Monster Hunter World


Yeah, I guess the point is just pick what you like and you’ll be fine. There are some that are better than others for particular monsters or under particular circumstances. But all are viable and you won’t need to get into agonizing over your choice until pretty late in the endgame content.


one of my friends telling me that 1080 gpus cant run MH world PC version at 60fps. anybody hear about this? lol.

im planning to get my career restarted on the PC because ps4 sucks and gives me headaches from crap FPS rates


I actually found a few articles stating the opposite. That on the Highest setting, a 1080 card could run at 60, and over 100 on low settings.


awesome, this gives me hope then because i have a 1070. it was like holy ■■■■ if a 1080 cant even get 60 then im probably ■■■■■■ until the next gen GPUs show up. i wont drop money on an 80, but a 2k series i would consider since it would be a good update hardware wise. if anyone else plans to go PC version, i can be found on steam and i already got at least 2 guys willing to hunt


So over a week has passed since the Behemoth update launched, anyone here tried fighting him yet? As I bought the game just under a month ago I obviously won’t be there anytime soon (need to finish the story campaign to even access the fight, and it’s longer than I thought) but I am curious to know if anyone was able to group up and attempt it.

I’ve only seen a small amount of footage from when Max was streaming the fight but it seems to have some specific phases where failing to do exactly what the game wants you to do leads to death (apparently it’s faithful to it’s FF14 roots in that regard). Also even on day one I was hearing of how people cheesed it to death with meta tactics, not surprised if true.


So, fellow monster hunters, big news!
In early 2019 there’s going to be another crossover event: Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher is coming to Monster Hunter World!

And then in even more awesome news, in Autumn of 2019 were getting a major expansion pack: ICEBORNE


Where Geralt is the new Shovel Knight. He’s just showing up in everything.

Edit: it’s “Iceborne” and it will be paid DLC. But there will be more free content between now and then I just haven’t figured out what…


He really is, isn’t he?
Thanks for the correction BTW.

A major expansion with a name like that, here’s hoping we get some…cool new stuff. :sunglasses: But seriously I’m hoping we get a nice snow biome. Have a barioth and maybe an ice subspecies for the Anjanath and I’d be happy with that on its own.


We will for sure get a snow biome. Maybe two, although that would be a lot considering the scope of the world. But it be interesting to see what kind of pricing and content they provide. To be honest, I will buy it almost no matter what. Historically they have added new content and then sold it as a new retail game in Japan so this is almost guaranteed to be better than that.


Sometimes jokes speak for themselves.


And yet it’s surprisingly less ambitious than previous games, or even Tekken 7 for that matter. But I guess time will tell if they put in something as crazy as Kamen Rider again.

With that said, I recently came back to the game and did the Deviljho quest. I’m wondering if it’s worth making Deviljho weapons at all, since -30% affinity seems pretty crippling in terms of overall damage. I assume this is one of those games where most damage comes from critical damage, which is common in a lot of ARPGs I’ve played over the years (Diablo, Torchlight, etc.). Is it worth keeping Deviljho weapons or should I only make them to help make it easier to farm other high-level monsters for their weapons instead?


This is definitely what I’ve been waiting for to jump back in to MHW. I’m in the middle of Generations Ultimate on Switch right now and I hope they use Iceborne as an opportunity to get the tech in for more non-wyvern monster types.


Yo Andy check it out!!! @BigBadAndy


Yeah I was kind of aware of this. I haven’t been religious about keeping up with the in game events due to my life schedule, and honestly I’m not particularly hype for Geralt. But Capcom keeps putting in this new content which is very cool.


Honestly I thought the Witcher update would be coming out this month, kind of a bummer but at least I got the Assassin’s Creed items for the time being (though it’s strange how it was called the AC: Odyssey event and had nothing to do with that specific AC game).


Well the Witcher event finally started yesterday I believe (I only knew about it today). I was surprised at the amount of effort they put into this quest.

Spoilers just in case:

It’s a single player only quest where you play as Geralt, you start with his weapons (it’s part of the sword and shield weapon class) but can talk to an NPC to use other preset weapons, and you get a few sidequests in the quest itself. You also get Witcher style dialogs with multiple choices (the mimic the Witcher games themselves) and fight one of the enemies from the game itself.

I was more surprised though that you get an item that lets you cast the Igni sign after you beat the quest, and equipping the Geralt armor set gives you a better version of it. You also get a gesture that lets you cast Igni (so double Igni, but one is more powerful). You also get Palico equipment based on the goblin-looking things from the Witcher games (pretty sure I can’t say the name here, you’ll know when you see it).

Overall, I was really impressed with the new content. It was one of the more fun things I did in MH:W after beating the main campaign months ago.

Edit: Late I know, but I found out that the Igni item and gesture both do the same damage and share the same cooldown timer, so no fire spam in that regard. Also the next part of the event (as shown by the reveal trailer they released) has Ciri and the Ancient Leshen, which will actually be a proper hunt (as in multiplayer, your character, etc.).

I’m interested to see how far this event goes in the end.