Mortal Kombat 11


That’s weird, I have been playing all morning… I wonder if it just went out after I hopped off.

@FallofSeraphs76 there is definitely some challenges with punishing in terms of latency. You do have to punish early so you may not be seeing what is truly safe if you aren’t quick off the blocks. Without a practice mode it’s tough to know for sure. The lag can also effect the amount of time you have to block on reaction too, but in general the game works well.

Yeah, if Baraka hits you the uppercut krushing blow he can then immediately do his knee one almost guaranteed. But Scorpion actually has this too (although I’m not sure what his rib cage crushing blow is).


Which one exactly? The crushing blow on F.3, 4 makes it special-cancellable. 2, 1, 2 is just more damage


I guess they were too stressed. Does that mean they failed the Stress Test?


After he uppercuts you he does a spinning back kick. I’ve never done it I’ve only had it done to me.


Scorpions is the Fwd 3,4 combo but it only crushes if its a counter or 1st hit. SOmething like that. Max and others have stated Scorpion is unsafe on everything. ONly with the cancel move set can he be safe.


I think most characters are unsafe on most things. I wasn’t arguing with you about Scorpion, but I’m guessing Skarlett’s not safe either for her strings.

I’m playing Scorpion now and I don’t feel more vulnerable on block than I did with Baraka. What’s the distance on his D,B,F 2 fatality? I can’t seem to get it.


On another note it is the uppercut crushing blow followed by the F3,4 for Scorpion. I just did it and it works. You get two crushing blows and a ton of damage.


full screen on dfb2
mid screen on bdd1

Yeah I know you werent arguing, just saying most feel that way as well. All though none of us know as you said without the practice menu with stats and details.
Its just hard to get punished when you are blocked and then when you feel its your turn it doesnt work due to a lil jab or when they completely miss due to an accidental duck or move at the right time…like WTF ? lol


Some people are just better with punishes and meaties. But a lot of the time it’s “WiFi tech.”


Good news for me if this is the general feeling…any thoughts after the stress test?


I would say he’s pretty much right, although it does have the three or four hit combo strings and pressure it’s not as much “run up then force a 50/50” as MK11. I’ve really been enjoying it.


Great to hear. Yeah I watched you play on Mixer yesterday. I really enjoyed what I saw in terms of gameplay.

(Off topic, with Japanese laws, I am not sure there will be any major offline tournaments or viable community for MK11 here soon though…kinda stuck playing 3D fighter or an anime 2D fighter… )


@BigBadAndy @TheNinjaOstrich
Dudes!! Single player Klassic towers is up!!! Hurry!!!


Lol. And here I am stuck at work fighting for my computer to unbrick itself. Time differences sure are fun :upside_down_face:


I had some other stuff to do last night. I played plenty of the stress test though. I can’t remember my exact record but it was in the neighborhood of 180 games with about a 50/50 record. Probably 3/4 of that with Baraka and the rest with Scorpion. Both still have basic moves I’ve never done, lol.

Hope you guys enjoyed the towers. I won’t be around during the open beta so the next time I play will be after the launch.


You don’t have to tell me, 3 years of watching the GGs thread blown up after I wake up the next morning was plenty :sweat_smile:




Here’s another science behined Mortal Kombat


Main issue watching this…that is not sharp, and super thick. The idea behind a cutting edge is that it applies the force is applied to a small enough point that it penetrates rather than being redistributed over a wider surface. Same reason why projectiles can pierce objects made out of harder material than themselves.

Not that I think ice out make a great weapon, but icicles cause enough injuries that I know it can still be dangerous


I ended up like 47 and 56 I started out strong on Friday night but by sunday many players had put in more time than me and started to pass me up. Especially agaisnt Baraka and Skarlet. I had the most fun against Scorpions as those where the more fun matches… Skarlet was alwyas frustrating and Baraka on sunday was super frustrating because those guys had figured out the best combos and man they hit hard!