Modded Colors thus far

These are all the colors ive completed thus far that are worth posting enjoy🤗



This is why ki needs a color editor. I am willing to pay.

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■■■■ yes! I wanna make my own specific and make it something you cna unlock for gettign a character a tlevel 50

Frieza Glacius. lol


Honestly, as much as golden Frieza gets hyped because of the DB Super power boost, I’d rather see his classic white & purple.

I’m a frieza fanboy, literally, he’s my favorite DBZ character ever.

I hate golden frieza, its weird and gross. Goku went super so Frieza went gold too? Plus it made no sense, the way frieza talked it was as if he CHOSE the gold color, do you get th choose your transformations in DBZ? Golden Frieza is tacky and I’m hoping he finds a way to evolve past it, like how Goku skips the “god” form now. Maybe something like his old ones into a new body type.

Back on topic… I want a custom color creator sooooo bad.

Kan Ra color makes me feel all sorts of wonderful pants feelings


The Riptor and Cinder colors need to be a thing.

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Look Maya got Starfire shader

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Wulf Aganos and TJ #2


Ive been away a while im back Shago got MK palettes nd such and i gave everyone i could an injustice 2 God skin that i could enjoy


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That awkward moment when these gold skins look better than the in game gold skins…


Maybe so, but the gold skins in game are similar in tone (color?) to KI Gold’s gold colors, so in my book that gives them brownie points for nostalgic factor.

True enough I guess, but it’s mainly hair in these colors that makes them look a little off, Sabrewulf in particular to my eyes is basically the color of urine, which I find off putting to say the least.

Love that Noob-Saibot looking Shago!!

Man, if anyone at MS or IG sees this, I would really love it if, when this KI has been deemed “complete” by the dev and the publisher, that they gave us a full on color editor with shading, a color wheel we can drag a cursor around to get the exact color we want, and the ability to pick which parts we want to change colors on as a sort of “thank you for playing” present so we could create stuff like this and share it online when we play.

Maybe it gets unlocked for each character at level 50? Either way, I’d love something like that, and love these pics, OP! Great job. :slight_smile:

I dunno… I think giving us a parting color editor could backfire and make a big PR stink for the long-time players that have had to scratch and claw to get all the color variants, especially those that got the figures. If they make a sequel I think it would be an awesome idea from day 1 to let us do our own colors, but as far as this KI…not such a good idea.