More ultimates tomorrow?

Do you think we’ll get more ultimates tomorrow? A shadow lords update? What do you think tomorrow content will be?

Nope. I think they will show more Ultimates after reveal next character at KIWC.


Definitely not more Ultimates sadly. @rukizzel said we wouldn’t be getting more Ultimates soon. Well actually he said we’d be getting a new character reveal before new ultimates reveal. That man is a true god among trolls though. I also closely follow Mortal Kombat and Ed Boon is also a massive troll to keep the fans in suspense. @rukizzel is at LEAST on his legendary-among-MK-Fans level so who the hell knows, lol. I am eager myself to learn what goodies tomorrow brings for me to drop my hard earned money on, lol.


There will not be any more Ultimates for quite a while. Like Kev said, Character first.
So sayeth Rukari


Huh. So I wonder if tomorrow is another crimson guardian day? I’d say it’s either that or another skin pack, but that seems highly unlikely as well.

So yeah, I’ll guess Crimson Snake.


I don’t think their are anymore crimson guardians

Ultimates are months away.

More likely another crimson guardian.

Pretty sure there will be a crimson version of each guardian.

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Just posted today… hmmm

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Hopefully they release a new character while i still have some money :smiley:

@rukizzel never takes a break. lol

My trolling knows no limits!


He’s got a gauge somewhere in his office. Anytime the buzz about something gets to a certain level…?

Rukari - “Welp, let me get on Twitter and the forums, stir the pot a little more to keep buzz going.”

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Yeah and looking at the time I think it is appropriate to stir the pot once more…


They just uploaded a tease about a katana guardian. Mmmmm next character?

So was that tease the thing for today or are we still getting something in-game?

a katana guardian huh-

Wonder what it does- deliver projectiles or poison slices like Mays’s FP ender?

If it’s a guardian we can probably rule out a katana weilding character

I think they mean guardian, as in, guardian of Earth.