns out. Hopefully they learned from MKX’s shortcomings and mistakes, but I believe in NRS to update it and improve like they do every game.

Just PLEASE have good netcode on launch. :sweat:


I could never get into MKX. It just wasn’t as fun to me as KI. When I saw the MK11 CGI trailer of characters fighting to rap music, I just can’t get excited.


It appears time manipulation may be a thing, since after MK3 Scorpion shows up it shows a goddess character with the sands of time in a room made of crystal. Now I wonder if this is the same character from Jade’s arcade ending in MK9, but not wearing any kind of disguise?

I’m also interested in how Shao Khan came back, maybe Liu Kang tried to enslave his soul (like Quan Chi did in his MK9 arcade ending) but Shao Khan resists control and escapes? Even from this small trailer we got at least 3 wrenches thrown into the story mechanics.


I dunno, rap doesn’t overly fit MK, but I did like this song with the trailer more than the one that was in MKX’s trailer. I thought the beat and flow worked well with the action. I don’t think metal would’ve worked well, but it’s tough to say what would have.

Either way, I thought the trailer was interesting. Sure, the graphics and style won’t be at all indicative of the final product, but I don’t think it was devoid of elements that warrant further interpretation.

To me, it looked like they were fighting in a destroyed and decayed version of The Courtyard stage on Shang Tsung’s island from the original MK. I say this because you could see the destroyed seat Shang Tsung once sat in and the skeletons of the monks that once sat watching the action.

But then there was the whole modern looking Scorpion getting destroyed, only to have a classic looking Scorpion appear. You couple that with the woman at the end standing next to a large, kinda magical looking hour glass and it makes me wonder if time will play a role in this game even moreso than it did in MK9.

Either that or they could’ve just been showing off some new aspect like alternate timeline versions of characters, alternate versions of characters without timeline stuff, or perhaps some new take on Injustice 2’s gear system and it’s all enough to have me intrigued at the very least.

I must say too that I’m glad it’s called MK 11. I’m glad they’re moving the story forward and that it’s not some sort of side project game or crossover game. Not that this was a huge possibility. They already implied they were working on the next MK game, but still.

Last thought here… Any chance that was the woman from Jade’s MK9 ending? Or Delia perhaps? Arg, I’ve got questions! lol

I love that they have a date for a full reveal in January set and I really love that this is coming out in April! I was starting to worry this game might be skipping current gen all together. Very glad to see that’s not the case.

Now all we need is a new KI and a newLegacy of Kain and I’ll be happier than a clam in ■■■■. :slight_smile:


MKX (after GGPO was added) and Injustice 2 both played well online, so I’m sure MK11 will also.

As to whether rap goes with Mortal Kombat, it certainly can (I loved the MKX reveal trailer), but the song choice for this one was pretty crap.


I’m excited. I love MK. I just hope it’s not next gen.

Can’t wait to spend another $100 on another NRS game!