Microsoft surveys a poll on KI3

hmmm. it’s one thing for IG to do an internal poll. but I’ve never seen one done outside the studio.

Check this thread. Judging by the way it appears, I think On MSFT got this relatively old news from a survey that Rukari outright debunked.

I answer one!!! it was looooong, it asked a lot of stuff about playing online, the rewards, design, new characters etc.

I think its cool to have our voice heard out there, but im afraid this doesnt apply ALL to changes / improvements in KI, i think they will use it to improve other fighting games maybe??

The survey I was given this past week did have this listed, I can confirm.

Are you saying this article is giving late news?

If so that would be a bummer.

It would seem so. Rukari just debunked it on twitter again:

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thanks for clearing this up

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I’m not saying to believe rukkari one way or another. but to be clear. he has a checklist of what he’s is told to tell us. he can’t confirm it for obvious reasons but he can also deny the claim. to which would also be true and correct because no one has released an official statement. meh. who cares anyway

If Rukari says something is absolutely not real, I believe him. He’s a troll at heart and would rather tease or say nothing than outright deny something exists.