Monster Hunter World


I’m thinking I’ll make a second character just to see how all the armies look on the Males at some point. Because it being Japanese there’s some pretty stark differences between the costumes depending on gender.

And I’ll get around the Final Fantasy syndrome for my male character by making them look like me: a big plump burly Viking!.. though none of the beards are as long as mine so i may need to improvise


I love that guy’s videos. This is my favorite one from the Tri days.


I made a second character
The pipes were calling. It’s in my blood


Beat the campaign last night. It was down to the last 5 minutes with the final boss so it got pretty intense. Overall MHW has been a really fun game.


It’s been fun watching myself evolve as a player.

First playthrough: Oh man, I’d better hide from this Rathian. I’m not ready to take her on and definitely not alone! I gotta get much further and get better gear and perfect my weapon skills before I can evem touch one of the big wyverns!

Second Playthrough: I’m going to beat the crap out of this Rathian with a weapon I’ve been using for about an hour, capture her, then go fishing for a bit, and THEN continue on my quest and finish with another capture with more than half an hour left on my time.

Also, my poor fiance was about to take down her first Anjanath. He was limping to his lair with skulls on his icon and every thing. She lays down her trap and prepares to lure him… where upon he forgets he was near death, goes rage mode on sight, and instakills her with fire for her last faint.
I’d never seen one do that before and we both just kinda sat there in shock for a good solid minute before she decided it was time to clean the rum out of the cupboard. :joy:


That ■■■■ is classic monster hunter.


Update on waifu’s playthrough:
Remember the Anjanath that ruined her evening? She got her revenge. Cap’d it without even fainting once. I’m proud. Looking forward to getting home from work, grabbing her a little congratulatory present, and then sitting down with a beer and some Monster Hunter.

What are the new limited bounties/Event Quests this week? I’ll find out when I get off but you know

Also here’s some art of everyone’s favorite Meowscular Chef!
He is beauty, he is gains

Here’s a link to the artist too!
Check out :meat_on_bone:お:bacon:肉:cut_of_meat: (@ruganikutabetai):


Hate to double post but I’ve already edited and this is somewhat different.
Some of you may have seen the Honest Game Trailer for the old Monster Hunter games (I know @BigBadAndy has).

Well, now they have a follow up for MH World!

At the end though beware. Apart from some spoilery stuff there’s also a really low blow :joy:


Beautiful game.


TFW you get 3 gems in a single hunt



I have no doubt @IronGalaxy would do a great job in this. I doubt Capcom wants to compete with their own WiiU game (MHXX). But I hope they realize this would be the way to go.


■■■■, you never realize how important your gear really is till you try and get into High Rank quests with your second character. I have a whole outfit made out of Bazelgueuse and about 4 different maxed out weapons but even with all my experience fighting him I still can’t manage to finish him off in time before he leaves during an expedition with the new guy.

Also, apparently MHW is ridiculously lucrative for Capcom. It’s their best selling game by a frightening margin. Resident Evil 7 was the previous holder with 7.3 million from last year to today, and Monster Hunter is now sitting at 7.5 million after a single month. Jeez, this thing is just selling like mad.


So waifu got into HR tonight. Specifically because we wanted to get her the Wiggler Head. And I swear I haven’t laughed so hard all dang year. Reason being is the entire time we were playing she put on this voice that sounded somewhere in between Ed from Ed, Edd, n Eddy and the Almighty Tallest from Invader Zim and just pretended to be human the entire time

while loading canons on the Zorra Magdoros quest “I WILL DELIVER THE HUMAN EGG BABIES TO HAVE MIRACLE OF LIFE”


And I haven’t even bought my copy yet.

Originally, I was a huge fan but the older entries had clunky controls and camera angles that made me give up after there was no improvement despite other games in its genre clearly improving. Also, the first few years I played in Japanese which as a non native was too tiring. Happy to hear it’s opened up to larger audience.


I can’t help but hear this any time a monster runs off on me

Also, I’ve been looking around: am I the only one who doesn’t really have a problem fighting Kirins? Maybe it’s just because I’m so used to the Greatsword style of play but I’ve found that as long as I don’t try to force engagements and play at a patient pace it’s usually pretty tolerable. Sure the Tempered version does a ton of damage but the tells for his big attacks are usually pretty easy to read.


Also k hate to double post but this is important:

Capcom is having a Deviljho Live Stream Tomorrow!
Check out @MH_official_JP’s Tweet:


I’ve basically only fought the one, lol. But I don’t find them exceptionally hard. Like everything else in MH you have to be prepared and patient.


So, Capcom live Stream happened. Here’s a link.

It’s all in Japanese so I’m just deciphering from the few lines of English and visuals.
Edit: Capcom Unity released a news thing we can read!
Here’s some news from the CapCom live stream:

-Deviljho will be released on March 22nd. His appearance marks the Spring event with visual changes to the hub and the return of almost every previous event quest for casual play. Plus more vouchers!

-He’ll invade HighRank quests after you complete the “??? Rathian” quest. After meeting certain conditions, you’ll get an assignment to hunt him down.

-He has some very interesting reactions with some other creatures in the environment. After fighting a Great Jagras or Kulu Yaku for example, Deviljho weaponizes it, using it to try and attack you*. He’ll also be seen wandering the environment with other monsters trapped in his jaws.

-There is a battle between the Pickle and the Pinecone. Deviljho and Bazelgueuse, the 2 biggest trolls in Monster Hunter, have a Turf War.

The update also includes other stuff to be released over the course of the Season including:

-New Weapons and Armor, including the Deviljho gear, Megaman Crossover Palico Gear, Devil May Cry Crossover Gear, and more.

You’ll be able to reset your character’s appearance at any time, including their gender/sex!


-Balance Changes! Apart from the guns, which were left alone, every weapon got buffs(and bug fixes). There’s too many to list here but if anyone has any particular questions I’ve got screenshots.


Well, killed my first Pickle today and it was a silver crown!
Just so everyone knows, the Deviljho update is live and ready to go