Mad Scientist/Alchemist with Albino skin

Remember when I thought of a mad scientist for KI?

He could work for Ultratech involving in mad experiments.

What if he was responsible assigned by ARIA to recreate Ben Ferris into Cinder? That would make him “Victor Frankenstein”.

KI can make this scientist use various chemicals as weapons. In Instinct mode, he’ll have a “Hyde” form that makes him use tentacles like Doc Ock’s. Or what about something… goblin since Green Goblin/Hobgoblin?

It might be the victor Frankenstein movie that just came out a while back and it’s disappointing monster but I feel like the monster should get in first before we think about adding victor.

Not some hulking unthinking beast but a highly intelligent speaking creature like the one in Mary Shelley book.

I’m not thinking of the Frankenstein’s creature. I was thinking of a mad scientist with dangerous intelligence.

Oh yeah! He’ll also be an alchemist!

Would a mad scientist with albino skin work? Think Mister Sinister, Tombstone & Quan Chi (though he’s a demon).