Monster Hunter World


Wow, you stayed up late for that one!

I’m stuck at HR 49 and tried once to beat the tempered Kirin. He was limping but managed to cart me for the third time after we blew up his horn. At least I got the horn.

I’m not so much discouraged by the fail as by the fact that I don’t really know how better to prepare. I don’t really want to have to grind Xeno armor just to get my lightening resistance up…


I really want to join you guys, nice to see the positivity surrounding this game…or any game for that matter!


Fortunately you didn’t have to listen to me immediately after losing to that Kirin. But I hear what you’re saying. I’m so tired of hearing about what people don’t like. Following FGC personalities on Twitter actually makes me LESS interested in fighting games and esports. So much complaining and so much drama. We play games for fun don’t we? Why does it seem like none of these guys are having fun?

Monster Hunter World is just fun to play. It has really found a sweet spot where the grind loop is fun and satisfying and fighting the monsters is a great combination of solid preparation and actual skill/experience. So it’s grindy but fun to play. And because it’s cooperative not competetive people don’t have any reason to fight with each other.

Look us up when/if you get it.


I managed to take on Tempered Kirin on my first go with less than optimal equipment I think, so I could try and help you tonight @BigBadAndy in between Deviljho hunts
And @BoJima404 is welcome to join! And while I’m at it @MandrillManiac too!


I’ll try to stay awake! :open_mouth:


Errrr… change of plans guys. @BigBadAndy @MandrillManiac @BoJima404
I might not have time tonight. But for a good reason. My best friend from high school just hit me up for the first time in like 4 years and I’m gonna be doing some catching up!


That’s no problem man. I’m not sure whether or not I will play tonight anyway just because life.


Not a problem

I’m tired anyway dude.

Work is a cruel mistress


Ggs and thanks @Fwufikins for the help pummeling Teostra. I may head back after that Kirin tonight.


Will try, but I’d also promised my Uncle I’d house sit this weekend. Need to work out the deets with him about that
Also you definitely gotta share that clip of Teo getting elder sealed in the middle of his self destruct attack. It was a thing of beauty


Oh shoot yeah. Let me see if I can do that from the app…

EDIT: I messaged it to you through the Xbox app. I can’t upload it to OneDrive from the app though so I can’t post it here.


Okay, here’s the clip.!AiH7KpjJns6-mUp-eydKs6TrcDuY

If you don’t know what you’re looking at this may appear underwhelming. The monster is Teostra and he can unleash a huge explosion that is incredibly damaging. In this clip, my hunter commits to a damaging but lengthy samurai sword slash and right as I do it the Teostra takes to the air to start the run up to this giant explosion. At this point I am doomed. There is no way I can come down, recover and then get out of range if his explosion. That’s MH. But right as I am trying to roll dodge futilely away, one of my friends hits him with a weapon that has elderseal. This is a characteristic that randomly, rarely and completely unpredictably will turn off an elder dragons special powers. On this strike Teostra’s powers are momentarily extinguished and he does not explode. I survive and somehow manage to hit the Xbox record that button.


Once I reach my goals with an online collectible card game I am sinking hours into atm then I’ll be ready to get back to “normal” games lol I’ll definitely join!!


What game is that?


>When you hunt 10 Deviljhos looking for a gem but then your fiance gets one on her very first hunt


oh, just Gwent, the Witcher’s CCG spin-off. GrandMaster (highest rank) is the last achievement and most challenging.


So in the wake of all the updates this game has gotten (including the announcement of the FF14 crossover next month) I finally decided to buy MHW on PS4 (mainly because I only have a dozen or so games on it). I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game before so I’m wondering what a good weapon would be for most of the game’s progression.

I tried using a katana but I didn’t like it’s moveset (felt too much like a greataxe from Dark Souls IMO) and I’m wondering if the knife+shield combo is something I could use in a meaningful fashion. Is it worth upgrading/creating better versions of this weapon class, or is it considered too weak outside of early game?


Weapon Choice is 100% up to the user. Every weapon can be used viably if they click with you. I’ve got friends that love weapons I just can’t stand and do great things with them.
Best piece of advice is to use the low level version of every weapon to try stuff out on low level monsters. Then when you find one you really enjoy you can invest in it. Hell, after a good chunk of play time you should be able to make a collection of weapons.


That’s the problem, I don’t want to divide my attention between too many weapons at once, it’s a habit from fighting games where I only main about 1 or 2 characters for the sake of focus. I guess I could go on free roam mode if I ever feel a need to do it, but for now I’ll just wing it with my current weapon set. Hopefully this won’t cripple me too bad in certain parts of the campaign.


Don’t worry, if you get decent with a weapon you’ll be able to take on anything you please. Just be sure to invest in armor-perks that gel with your playstyle and grab a couple of decent variants for your weapon of choice to hit different elemental weaknesses and you should be golden.