Monster Hunter World


I’m 99% an Insect Glaive user, but damn if the hammer isn’t just meatheaded pummeling fun.


One thing I’ve found out is that, if you equip the Gillie Mantle, you can basically get a free egg per use of it. It makes those missions trivial.


Finished the main story tonight. Pretty damn awesome. It was pretty satisfying.
Be ready. The final boss is kinda nutty but still totally doable if you know what you’re doing.


Its true. Identifying and using equipment to make missions easier can also be referred to as “planning.”


Yeah I just decided to do it the hard way, so @BigBadAndy and Co. just helped me get rid of the Rathian. I tried the Ghillie method too but got impatient trying to find a route back to camp (without realizing i could pin directions on my map for the scoutflies to follow)

Edit because I’m not going to double post:
I like how after you finish the story the Leveling system changes up. It starts out with you jumping in Rank after certain story progress. But End Game the Rank takes on a standard XP system for completing hunts.
Speaking of, my current goal is to complete the remaining optional quests I have left and hope something new pops up. Otherwise it’s going to be Investigations, Events, and Bounties for the rest of forever and I’m starting to worry I won’t be able to complete the Meowscular Chef’s menu :joy:


I beat Vaal Hazaak without much issue last night, but this Kushala Daora thing is SUPER annoying. Got really close but it corner trapped me and my ally with its wind tornadoes at the end. Working on a bowgun and an armor set with windproof skills right now to deal with him. I’m told I’m pretty close to the end of the campaign.

I know I’m still far from exploring all the content the game has to offer, but I’m curious how they’ll handle the free updates post-launch. The first “major title update” they talked about coming this spring can’t just be that Devilhjo monster, right?


Typically, MH updates in the past have included monster variants and a lot of quest variants. So, long lists of monsters to kill on a single hunt, time limits and alternate locations for monsters etc. I would expect more of this type of content, although I couldn’t say for certain what the first update will or won’t include. As a series, MH typically introduces a lot of “remixed” content rather than brand new stuff.


After a failure on each, I ended up beating Rathalos and Diablos both with a hammer (lol) and got High Rank unlocked. Hammer really is stupid high-damage fun.

Rathalos’ loss was at least amusing. On my last faint, Rathalos is hurt, Rathian shows up and charges and breaks the dam above the nest. Rathalos and Rathian are knocked down the falls. Rathalos was critical, Rathian is pissed off, and then Anjanath shows up. Fire everywhere, tail swipe chains, dive bombs and charging with zero space to manage it all… gg

Now, we’re back to poor Great Jagras just gettin’ whipped on all over again. Monster Bones + aren’t going to farm themselves, you know.


MFW I’m proud that I try to capture every single monster I hunt but then I realize that the drop I want for my Rathlos Glinsword may only be available by carving a corpse and all my previous attempts to get it were just ■■■■■■■ in the wind anyway

Edit: (I know this edit is late but again I’m going to set a good example and not double post)
@TempusChaoti if you’re ever in the neighborhood for some hunting partners on the Xbox version feel free to look me up. Your Insect Glaive mounting shenanigans would be an excellent pair with a hearty Greatsword!


I was about to ask you what your GT was. Duh. I’m on every other night or so (PST) around 9 PM.

I’ll happily use glaive, dual blades, or hammer. I’d also like to get better with bow, but not at the expense of a serious hunt.

Man all these alpha / beta sets now… so much farming to do for 'em… and weapons on top of that. Ugh.

And in an example of really annoying UI: when something is on your wishlist, you can go to wishilst from the menu and select the components so you know where they come from, but you can’t do that in any other screen (like weapon crafting or upgrading) which is just idiotic.


I’ll do my best to make sure I’m not too starstruck so I can focus on the hunt at hand! :joy:
I’m a hardcore Greatsword main. I initially started with the hammer and I might try and go back to it (mostly because i need to farm some horns to make the ultimate form of my sword of choice as well as my Anti-Stun charm. However I learned some new tricks from a YouTube tutorial that I’m hoping will amp up my Greatsword game even more. I’d hate to be too specialized but if I’m the right kind of specialized that someone needs I’d like to be the best I can!


I picked up MHW on the Xbox too, but so far I’ve just been running solo since my friends who purchased it got it for PS4 or PC. It’s the only MH game I’ve played so it;s a matter of trying to learn and understand the game, how to properly farm, etc. The main weapon sets I’ve been using are the sword & shield, the Charge Blade, and the Switch Axe.

So far I’m struggling with the fact that Defense doesn’t really feel like it helps a lot, most hits from any large beast seem to take large chunks off of my health! I think I’m only Hunter Rank 5 so far, so I probably have a lot to learn.


Yeah, defence doesn’t seem to be the most important thing until you pile on a ton of it. I went through most of the early game with incrementally upgraded Bone armor w/ Kestadon gauntlets because for most of the really powerful monsters early game Fire resistance is king (plus I just couldn’t find any sets that looked better).

Most of the time I just choose armor based on the Skills I want with a side of fashion. Things like extra Affinity or resistence to different debuffs. They provide a much bigger effect on gameplay I’ve found than just the physical defence.

Anyway I’ll extend the same invitation I sent to Isgreen. If ever you need assistance I’ll be there to at least try!


This is very true. But MH players have been putting up with terrible in game menu systems forever. The menus in this game are a huge leap over previous games. That doesn’t make it less silly, but at least they are moving in the right direction.


I found this on my social media and it was too good not to share. Spoilers just in case but this is the most wonderful programming quirk I’ve ever seen

Big Red Pupper Go BOING
Check out @xnaga_mk2’s Tweet:


My how the mighty have fallen…
I did the Chew the Fat event quest today (2 Low Rank Great Jagras). What was once my first Big monster challenge I can now kill in 3 hits. Damn, I’m sorry nature but I’m the big predator now.

Sure High Ranked and Tempered monsters will still be a challenge at times but I feel so sorry for any low ranked monsters I have to fight in the future for event quests.

Also, PSA, the usually limited Zorra Magdoros runback quest is one of the event quests this week, so anyone who wants Zorra gear now is your chance!


if this is a repost my bad. but i saw this video and it had me laughing really hard




I has MHW… still grinding in the beginning though. My sad Monster Hunter looks like a typical FF androgynous male hero… cries


i just rolled a female one to get by that