Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite


I haven’t played RE1, but does she receive different weapons from Chris in her play through? What about RE3? The hitgrabs and counter make sense.


God I hate trying to make fan rosters for this series. I always end up with like 90-100 characters. That is clearly ridiculous but I never feel like I’ve covered all of my bases with any less.


I love Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. I love the way it plays, and I love the characters, but even I can acknowledge that it made many a misstep. I don’t want to abandon it. I want to fix it (even if all I can do is type out hypothetical statements, it’s a fun thought exorcise), without throwing anything completely away from the initial release. So, what do we need to do to fix this game? What are the complaints? Where do we begin. From what I can see on the internet it’s The Roster, The Story, and The Presentation. Oh boy. Alright, let’s take a look at each.

We start with the presentation. Obviously, the general graphics style needs to be put back in the oven for a bit. Tweak the designs, make them closer to the PHENOMENAL concept art. Maybe throw in an optional shader to give it Marvel 3’s art style. That might be a stretch, but people would certainly love it. I love the way the UI looks. It looks very clean and technical, but I can see why people aren’t fans. So, what do we do? This game, more than anything, is trying to channel the look of the films. So, the menu now takes on the look of the SHEILD Hellicarrier bridge. Fully 3D modeled and with people constantly moving in the background. The main menu itself is a holographic display in the center in the shape of a globe (MvC2 reference). Full 3D holograms appear of the selected characters and do a small animation apon selection (Look at MKX or Injustice 2 for reference). This SHEILD hologram motif extends to the fighting UI. Blue colored bars and a slightly holographic portrait. The Meter in the bottom corner will be styled after the Infinity Gauntlet. A sort of ornate amulet design meant to channel the power of a single stone, an ornate glass tube holds the super meter and stone power. Each character should also have at least 3 costumes, and I want to make a point for the Marvel characters to have both a “Modern” costume reflective of their film design, and a “Classic” costume showing their original comic appearance in all its glory. This could also be applied to Capcom characters when necessary, but it wouldn’t work for many of them. Characters should also have unique cinematic intro animations for the lead character (think DragonBall FighterZ).

The Story…. needs a complete re-write. I’m not sure what should be kept in and what shouldn’t, but I think they should get the guy who wrote Spider-Man PS4 to write it. And they should outsource the cut scene animation to a different team, either external or internal. Obviously, it would also include the new characters and stages as well. Speaking of…

The Roster is probably the easiest one to fix, partly because Capcom (via leaks) has mostly already done it. Leaks had previously indicated that the following characters would be added in DLC and updates to the original game, so it makes sense for them to show up here. They were as follows….


  • Ant-Man
  • Ms. Marvel (Khamela Kahn)
  • Wolverine
  • Cyclops
  • Storm
  • Psylocke
  • Daredevil
  • Star-Lord
  • Green Goblin
  • Magneto
  • Deadpool
  • Dr. Doom


  • Akuma (Street Fighter)
  • Gill (Street Fighter)
  • Rashid (Street Fighter)
  • Captain Commando
  • Vergil (Devil May Cry)
  • Lady (Devil May Cry)
  • Apollo Justice (Ace Attorney)
  • Asura (Asura’s Wrath)
  • Gene (God Hand)
  • Regina (Dino Crisis)
  • Nina (Breath of Fire)
  • Deis (Breath of Fire)
  • Edward Falcon (Power Stone)

Wow. Add those to the original roster and you’ve almost got a perfect lineup. But you have a few problems. Namely that Marvel has one more character than Capcom. So, I added a few extra characters. One of the plot points that defiantly needs expanding on is the alliance of the villains. Jedah was working with so many other bad guys, but so few of them are on the main roster that they just get washed over. The added villains in this expansion allows for more back and forth between conflicting personalities, but two Capcom organizations are missing. So we bring back Wesker to represent Umbrella (him working with MODOK is bound to lead to hilarity), and M. Bison to represent Shadaloo. To finally balance both sides of the roster we add long-time tournament favorite character Sentinel. Some villains who aren’t playable will function as bosses (MODOK, Grandmaster Meio, Giant Symbiote, and Dah’ren Morhan). And you can take control of all of them in addition to Ultron Sigma and Ultron Omega in the boss mode (returning from past installments). Red Skull will also be featured in the story as an NPC.

Note: I also believe that Psylocke should be redesigned to her new design now that she’s back in her original body. She could still keep some of the stuff from her classic appearance, but it could get changed up a bit.

I do have some extra characters that would be added as DLC, but first I want to talk about stages. First off, the Story Mode exclusive stages will be added to the main selection. Either as toggles for stages like Avengers Tower – Under Siege, New Metro City – Symbiote Attack, and Dark Kingdom – Heart of Chaos (Inactive); or as separate selections like Valkanda – Sand Dunes and A.I.M.BRELLA – Research Facility. We will also feature a few new locations to set stages in. The Xavier Institute has been unfortunately merged with the Spencer Mansion from Resident Evil. The X-Men are doing their best to fight off the hordes of undead roaming their home. The stage is set in the Mansions Foyer. The iconic Danger Room will also replace the Training Room stage. The World Warrior Tournament also gets a stage. Something like Ring of Pride from Street Fighter V. I think it would be funny if they changed the Capcom Sponsorship signage to Stark Industries. Hydra and Shadaloo have merged into Hydraloo and give us a new stage based on Lair of the Four Kings. It still features the large stone statue of M. Bison, but with added statues of Red Skull, Strucker, and Zemo. We also feature Dr. Doom’s kingdom of Latveria, which has been merged with the unnamed Kingdom from Ghosts n Goblins. Doom is now at war with Princess Guinevere for control. Two stages are set here, Castle von Doom and the Haunted Village. Doom’s forces are attacking the Haunted Village and Ghosts n Goblins demons are inside Doom’s throne room. These extra locations would be worked into the new plot where appropriate. I want to leave something up to the writers.

Finally, we move on to the extra DLC characters. I have a small explanation for a few of them. These are meant to be an afterthought and fan-service inclusions, with a hint of marketing thrown in.

For Marvel

  • Mr. Sinister was one of the most requested X-Men newcomers I saw on the internet. I say throw him in here
  • Loki is the single most popular villain in Marvel right now. I actually owe someone money because he wasn’t in Infinite already. Of course, I’ll throw him in the DLC.
  • Mysterio, because he’s the villain of the next Spider-Man movie. Plain and simple. Plus he’s pretty cool.
  • After playing DragonBall FighterZ and seeing the Ginyu Force character, I’m convinced that the Fantastic Four can function as a single unit. It makes sense for Marvel’s First Family to fight together, Marvel’s “rules” be damned. The main character you control is The Thing and you summon the other three for special moves.
  • Finally, Black Bolt. I just have a soft spot for the king of the Inhumans and think he could be a fun quirky character.

For Capcom

  • Vile from Mega Man X. Capcom seemed to buckle down on the X series specifically, so the badass robot bounty hunter from that series would make sense as a fighter here. He has plenty to work with for a moveset.
  • Nero from Devil May Cry. He has a cool moveset and has a prominent role in Devil May Cry 5. Perfect fit
  • Lt. Linn Kurosawa from Capcom’s Alien vs. Predator arcade game. Disney owns Fox now, so any potential licensing problems involved are nil. Linn is a badass sword fighter, and the ability to summon Xenomorphs and Predators for assists like MvC2 Jill would be badass.
  • Oda Nobunaga from Sengoku BASARA. One of the most notorious villains in history made into a badass boss in a Capcom game makes for an awesome fighter in Marvel vs. Capcom.
  • Finally, Amingo from Marvel vs. Capcom 2. He’s just so weird. He deserves to be resurrected in Infinite.

I also wanted to include some guest characters as DLC. Just for a bit more fan service and because I think they’d have fun move sets.

  • Elsa from Frozen. You laugh, but she would be badass. And she’d be more interesting as an Ice character than just bringing back Iceman. I keep going back and forth between her and Scrooge McDuck. Both would work for very different reasons. I don’t really which one to go with TBH.
  • Darth Vader from Star Wars. Do I really have to explain this one?
  • Todd MacFarlane’s Spawn. A badass character, and Todd has been extremely friendly with Marvel in the past. He might be sucking up to DC now, but Spawn always felt like a more Marvel-ey character. I think he would work well here.
  • Shantae. Did you know that Capcom published the first few Shantae games? Obviously, they don’t own the rights, but I think she could make for an interesting guest character.
  • The Power Rangers. Street Fighter characters were in that Power Rangers mobile game, so they obviously are on speaking terms. Do them up like the Turtles in Injustice 2. Have the other Rangers assist the Ranger in the lead, and the Ranger you control changes depending on the color you pick.
  • Bayonetta. She just works. Plus, she needs to be in a game where she can fight Dante.

Also, two ideas for marketing

  1. They need to do a trailer similar to SFV Season 3 where it shows all the characters. Set to Fight as One by Bad City (The theme song for Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes) the one moment I have scripted is when it first gets to the avengers assemble catchphrase, that’s the first moment we see the X-Men. And it’s delivered like this Cyclops: Avengers! Iron Man: Assemble!
  2. Pie in the sky wish here. The reveal/showcase of this should be hosted by Sam Jackson as Nick Fury and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Deadpool voicing the thoughts of the public while Fury pwning each point with the improvements made.

That’s what I have. Appreciate feedback and additional ideas.


Well some things I found worth noting about these ideas:

The artstyle changes make sense, vanilla MvC3 did have a fully animated scene before each match (though it was replaced in UMvC3 with the more optimized comic panels UI). I’m not sure it needs to have the exact shader model from MvC3 however, Injustice 2 looks amazing despite the realistic art direction. Just make it look good like the concept art, because even I said the game would look more proper if they had the budget to make it look closer to that.

The story I felt had a good concept, where they basically Dark Souls the world with the convergence event that killed countless people, leaving for a dark post-apocalypse type of world. The problem is because of the lackluster writing there is no tension or atmosphere on that front, it just feels like a more foul-mouthed version of the Disney cartoons in the end. Ultimately there needs to be a better balance of the world and characters, to not only give more gravity to the situation at hand but also to make the world itself feel less empty. Not sure is Insomniac is able to help anymore though; with the PS4 Spiderman game doing so well Sony will keep a much tighter leash on the company and their staff now. I don’t expect another Sunset Overdrive situation anytime soon.

On the case of your character choices, why Amingo but no Sonson III or Ruby Heart? All 3 of those MvC2 characters were fun and unique in their own ways, and to pick the least interesting of the 3 to be the only return seems off. And in the case of the Fantastic Four, why not Reed as the leading character? He’s the leader of the group so it makes sense that he would be the point man in this Leonardo-style character idea. Also I wouldn’t mind if they were separate characters, it would give them opportunities to get unique movesets and mechanics (like how Thing wouldn’t have to be a clone of Hulk for example).

Vader I could see working as a guest, he was great in SC4 so I have faith Capcom could make his moves translate properly for a 2D game. In the case of Bayo: even if she was never bought out by Nintendo I still wouldn’t see it happening, lest we forget how faithless Sega was in the Bayo IP in the first place. But if by some miracle she did get in what differences would she get from Dante? He already covers the “jack of all trades” gameplay with all of his weapons, and she’s basically a crazier version of Dante to begin with. Last thing we need is for her (or anyone for that matter) to be a potential clone character.

Overall some good ideas, and some obvious things that should have been there from the start. Just a shame the gameplay suffered so badly because of everything surrounding it.


I here more people asking for Amingo than the other two. He’s a much goofier character. If I had my way i’d Bring back all 3, but I wanted to be a bit more diverse, so we only get the one.

Because we already had Khamela Kahn on the roster, and Thing’s only real moves are punching things. He’s a good base (I feel). Honestly though, this team character idea is just a way to get the entire group on the roster without having to take up four slots.

Bayonetta would be more of a ranged character. Unlike Dante who’s main weapon is a sword (designed for getting in close), Bayonetta’s primary weapons are guns and her wicked weaves (which keep the opponent at a distance) at least, that’s how I see it.


I actually enjoy playing MvCi as much as any vs game from Capcom. I think the slightly more manageable 2v2 gameplay gets rid of some of the frenetic confusion without timing the game down to be street fighter. I don’t even mind the art style, although clearly the vanilla roster was rushed and the dlc characters all look much better.

While I agree that the plot is currently a joke I have a hard time imagining that this could be “fixed.” Any plot is still going to have to imagine a scenario where Arthur and Megaman are brought into the same world as Captain America and where Chun Li and Hagar need to hold their own in a battle against iron man. I don’t know that they can make this not a farce.


What happens in the story is not necessarily a problem, even if it is kind of boring for such a unique mix of characters, the problem is the actual writing. They do so little in terms of fan service, the dialogue is so sloppy and poorly written, and so many of the fights are just againt jobber enemies. I’m not saying it needs to be serious, make it comedic as heck because it’s so weird (I don’t think that it could function as anything else) but what we got sucked more than it had to.


Are there any unique characters from MegaMan Battle Network or Star Force who could function as playable character in the vs. Capcom series?


Just a little something I’ve got cooking on the back burner

Long ago, before time began, there existed a race of cosmic entities. These creatures played with reality like sculpting clay, and they existed in total harmony with each other and the world around them. Then one day, they were destroyed, by a great cosmic force of entropy known as Abyss. It slaughtered them, leaving chaos and discord in its wake. A seething mass of primordial soup. From this soup, the multiverse was borne. Each entity formed into a distinct set of six gems, and each set of gems formed a unique universe around them. This is how the multiverse was formed. And this is the story, of a particularly interesting set of gems.

Our story begins long ago, but not quite as long ago as the celestials, on the planet Earth. More accurately, below it. Unlike other realities, the world of demons was just as vast and diverse as the mortal realm above. Entire ecosystems of strange and bizarre non-life, granting rise to whole civilizations. Forming directly around the Soul Stone itself. How it got there, no one knows. It was housed in a sacred temple at the center of the underworld’s capital, Makai. One day, a powerful demon lord named Gouki ransacked Makai, and attempted to harness the power of the stone. But when he grabbed it off of the sacred pillar, his mind was flooded with visions. There were more stones. Five more. Gouki sought to control these stones as well. His blacksmiths forged a sword that would allow him to harness the power of the stones. Using black magic and all the strength of his will, Gouki summoned the stones to him across the Cosmos. For years he wielded this blade, wreaking havoc across the underworld. Before his tyranny was ended by a young demon named Mundas, the first true king of the underworld. Gouki’s rage would not leave this world. It still persists on earth and in hell, empowering those with the unstoppable desire to kill. The Satsui no Hado.

Mundas would wield this sword for thousands of years, building an empire in the ruins of Gouki’s destruction. He ruled hell and earth with an iron fist. He then turned his mind to conquest, he sought to cement his rule by conquering the last remaining demon city, the holy land of Makai. This act turned Mundas’s general Sparda against him. In a fit of rage Sparda stole the Infinity Sword away from Mundas. With is he created two magical blades, the Rebellion and the Yamato, and sealed Makai away from the rest of the demon world with a swirling vortex of energy. Sparda then scattered the 5 other stones, leaving the souls stone in the sword’s hilt and plunging it into the heart of the Makai temple, transforming the sacred sight into what is know known as the Fetus of the God. Sparda would go on to dedicate his life to purging the world of Mundas’s evil, but that’s another story.

Almost completely cut off from hell, the stones each settled in a random area of the planet earth. Still aware of these legends, some of these stones were sought by powerful rulers and wizards, wanting to consolidate their power, one such item forged from the stones was the Goddess Bracelet, wielded by the ruler of a kingdom whose name has been lost to time. The bracelet was given to the lands chosen champion by Princess Guinevere to aid in his numerous battles against the invasions from Makai. Until one day when this warrior disappeared, and took the bracelet with him.

The power stone came into the possession of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, who used its abilities to enhance himself and his allies. These super rulers created a secret society, dedicated to manipulating and shaping human society in their favor. The stone is still used to enhance their leaders to this day, granting them extraordinary, if contradictory, abilities.

They say that, if a ruler has complete dominance over his people, the Mind Stone is to blame. Passed from ruler to ruler and dictator to dictator, it ensured the total domination of several dictators and warlords. After being lost at the end of the battle of Waterloo, The Mind Stone became a sacred heirloom of the Spencer family, passed down through the generations, its new lead casing preventing the stones energy from effecting those around it. The stories of its abilities and accomplishments chalked up to legend and myth, abandoned as another lost treasure of the Spencer Mansion. Until one day, a group of police officers from Raccoon City became trapped in the long-abandoned house, now filled with the walking dead. One officer, who worked for the globe spanning Umbrella Corporation, knew of these legends and decided to put them to the test. Wrenching the jewel free from it’s setting, Wesker was able to control the minds of the zombies around him. Knowing this would be vital to his quest for global power, he pocketed the stone. Now, long after the tragic events of the Raccoon City Incident, he has returned to the NEST to finish what he started years ago, with a little help from his new friends.

The reality stone was unique in its choice of hiding place. It hid itself in a unique sort of “counter-earth”, creating a kind of pocket dimension. In this place, magic and monsters ran rampant, drastically altering the course of human existence. The humans of the medieval period hunted large monsters and dragons for sport. Modern humanity never existed, it could never exist. The creatures on this planet live in a perpetual primal war against the monsters on their Red Earth. If the Reality Stone were ever removed, this world would collapse, along with anyone still inside.

The final stone, the time stone, hid itself on earth’s moon. It remained there undisturbed, until it was discovered by a crippled and dyeing Reploid named Sigma in the year 21XX. But that’s a story for another time……