Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite


Ugh, I saw new posts and got my hopes up, I gotta stop doing that.

Well for starters Marvel won’t allow the F4 unless all of them are separate characters (which is why MvC3 had Super Skrull, to circumvent that), also I’m surprised you added Green Goblin and Cyclops instead of Hel (Loki’s daughter, ruler of the Underworld) and Cable. In the case of the Capcom side, I would’ve replaced Rashid with Menat, as I feel her gameplay would be more unique since you already have Black Panther and Strider in the roster, both of which already do Rashid’s “be everywhere” type of gameplay in terms of Aerial Rushdown style.

Also Monster Hunter I would replace with the Huntsman from MH: World as not only is he a far more interesting character (despite also being an NPC) but it would give them an excuse to incorporate different weapons like the Long Sword, Bowgun, etc. Spencer I feel should come back but be overhauled (and as the Classic NES/Rearmed appearence by default), Wesker wasn’t in RE6, Nemesis could be replaced by another B.O.W. (Mr. X, Mutated Jack Baker, etc.) and why are Ghost Rider and Frank DLC? Just curious since unless they are completely overhauled versions of those characters it just feels pointless to resell them. And is Super Ace just the plane itself flying around? Again, just curious since we could use more crazy characters like M.O.D.O.K in that regard.

Overall good list, but it would be heel to balance, there’s a reason devs like Harada focused on smaller rosters in recent years.

As long as her power usage isn’t done offscreen I’m fine with this. I also nominate Nick Fury since he could summon assists and airstrike from the Helicarrier, alongside gun combos (basically a crazier version of Winter Soldier).

With everything said, I recently bought the DLC characters during a sale and I and was just surprised at how much fun all of them are; even Black Panther, who is considered the weakest of the DLC cast, still has crazy rekka combos which I like (and I normally despise rushdown characters so that says a lot to me). I honestly wish this game’s budget had extended beyond the gameplay, there is so much stuff I liked about the gameplay but everything else is mediocre (graphics, story) to downright bad (music, most of the voiceover). If anything is to happen in the future, they should salvage the fighting engine and put it to far better art and sound assets, just to give us the game everyone deserved. Maybe then ArkSys can finally be put on blast for charging $8 for their DLC characters, just saying.


Is that really a rule marvel has for Fantastic Four? I mean, I guess I could see some gameplay potential from Fantastic, but not really from invisible woman.

Goblin is Spider-Man’s arch enemy. He’s his Joker. He’s got to be in their. Plus, if you have the DLC, then you have a Sinister Six!

I mean, Cyclops is the original X-Men leader so it makes sense to bring him back. And Loki is one of the most popular marvel characters in gen pop opinions. To the point that I actually owe one of my freinds money because he wasn’t in Infinite. I am so surprised he didn’t make it in.

I went with Rashid because he’s like, SFV’s secondary mascot. I never played him so I didn’t know what he did.

I wanted the female monster Hunter. We need as many opportunities for female characters as possible. Maybe if a slot got opened up somewhere we could do both, but i’m Not getting rid of her. Plus I like how she plays in Infinite.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Spencer. I just felt his relative unpopularity meant it was time for him to go. I mean, this probably wasn’t a good barometer, but in Maxamilion Dood’s story mode infinite play through he would just shout “who are you” whenever Spencer showed up. That spoke to me.

I thought about replacing nemesis with Jack Baker, but as i’m not a big Resident Evil fan, I didn’t know if it would be a good idea to replace a long standing legacy character with someone who may only appear in this one game. Plus it also feels weird replacing tentacles and a rocket launcher with an ax.

Ghost Rider and Frank are DLC because I really wanted them back, but needed room on the main roster for other fighters. Plain and simple. They were just kind of overflow.

I imagined Super Ace being the pilot. But designed in the same way as Fox in Smash Bros, where his attacks actually mirror what his plane dose in his actual games, but done by the guy with his weapons.

Also, while you didn’t ask, i still want to explain. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch would be a tag team fighter that share a health bar. Probably what you were expecting. Ant-Man and The Wasp however would function as one singular entity. Let me walk you through a basic combo. You punch with Ant-Man, and then the immediate normal follow up would be a dive bomb from wasp while he shrinks. Wasp then grows and dives back while firing lasers. Ant-Man does a growing uppercut before a shrunken wasp flies at them again. Imagine all of that, really quickly. Ant-Man and The Wasp would do stuff like that.


My only thing I’d i understand they want to include a lot of characters in mcu but there are so many wonderfully powered obscure marvel characters even outside of x- men that are awesome candidates

I wonder how the next move with an official mtvel fighting game will come out


Adding Blackheart as DLC works for me. though I’d also add Shuma Gorath and the Lizard to that list.


I’m kicking myself for forgetting Blade. Might just expand the DLC list. I mean, it’s already so rediculously big that it would never happen. Might as well go all out.

Edit: I FORGOT ASURA!!! Gotta add to it now for definite.


Yes, that’s why the MvC3 team put Super Skrull, since Marvel would not allow them to have only one of the F4 playable. Skrull was the compromise since he has all of their powers at once.

True, but Cyclops doesn’t have much going for him in terms of moveset (Marvel even refused to allow him in MvC3). Also I never said to remove Loki, I just said it would have been cool if his daughter Hel was also playable.

Is he? I never knew he was so popular, but it doesn’t change my statement on moveset overlap with him and Panther/Strider.

Oh no she’s great, but she is literally just a generic NPC not based on any specific MH game (and she has the worst voiceover of the DLC cast IMO). I guess the best thing to do is to keep her, while adding the Huntsman as a second MH rep with new weapons and moves; the MvCI hunter uses Greatsword/Dual Blades/Bow while the Huntsman could use Long Sword/Insect Glaive/Either Bowgun. Because you’re right, the Monster Hunter was a great addition to the game, though IMO changing the voice would be mandatory; MH fans already bash her for speaking in the first place, since the player characters never talk in MH games (though I guess you could call her an NPC, since they always talk). We don’t need badly directed voice acting adding more fuel to that fire (I know it was Marvel’s fault, but still).

Well I said mutated Jack Baker, I actually thought of a moveset where acts like Nemesis in most of his moves by doing large transformation attacks (like what he does in RE7). Keep in mind Nemesis’s Level 3 has him turning into his final form from RE3, so it’s not like they bother too much with canon (since in RE3 he needed to fuse with a tyrant to get that form anyways). I guess he could have his humanoid self with the axe for his starting form, like how Phoenix Wright had to “level up” his investigations to get to the final Turnabout mode, and then become more monstrous as he gets more powerful during the match. Basically a “best of both worlds” concept since you get both human and monster Jack during a match.

You mean like Taizo Hori (Dig-Dug guy) in Namco X Capcom (A Japan-only SRPG)? That could work, I mean that game made him a super soldier who drops boulders on people and makes them explode with his air-gun. I could see Capcom doing similar justice with Super Ace, maybe even have a super where he jumps into the plane and turns into a shmup for a few seconds (like how Jin Saotome would have Blodia punch the entire screen in the old MvC games, but more interactive).

That makes sense, it’s basically a better version of Hawkeye in UMvC3 (where he only used Ant-Man in his Level 3 super). Here it feels more like Ultron where the characters have strikers actively helping them during the match, instead of just being glorified super move animations.

You also forgot Gene (God Hand). Agrippa (Shadow of Rome) could also work because of all the weapons and hand-to-hand moves he had in that game (a lot of which would actually make their way into Dead Rising, which was originally going to be SoR2 at one point).


To me, it sound like if another game ever gets made, Marvel needs to be more relaxed with what capcom does. They should basically be like, "Here, use our characters, do whatever you want, just make sure our characters are actually our characters and we’re good.


I’ve only ever seen that happen with the Battletoads and Double Dragon crossover, where Technos basically did what you said with the Double Dragon IP. Besides, with Disney owning Marvel for years now, the chances of that happening are -100%.


I mean, that might be the only thing they can do to ensure that’s the product will actually sell after Infinite damaged the brand.


Assuming they won’t just scrap it like everything else, yeah. But if Marvel truly cares we’ll find out in a year or two, sometimes they salvage old projects.


My understanding was that this had to do with Sony owning the movie rights and Marvel not wanting to advertise their movies since they would like to get the characters back - just like the X-men in this game.


Do you guys think Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 would work on the Nintendo Switch?


I’m certain it’s powerful enough to run the game, if that’s what you’re asking.


There was a Vita version back in the day, the Switch should run it just fine. The only real problem is whether the controller scheme of the Switch would be good enough to make it work properly (not the amount of buttons so much as the way the buttons are arranged).


Yeah. I see what your saying. I think it would work fine, especially if the vita version felt okay with its buttons. Basically the same layout just upside down. I just want more fighting games on Switch. I’d love Infinite too, but the odds of that happening are close to zilch. Unless it’s part of some collection bundle.


I did end up adding to the game. not too much, because i didn’t want to go too ridiculous, and as such i couldn’t fit in everybody’s requests, or even many of my own. In the end, I added Black Bolt, Baymax, Gene, and Asura to the DLC Roster. I’m thinking about doing a SMALL season 2 roster. I do eventually plan to do a sort of Smashified-esque fan art series of these characters, so it’s not just me sharing a fantasy. I’m also tooling with the idea of adding the Injustice 2 concept of premier skins to the game. Basically a skin that would change the voice over so that one “character” becomes another. The ideas I have so far are

The Hulk: Abomination
Black Widow: Silver Sable
Dr. Strange: Baron Mordo
Spider-Man: Miles Morales
Wolverine: Daken
Green Goblin: Hobgoblin
Venom: Carnage
Dormammu: Mephisto
Mega Man: X
Ryu: Ken Masters
Mike Haggar: Zangief
Morrigan Aensland: Lilith
Strider Hiryu: Strider Hien
Dante: DmC Dante
Jill Valentine: Ada Wong
Phoenix Wright: Apollo Justice

Edit: Also, if you could, give me a couple deep cut marvel characters that you guys think would work well in MvC. Something on the lines of Sersi who’s never been in the movies or cartoons and who nobody in the general population knows of.


If Marvel vs. Capcom DID do an “Everyone is Here” style game, would you include all the pallet swap character. They technically did play differently. Do you include US Agent and Orange Hulk? Shadow Lady and Cyber Akuma? Do you include BOTH Wolverines and BOTH Jills? Who counts and who doesnt.


I don’t see a problem as long as they get overhauls to make the more egregious characters significantly different; for example make Bone-Claw Wolverine to be a grounded rushdown/grappler hybrid character to make him different from the standard Wolverine’s pure rushdown moveset that flies everywhere. Basically do what Nintendo didn’t do with Smash Ultimate.

DBFZ is a good example in that regard as well, as they have multiple versions of Goku and Vegeta that have multiple fundamental differences in gameplay. As long as the “clone” characters play differently from the original, there is no reason not to bring them back.


I did have one idea. At least on the Marvel side. Make them into other stand alone characters who can retain the gameplay differences of the original. Turn Armored Spider-Man into Iron Spider. Turn Orange Hulk into The Thing. Turn Golden War Machine into Crimson Dynamo. Turn Red Venom into Carnage. Dress Bone-Claw Wolverine like X-Men origins and call him “Weapon X”. It doesn’t really work for the Capcom characters though. Except for maybe having Charlie have SF3 gameplay and Shadow have SF5 gameplay.

Like. Lilit’s-Mode Morrigan obviously becomes Lilith. But what do you do to Shadow Lady and Mech Zangief. Or Cyber-Akuma. Or Battle Suit Jill


Just give them stuff from the other SF games. Cyber-Akuma could have moves similar to Oni from SF4, Mech Zangief gets some moves from Abigail, etc. It seems cheap but I don’t see Oni or Abigail getting in anyways, so that could work at a bare-minimum standpoint if they don’t just remake them altogether.

As for Battle Suit Jill, the bigger question is what will they do with Stars Jill, as Chris took a lot of her moves in MvC3 and MvCI (and Frank West took the whole “attacked by zombies” gimmick to some extent). Battle Suit Jill is her own character, but Stars Jill needs a rework for her non-monster attack moves. Easiest thing to do is give her different guns from Chris, and some new melee combos (maybe a counter move or hitgrabs to keep opponents at a distance).