Mira Tech Thread!

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Yeah, pretty sure it’s a bug, and I’ve reported it a long time ago, but it never got patched.

Not that big of a deal to make the video, it’s only a couple combos long, I’ll do it anyway when I get the time =)

Yeah, Johnny rocks. Such an awesome character. GG is by far my second favorite fighter, I’ve always loved it. KI still beats it for first place though, in my books!

Yesterday I think I saw a match vid where a Mira player did heavy embrace in the neutral and Mira seemed to float really strangely in place after letting go of the opponent and before getting back on the ground, making her negative after landing the command grab =S really hope this isn’t a stealth nerf to the character, but I’ll have to test it out and understand what that was.


This happens to me quite often. While mid game and this happens I always try to rewatch the match but I keep forgetting to look. This floating thing can also happen randomly while air dashing. Fortunately it has never been a disadvantage for me.

Get her instant air dash timing locked down. Many times I’ll instant air dash cancel into j.HP against a crouching enemy and they never expect to block high and not low.


im starting to get her instant air dashes down now, id like to thank my guilty gear experience for that. though i havent yet perfected it. its more difficult for me to do it on the stick than on a regular controller.

currently ive been doing regular throw > dash in > jump over opponent > reverse dash into J.FK > combo. that ■■■■ is dirty lol. ill do a regular cross up also if they are expecting it, or just mist their reversal


Wanna know what else is dirty? Her s.MP and cr.MP after a jump attack. Jump in at a well defensed player with j.HP and follow with s.MP and they may try to shadow cancel it because you forced them into blocking the air attack. Chances are they’ll shadows cancel only the first hit of the attack and the 2nd one will hit them making them waste shadow meter and opening you up for a combo.

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yup, ive done that a few times haha then they get locked out because of it and they eat 60% damage combo. love it


Yeah rapid multi hitting moves like s.MP and c.MP are great to undermine shadow counter attempts.

A great way to use them is also during pressure, after going for poke > heavy trephine a couple of times, go for a + on block poke and then s.MP into a combo opener, to try and punish shadow counters.


i have updated the video section of the OP, we got an FT10 featuring UA Bass vs amenty’s mira! it has alot of juicy action in there for anyone who is learning mira or needs new ideas to review. enjoy, there is some pretty nasty stuff in there

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Ok, so here’s the bug I was mentioning earlier, with MP bats. It’s been talked about before, I’ve reported it in the bugs section, but the way I see it, if it hasn’t been removed up till now, it may not be for quite a while, or never at all.

It’s not broken or OP, it’s not game breaking, it’s simply a strong offensive oki and combo tool. With the recent nerfs to health gain and Mist, I think Mira needs all the tools she can get, so I see nothing wrong with using this while it’s available. I’d actually love to see this become a thing, instead of a bug, since it’d mean giving us a reason to actually use MP bats.

Video of the bug itself:

With shadow bats, it gives us similar possibilities as the instinct activation setup I posted some time ago. Basically, after shadow bats we can link one of the 3 strengths of trephine into MP bats into any strength manual or even manual another any strength trephine.

Video of basic combo application with shadow bats:

After throw, we get a free reaping with MP bats coming behind, so in case it’s blocked, we only need to hold back for an instant and block any button our opponent may press, and we have a free punish with MP bats as opener, or if the opponent is aware and respects the bats, we basically get a reaping that’s backed up by free pressure from the bats. On hit, we actually get the same combo opportunities as with the setup above.

Another setup (2nd video) is mist (slightly easier to time, but not at all worth the life loss) or with a double dash forward, that give us a s.HP meaty into MP bats into any strength manual, or with airdash which also gives us an awesome crossup j.HK meaty into MP bats into any strength manual (both meaties tested against jumping and s.HP spam and they’re true meaties).

Videos of basic oki setups and combo possibilities with throw:

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Btw, Bass has been playing a bit of Mira recently, so people who wanna learn the basics for the character can also use his most recent rough sets to do so.

Here’s a FT10 of Bass’s Mira vs LCD’s Arby (yeah LCD picked up arby =D):


Im not sure if this has been stated already, I havent finished reading through the entire thread but it wasnt in the OP. Earlier someone posted about the instant air dash. I’m not 100% this works on stick but I have a hitbox and just inputing 686 or 484 really quickly does instant air dashes 100% of the time. Its much much easier than trying to do 966 or whatever in my opinion.


Since the RAAM update, her airdash can be made with 9~6 or 7~4. The game now accepts the diagonal inputs as a forward input as well, when it comes to Mira’s airdashes.


i busted out an instant air dash on the stick just above the floor and nailed the opponent with air to air FP. went into combo from there and he ate a lock out, was very sick! i need to learn how to do this consistently.

as of now i am starting to pick up on my weakness with mira. i think i become to predictable, i am scared of gambling life away so the opponent will turtle up seeing my options are now very limited. i need to throw fear to the wind and mix things up. risks must be taken

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I was messing around with some new ideas to use during Instinct and came across some interesting things with the instinct bat in the corner.

The bat refreshes in a few seconds. If you were to grab the other player while a bat is about to spawn, during the grab the bat will spawn and hit them. This gives a quick chance to juggle them with any move and cash out with Shadow Reaping.

The opponent has 2 chances to combo break and a sneaky grab reset to watch out for. Using the Instinct bat in the corner you can shadow Reaping the 1 chance juggle for some huge damage. 65% damage when combining the first combo and the reset.

The opponent only has 1 chance to break and a sneaky grab. By using the Instinct bat after a grab you can shadow Reaping to cash out the damage.

The opponent has 3 chances to break the combo and also a sneaky grab reset. 71% damage when combining the first combo and the grab reset.

If anything these are more fancy ways of dealing damage but still really cool to able to cash out on a grab with Mira. I don’t think I’ve seen any kind of video or chat about this, so hey here’s something new for you guys.


Does Mira has a safe jump set up that work against Jago dp ?


thanks for the recent contributions guys

@Samish02 i am at this time unaware if mira does have that tactic available to her against jago. usually i go for a read and just mist through it, or block.

my mira is still pretty much trash as of this writing, its gonna take months to get used to her. this was the norm when i picked up hisako (it took me 8 months to get anywhere, i r old. lol)


Not sure if you guys know this but I found a setup that lets her land a reaper mixup at max range off forward throw

Forward throw (do not do it in the corners or risk getting punished if they block it)>light bats> m/h reaper.
the light bats it completely varies character by character by how wide they are and how low they can go (case by case by most it’s 1-2).
Projectile shadow specials beat it but it beats invincible reversals like Jago’s. You have to test character by character.


The KV inflicted by Bloody Seekers has been increased by 20% and deals the full amount even during low KV juggle states. (While cool, some of the Seeker juggle loops were just too long to ask players to be hit by with nothing breakable happening. This change shortens these combos, but they remain a great option for guaranteed damage.)
The potential damage inflicted by Instinct’s Vampire Mist was decreased by 50%. (The use of this in combos dealing absurd damage needed to be reduced. You can still get huge damage with these setups, however.)
The recoverable health restored during Instinct’s Vampire Miss has been increased by 25%. (To compensate for dealing less damage, we wanted to try letting her heal back a bit more, letting her go a little more nuts with high-cost moves attempting resets and mixups.)
Increase the amount of recoverable health restored from Bite linkers has been increased by 50% (from 10 points per bite up to 15) (Mira now has a more consistent way of recovering her blood health from midscreen without spending shadow meter, and entering the combo system keeps the risk/reward nicely in check. This should both allow Mira to enjoy spending more blood health, and should make using the bite linkers a bit more appealing)
Fixed a bug where Mira would not jump to her full height when performing a jump attack after getting hit out of her air dashes.
Fixed a bug that let her cancel out of Medium Bloody Seekers early if her opponent was currently in a reaction.
Fixed a bug where canceling out of Mira’s air dashes maintained some physics properties of an air dash. This allowed players to perform low to the ground attacks without going through Mira’s full jump height.


Personally, I love the changes. The tone down for mist dmg and bat juggles is warranted, and it doesn’t hit her all that hard. To make up for it, we now have a decent way to gain life with bite linkers actually becoming a meaningful thing, and the extra life gain from mist should mean an even bigger life swing with an opening if there’s enough silver life to regain.

Also, popping instinct in the neutral, sending out mist to regain life and then going ham on the opponent kinda becomes an even better option now, and a considerable one, as before I would strictly use instinct after an opening, and mostly always only got one instinct per match because of this precisely.


Agreed. I was playing a few games last night and i feel like I can enjoy using medium bats now that the glitch is gone. I won’t feel cheap using them no more. And with the embrace linkers giving more health I can use blood more freely. Feels like a good change for Mira overall.

I seem to pick characters that never get too little or too harsh of a change when these patches roll out. Feels good man.

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I’m gonna be putting more work into mira surely, she needed the HP boost. My neutral sucks with her, and it’s vital to her success. So much training to do so little time

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I like what they did with Mira. I was hoping for a slight damage reduction in exchange for having her moves drain slightly less refillable health, but this is much better. I really like what they did with her bite linkers, which will definitely make me use those more often when I need a little refill.

Overall, I think she’s much more “realized” in terms of her initial vision. I feel a bit more empowered to use some more of her heavy hitting because I know that I can get more of that refillable health back more easily. I think that’s as it should be, rather than sort of normalizing her damage output and loss of health, they just helped the small part that seemed to be lacking a bit before. Much appreciated.

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